EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Vet Stunned to Discover Dog Swallowed Rosary Beads

We’re all hoping and praying that the coronavirus pandemic goes away quickly, but this puppy took it to the next level when he swallowed rosary beads! See the X-RAY detailing the pups miracle meal now.
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Cheif_Yappy Hour Pup

Cheif: Our Yappy Hour Dog of the Day!

Weekdays at 5 pm, it's Yappy Hour with Will on 104.3 The Shark! Brought to you by Tito's Handmade Vodka , the Vodka for Dog People, and The Humane Society of Greater Miami .
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Do You Want to Stay at A Puppy Hotel?

Enjoy your next vacation at this Puppy Hotel. Details and all the cuteess is all right Here . -
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These Furry Friends Need Your Help

Theses poor dogs and cats weren't cared for the way they should have been. It's sick how some people can hurt these poor little guys and think nothing of it. This is a horrible story, but this is where you can help with their happy ending to this story and give them a forever home. Their story and...
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A Four Legged Friendly Movie Theater

This might be the new craze of movie theaters. Theaters who now allow you to bring in you four legged friend with you. Read all about it right Here -
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