Burger King

Burger King Reignites Burger Wars After Attempting to Troll Wendy's

The burger wars continue on social media! Burger King and Wendy’s are at it again, exchanging snarky tweets that entertain the masses that follow the fast-food chains on social media. Though Burger King may try to wear the crown, Wendy’s is the King of social media burns and remains ready to...
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Burger King Launches 'Ghost Whopper' For Halloween

It may be a trick or treat for you, but Burger King is ready for you to be spooked! The restaurant chain just announced a limited edition whopper. Boo! Are you scared? Burger King announced that their Halloween burger will be "The Ghost Whopper." the Ghost Whopper is the only burger approved by 11...
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Shark News in Under 60 Seconds: Burger King Steals Taco Bell's Menu Item?!

Here is your weekly Shark News in Under 60 Seconds report, featuring Will. This week, we talk about: New music from Green Day on July 19th! Does Burger King steal Taco Bell's menu item?! New albums from 311 & K.Flay! Don't miss New Found Glory LIVE! Sign up to win Young The Giant & Fitz and...
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KFC Hires RoboCop to Protect Their Secret Recipe

For when a relatively safe safe isn't safe enough
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