Will Speaks With Bishop Briggs

Friday, April 20th

Bishop Briggs checks in to discuss her new album Church of Scars, karaoke and performing in a cemetery.


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Bishop how Loria I have. Are you. And doing well so the last time we spoke you were in town to do a shark out of water shall and I don't and you win you told me that you're sick because he sounded so good. I can't. Yeah yeah yeah thank you when I listened to churches scars you still sound awesome how does your boy east standings so good. But dinky I appreciate that I really just tried to focus on emotion and he has meant that Ted be at this. Album is the fellas so I just so created that it looks you know I can't really believe that. It's a huge state for you had finally came out I mean you got to be celebrating right what are you don't. Yet yet I can't commit to becoming a really cool and a matter of like tied second of course they've been going okay there is an okay there is and billboard that. In that left Hollywood and that has put my little space comment. And said that. At WW like five minutes and I didn't get that whatever's. Sit underneath them and I had to go live on my answer Graham and I sent a video time mom and dad took ticket and my sister underneath that. I was kind of a moment that I was like it is so cool. But as far as coming out I mean I'm. Going to record shop and I aid and connecting my hired our attendance. I mean I do little things but I didn't think there's something out. That I'm open for ideas to be happening. Where in West Hollywood is the billboard I used to live at sunset and fair tax. Oh really what happened that there let it Clinton. Not panic and Santa Monica. Okay yeah I used to live just a few blocks met that's awesome. We're really. Yeah Scott can't say it just selling and it really template that. So you click the Hollywood forever cemetery last night right yeah and Edna it's a stick it's funny that you say that because when you tell people that you played a cemetery delight when talking about but it's such an awesome experience right. But it does say they would say you wait are you back until they get my album title is the church has scar and I think they captured by that I am even look at how hard. They got it is not really important to perform for the coast. To perform I have for the people that has I you know been there and act has that been along this journey with me and you know. LA is one of those places where I you know I kind of found myself you know I was performing in LA four or five years every couple days. So to be able to perform at such an iconic you know it really is an iconic venue. And it was just that guy it was really really shaking and taking it Allen. It's awesome I mean you got all of the the grave sites for all of the famous musicians and act. Actors around there and out you got the huge tune for who has a Douglas Fairbanks junior there aren't stocks such an awesome place. It is such a historic place and it's a place that has just such a unique energy and by unique energy ideally in the spirit and how people needed to spoke about. Absolutely so it's it's the big day your album is out like. I don't mind blowing is it to finally achieve that goal. Food it's crazy but you know I am such a workaholic so I'm gonna be honest items. You know my like Heather and it changes I'm still going to he had still performing I'm still writing nonstop. And you know I really all I've always thinking about the future. So you're a long way from karaoke bars rather mean how performing spaces like that formulate your your artistry. Apart as karaoke that really is spontaneous. And it's about you know feeding off the crowded and even admit that I completely. Drunk people. Tommy do to win them over and you have to and all of them have you have pets. You know Kennedy unit you're skilled accordingly spectacular and a lot in Matt Kenseth has performing and you don't really focusing on the songs are focusing on the crowd you know and and it feels they really really cool to look how that kind of in my back pocket. So this is a two part question and what he's your go to karaoke song and. Pop it had that would be great that it goes funny. I I think people would Iraq sent me a paper or Matt Collins doctor okay it's. Still early yet to play and it's a little light can't can't keep him at huge leg a little hypertension may be. But that that would do. I gotta get that promotion OK so that first part is that good he had it done I'm gonna go it piqued my heart I can't stop plan. And then the second part of the fish market perform any of my arms songs. Oh my gosh. I mean I don't want keynote. But I didn't know where has my hope that it hand. But there is pregnant like wild that would be kind of nice to says sting songs that means so much to me you know I know how they go and. You wouldn't have to read the prompter you begin to go. We need to right. So I'm out patent I'm not gonna saying that her because like if they're not requested. That glitter crap. I don't tiny like that I hang out with that would be like all you gotta they would be that I'm most proud that. He'll be. That they would never recommend it don't like it like I'm baby right Justin Bieber or get out. That would be awesome I don't seized perform some Bieber some TLC that's I'd much fun. That's really pat but and I want nothing more than to do every app I think he did today I didn't. Great cat got that got vacated look at the second barely got there. It's funny that you mention Janice before because the sun got high low your alma exact track of your album it's still blues he and I totally odd. As to when you're talking. He. They get that that they get probably could ever give me. Awesome ticked that off the list idea made bishop Briggs happy. I YouTube do you really dead and that's the thing she is the Arab vocalist and a Lira said that if sewed guy brackets. And I think. You know it's it's the year which writing son had to be you can get locked in metaphors and poetry and you can kind of hype behind it sometimes and whenever I listen to her music there was never mind her. To really really be brutally honest to quit that I had the few that we're listening and myself. Awesome well bishop breaks congratulations big day churches stars and only helps. Enjoy the karaoke. They do think yeah I got so it's so excited I so appreciate taking the time. Again think that it didn't look.