Artist to Artist: The Pixies Have Tough Answers for Dinosaur Pile-Up

Out of all the bands that have opened for the Pixies throughout their amazing career, Dinosaur Pile-Up are definitely one of them. “Do you remember us?” asks drummer Mike Sheils , as lead singer Matt Bigland erupts in laughter in the Artist to Artist exclusive above. “Can we go on tour again?” adds...
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EXCLUSIVE: The Pixies Take Us Inside 'Beneath the Eyrie'

When the Pixies release a new album, people pay attention. Whether it’s the laundry list of artists who claim the Boston alt gods among their influences, or the fans who counted themselves among the cool kids because they knew their music, everyone wants to hear what they’re going to say next –...
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Black Francis and Joey Santiago from the Pixies

The Pixies Announce 30th Anniversary Box Set

The Pixies are celebrating the 30th anniversary of mini-LP 'Come On Pilgrim' and their first full-length album, 'Surfer Rosa.'
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