WATCH: Driver flees the scene after crashing into gas pump and starting a fire

This gives the term ‘hit and run’ a whole new meaning. Video footage captured a reckless driver reversing into a gas pump in South Portland, Maine and fleeing the scene after a fire erupted. See the video now.
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5-Year-Old Busted Driving to California to Buy Lamborghini With $3 in His Pocket

Most 5-year-olds can operate a toy car, but when you were that age, did you drive an actual vehicle? The child took a joy ride to California to buy a Lamborghini.
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Terminator Goes Undercover ... Sort Of

Legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover as a used car salesman and as you can imagine, he didn't fool anybody. I'm guessing that was the point. Check it out for yourself! Video of Arnold Goes Undercover as a Used Car Salesman
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Self-Driving Cars

Governor DeSantis gives green light to self-driving cars in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Thursday, which will allow self-driving vehicles to operates sans humans on Florida roads. The new law will take effect July 1st. Read more here .
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Hank the Driving Raccoon Road Trips in Florida!

Only in Florida! This raccoon thinks he's a dog! See the video!!
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Flying cars headed to Miami

Flying cars set to take flight in Miami by 2022

When discussing our future, experts are looking to Miami's skyline. Miami's 60-story Paramount Luxury Condo Tower is still under construction, but not for long. Once completed, it's Worldcenter complex will come equipped with a flying car port, which is set to be fully operational by the end of...
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