AJR Reveals 'Weird Coincidence' With 'Bang!' Amid COVID-19

AJR’s single “Bang!” is about entering a new phase of your life, and adjusting to that new normal. While that sounds a lot like what a lot of people are going through now in the time of COVID-19, the song was written way before the pandemic hit.
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Watch AJR Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

Jack Met of AJR joined RADIO.COM for a special exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, updating us on their time at home, and maybe even new music.
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AJR Shark Out Of Water Acoustic Session

AJR, featuring brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met performed an acoustic set at L-Bar at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in hollywood for our lucky Shark winners. Happy Holidays and Merry Sharkmas everyone!
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