Will sits Down With Joywave

Monday, July 2nd

Will had the chance to sit down and speak with Joywave before they took the stage at Coral Sky. The guys break down how they come up with video concepts, what they do to kill time on the road and Kodak.

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Yes very did yes I he had spastic so why I'm here with the guys from joy way thanks for coming out party thank you for having us I heard you guys had a nice trip down it wasn't what you expected dry mill I would like to shout out our good friends it Delta Airlines. And who. Make sure we rented a car from Avis and drove here from Tennessee that's a long drive. It was not short without doubt that we wouldn't approximates. So let me ask you what do you guys do to kill time what was it like eleven hour drive right yeah it was. The driving. Split the driving we listen to a little bit of music. Numerous Hala mostly obviously he is listed yet that's awesome if you listen to yourself you know we did decently. It's like wearing a shirt of the band you're going to see the show yes that's right. So how would you categorize or Saudi as a unique in the sense that it's likely see my heady rifts with since the all that stuff I think you nailed it. Spring got right yup perfect. The mental than ever heard or read the liner through next album but that's OK so I you guys from Rochester that's true and I think you guys come down here a lot to South Florida we do we had. Stanley here growing up those of us I sold some family in the Orlando area of the my grandparents. Lived in Fort Myers everybody's grandparents would imply gets kind of that's kind of spot ranked yet so I figured since you guys can hear a lot we shall learn a little bit about Rochester I was reading that there is like a number of museums dedicated to. Playing in rests not legally now well you're referring to the strong museum of play I think it's probably the is it the largest museum in America dedicated strictly to play. Most cities it feels right museum a city museum yeah but but they have a lot of hallways and it's really interest team because some of them were. Things that I had growing up that I didn't realize we're from much earlier like. They were definitely from garage sales like I see this toy it obviously and it's like introduce 1970 I'd like I'd definitely wasn't alive then. It's like they stop me in 1972 of my momma definitely gotten it from a garage sale. From someone else who we got an underground cell and then like at that my -- played this dumb thing that cost 25 cents thank you don't know any better yes I found a lot of a lot of my toys and learn new information about and now it's in a museum I mean that gives it some sort of value Iraq spray and I wish I still had a man and I don't. Now well country can pick some up right they got him in the garage sell you probably get some money back well I had their museum there artifacts now you know they're worth a lot. You guys make. Interesting videos to say the least how do you come up with the concepts and videos. Historically we have selected directors that we like. And kind of brainstorm concepts for them but our it's a trip video we've films. Keep this Donte' that's a place right. You just got I don't give disdain ducks wanted to stay in the Dallas Dallas to want him leave as a dessert treat. Some sort of yeah Holland and ticket the context to it that we hit it we felt it down and she can account today and yeah shout out to our friend lists listen. Attractive young lady writing the Jesse with Kyle day. Because I don't know how to drive a jet ski and she fell off. How was it writing those things with all the make up on how did you guys keep all the make up on considering how moist it is out there. It was fine I mean this make him it was actually took hours just give all I can imagine how bad it was on that link pupils are you good it was a bright. Yes shooting was like a fourteen hour day and owns more than half that respect Annika just make out yet but we did have I don't rehearsal day on the wave runners to get used to and one I mean they can go they can outrun a Lamborghini. Think that's pretty crazy I had no idea one to seven you're serious avenue and less than three seconds really you opened it up at one point didn't you yeah I was actually might thirtieth birthday a guy we've filmed that video and we were all done Julie was on the back of mine all day issue and and the directors like pulled you down. Who wants to you know during the footage showed that obviously as the video yet gets off the wave runner. And I over the instructor in redon candidates wrap on the video right Leo and amen you know. So if I just opener. He's got enough sleep yet it's. I guess he knew I mean we're taught you might face peeling back. It was like the bombing count. That's well to just turn Daniel was putting these had caused by the Mike your front so that's gas unless you get that and Gloria well I think I figured that you are just testing out sounds of the next downhill wells. But you don't know how right you are. How has the torch in so far so good so that we are having a blast out all the people on the tour are very nice. It's an earlier time slot than we're used within Greece to it's 6 o'clock. Kind of rise and shine in earning time slot right now. So that's been interest in a lot of people can't get out of work in times yes but the 5255. People who see every night seemed to really like I will tell you this the reason I'm broadcasting here is so I could be here for the show when it started think field 5656. We appreciate that awesome. Well I hope you guys put on a great show tonight we're counting on hope so too 01 last thing. Being from Rochester and all I bought myself a disposable Kodak camera are rock. I'll take some pictures of sporting the local energy Jolie's dad I used to work in the film playing well gecko go. That's all I got yeah yeah Paul's dad used to be a temple guard on ledges that double real life her story that's pretty cool and that's that's minor celebrity stuff right there net. I think you guys have it seemed a little higher status is not there right. Little known but. Her book it's thanks for the guys for joy to from joy way for coming out what before seeing guys and if your coming up to the show. Doors open at five the show starts at six or make sure you're here. This is their new sought compromise are gonna play right now for everybody to hear a great like that yet that's been getting the spare. Their rights to compromise my joy whenever Charles.