The Castaway - On The Horizon Runner Up - Pale Waves

The Castaway is a new feature to On The Horizon! We are going to let YOU in on one or some of the songs that didn't quite make it to the playlist this week. If you like the Castaway song that week, make sure to tweet, tag or comment on our #OnTheHorizon posts! This week, the song that was stranded...
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Arctic Monkeys Have Officially Begun Working on a New Album

Arctic Monkeys have officially begun recording LP6, according to bassist Nick O'Malley . In an interview with motorcycling website For The Ride , the bassist revealed that recording for the new album began in September at a secret location and the album will likely be released in 2018. Alex Turner...
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UK Storm

The next UK storm will be called 'Brian' and Arctic Monkeys fans are loving it

In early September, the Met Office (the UK's national weather service) released the names that storms will receive throughout the year as they are tracked. Like NOAA, the Met Office names the storms alphabetically as they come.
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