WATCH: Two 'feisty' snakes fight fierce battle in viral video

The internet is going crazy over a video of two snakes fighting in a fierce battle. The one-minute clip was posted on Facebook by the official account of Australian Wildlife Conservancy.
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WATCH: 10-foot Burmese python found under hood of Ford Mustang in Florida

Officials with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission were called to help with an animal removal after someone found a 10-foot Burmese python under the hood of a Ford Mustang. Watch the video of the removal on RADIO.COM!
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Woman finds rare two-headed snake slithering around home: 'He was really an easy pet'

A Florida woman said her daughter’s cat, Olive, caught a rare two-headed snake outside of her home and brought it into the living room to show off her prized possession. Find out more now.
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