Publix Where Shopping Finds You Love

Publix where shopping is a pleasure and where true love hides sometimes. This couple was lucky enough to find each other and they have Publix to thank for it. Take a look at some of their photos here .
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Ever Seen a Zombie Chicken?

A raw cut piece of chicken rises from the dead and jumps off the dinner table. Watch the video here. -
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A Recall on Nearly 90 Hummus Products

There's been a huge recall on almost 90 Hummus products solid all over the place. Here is the list of eveything you need to know about the What, Where and other information. -
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Recall on Hotdog & Hamburger Buns

As if we haven't had enough recalls in the last month or so on alot of stuff. This latest recall is on both Hotdog and Hamburger buns sold at multiple retailers. -
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Much like my ex boyfriends, gorillas do THIS when they eat!

Gorillas are SO smart! Check out this little human like habit they have when they eat! (or do we have gorilla like habits)? -Melissa
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The Bracelet of Shock

Do you want to stop eating certain foods? If the answer is yes Amazon has you shockingly covered with a new bracelet. Check it out Here on how you can get yours and maybe drop that habit you've been wanting to break from certain styles of food. -
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Would Your Kids Fall For This Trick??

Show of hands, who is going to try it, and who thinks their kids will fall for it? -Melissa
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Zoodles at zee Olive Garden???

Look, I know Olive Garden's Italian grub authenticity is pretty much FOREVER under scrutiny, BUT it's a fact that their locations tend to be a gathering place for office lunches and whatnot... I know that when I had an office job, my coworkers were there several times a week! Will their new...
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Sugar Bar in Miami

Miami's Best Rooftop Bars

Miami isn’t exactly known for its rooftops. Buzzy clubs and tourist-packed South Beach bars have long dominated the drinking scene, but in recent years Miami’s bars have diversified, bringing a welcome wave of venues perched high above the chaos down at sea level. Downtown many of the area’s...
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A party at Miami's Broken Shaker

Miami's Best Cocktail Bars

For outsiders, Miami’s reputation is likely more for its parties than for its cocktails—drinks are more of a lubricant for a night out than something to be savored in their own right. But anyone who thinks that clearly doesn’t the city. While bars like the Deuce have held down the scene for decades...
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