Outer space

Do You Want to go to Mars?

Mars is just a price tag away if you have the funds. Mars will soon hold life and you could be part of the start of what will most likely be the next place humans call home. -
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Storm Area 51 Festival

The Storm Area 51 Festival known as Alien Stock will be a real thing this September. Read the details on this awesome party right here . -
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Creatures on the Moon

This is how earth gets invaded by aliens and of course it's our own fault. Creatures from outer space are on the way. Check it out here and prepare for the invasion. -
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Earth Won't be the Only Place We Call Home

Have you ever wondered what life would be like else where? We mean as far as living on another planet that is. They have found not one but Two Planets they're thinking could alllow us humans to survive on. -
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Earth in space

NASA Will Legitimately Pay You Six Figures to Protect Earth from Aliens

NASA is currently in the process of hiring a real-life member of the Men in Black. Yes, we’re serious. The job of a “Planetary Protection Officer”? To protect the planet and its inhabitants from alien contamination and, in turn, to protect other worlds from contamination by us in our exploration...
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Solar system in outer space

Nerd Talk: Space Music

Usually, when we think of space music, one thing that immediately comes to mind is that blue weirdo from Star Wars' Cantina Band, Max Rebo. Yes, I know his name. Shut up. Or the melon heads that play the "Cantina Band" You now have the Star Wars Cantina song in your head. Back in February, NASA...
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