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THE MAN has arrived!! New Killers, baby!!

Um, you guys... It's here! September is primed to be a massive month for new music! We get new Foo Fighters, new Fall Out Boy AND, hot damn... We get The Killers first new album in 5 years, 'Wonderful Wonderful'. Check out the new video and help me build a time machine so we can fast forward to...
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Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Imagine Dragons, and Fall Out Boy

New Music Friday: Radiohead, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, & 311

The weekend’s here, and so is some sweet new music. We’ve got a few new albums from Radiohead, Imagine Dragons, and 311, plus a new jam from Fall Out Boy. Check ‘em out below!
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Win Butler of Arcade Fire

WATCH: Arcade Fire Tease New Music with "Creature Comfort" Cereal Ad

Fact: Marshmallows are the best part of Lucky Charms. We know it, you know it, and Arcade Fire knows it, which is probably why the band invented a new marshmallow-only cereal. Kind of. The band used a “cereal ad” to tease their new song, “Creature Comfort.” Watch below! Okay, so maybe they’re not...
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Recording artist Thomas Mars of the band Phoenix performs at the Fillmore.

WATCH: Phoenix Share Retro Video for New Song, "Goodbye Soleil"

Phoenix just shared another vintage looking music video for their latest song, "Goodbye Soleil,” featuring all the gelato. The music video feels more like a home movie from the ‘70s or ‘80s, which fits the retro vibe of the song itself. Check it out below!
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The Muse Interview I Wasn't Allowed To Share... Until Now...

A few weeks ago I had a chance to chat with Dom Howard, drummer extraordinaire for my favorite band Muse. We got on pretty well and as a result I pushed a little too hard for info about the new album (because that's what best friends do, right?!?!) and he just went ahead and spilled the beans. This...
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New Music Friday: Blink-182, Imagine Dragons, & More!

The weekend is (almost) here, and with that comes a new shipment of fresh tunes! Check out a few of this week’s finest below. Blink-182 “Wildfire” On their YouTube page, Blink says that this song is essentially the love child of your favorite songs from California and Enema of the State . We feel...
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Watch Weezer's 'Feels Like Summer' Official Video

New music on 104.3 The Shark! Watch now!
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LCD Soundsystem Share Two Midnight Releases and Answer Tons of Questions

Early on Thursday, LCD Soundsystem took to Facebook to announce some very significant news, most importantly that two new songs would be released at midnight on May 5. The two new songs are titled "Call The Police" and "American Dream," which will both be on a forthcoming album that will be...
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New Music...On The Horizon 4/30/17

Well hello again! Who wants to check out some new tunes? You may recall back in the early days of The Shark, we did a small show in Boca starring Run River North. They are out of LA and are presently on a tour which will bring them to Gramps in Miami on July 11th. Their latest album is an EP called...
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LISTEN: 3 New Singles from Foster The People & 1 From Phoenix

Foster The People ’s got three—yes, three—new tracks out today: “Doing It for the Money,” “Pay the Man,” and “S.H.C.” On the band’s YouTube page, it looks like all three songs will be on their upcoming album, so be on the lookout for that! Side Note: This forthcoming album will be the band’s third...
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