A College Professor and his Spending Spree

Grant money meant for furthering study and to help students never happened. One college professor took that grant money and went on a spending spree of "fun" Read here what he spent it on and how much he spent on new friends. -
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UCF is Getting What on Campus?

The University of Central Florida will soon have a Lazy River on campus. Read the details on when they will be having this amazing new feature. -
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Free College for Students

California joins the list of states who now offer free tution to students. Read the details and who the other states are in this awesome movment. -
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Accepted! How to decipher your college aid

By ANNA HELHOSKI of NerdWallet With college acceptances in hand, now comes the hard part: understanding your financial aid offers. These letters are notorious for being laden with jargon that differs from offer to offer, making comparison difficult. But you can learn how to interpret award letters...
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This $25,000 College Tour Takes You From Campus to Campus in a Private Jet

If you were looking for a way to make college even more impossible to afford, we’ve got you covered.
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