Will Interviews Jared Leto

Friday, March 16th


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With me now Jared let go from thirty seconds to Mars you guys are over in Paris right now right kicked off the monolith torque. I'm in Paris and now we play Paris tomorrow we played Switzerland last night yet we just kicked it off and it went really well but I didn't get away from you guys you're down in Florida. June 29 that you guys are going to be coral sky amphitheater. What can the fans expect. Is a big tour everybody super excited for you guys come back to South Florida. Thanks so much them this toured the production is something unlike I've ever seen it. We created this giant model it. And missed it static sculpture this giant block that we play and then around boo the entire time we're performing. It's really cinematic it's really. Fold it's actually quite beautiful. Like I'm excited for people to hear them. Every time I think the monolith I think it 2001 space Odyssey is that where you got the idea you know that they the mother of all marvelous and certainly as it. If that's a great starting point you know this is an early science fiction. We don't bury a verdict came but it is certainly the idea that there's this object through without. Myanmar. Say I just think it's this kind of interest that. So the album's been turned in its due out April 6 obviously their songs that we haven't heard yet. What is one of the songs that you are excited to play and for people to hear that they haven't largest yet. I'm an expedited or people this year came personally but we get rid of her life except first. Sign in front of an audience. Right. That's also so I brits where you are achieved and are easily cheat cheating begins. No and you know I don't you talk about that anymore because because people are so annoying with Eric. Opinions about food at an all about it by cutting wanna be part of their conversation. Gotcha obviously you're a band you probably listen to a lot of music is there something out there that we don't know about that you think is really good outside of yourself of course. You know I've been a bit more in a 32 mark you off the past five years I haven't been looking to a lot of music out there. I like Billy I wish she hectic a phenomenal talent that we have encoder track for a. Awesome you've obviously won an Oscar in the past. If you were to win a Grammy what level is that when he compared to an Oscar. Even winning an Oscar an incredible. Experience it you stand on this agent abilities are to believe it foreign. They have the chance to thank you your mother both. People who have. Hope to convince them truth services beautiful and whichever and then put them up there and the chance to do that really think about it award to much to be honest that is certainly wonderful. 88 it's cool that she mentioned being able to thank your family. You know if you were to win a Grammy obviously it would be. Likely for the work that you don't with your brother it's pretty cool. Yeah could've that would be wonderful to ensure that with a bat in an appropriate. What sort of thing and I think it would be really nice Teixeira or any any celebration. With Campbell it's continued what. You guys are also working on a film projects. A day in the life of America what's happening with that right now will be album comes out April 6. More of those key guy Rick is it June or July yet June 29 as the date June 29. June 29 will be you know there's you got in shortly after the will be a film that can be got a document tree. Although they have electric America crime. Confident that we shot. The single day at port are personally fought for Scioscia and bill won't beat the soundtrack for the field. And if you thought there haven't seen a teaser trailer he had he was it's really cool which you guys did it's got to be. I can't even imagine how much tape you guys are scouring through to create that little film. A lot of work. Could you nailed it actually gallery troops fighting all the stories it's probably hardest part. Very cool stuff so you guys are coming June 29. I'd like to broadcast for your show if possible because. I'm here in the studio an hour south of where the show is happening. It starts at 6 o'clock my show. Ends at seven some really hoping that I can get out their broadcast live because is going to be a great show we you guys walked the moon mr. wise enjoy what I should be really cool. What we will we will hold this show until you get there and I hope they beat UConn would love it comes. If there's anybody what are would fight. Forward bicycle on stage for the last. You still street to pick a little less than and bring it up there. You know it's a long tradition at thirty connect them the marked the last we invite. Not a hundred people or so from the audience up on the stage. We all credit just jump around and go nuts and have a flock. Awesome Jared well I appreciate gimme a few moments today and I look forward to seeing guys here in June and yes I will be there on make sure that I'm there. And I look forward to hang out you guys. We will send you a motorcade that we can't launcher show up and we're really. Appreciate all your love and support everybody out there already got the ticket thank you guys. Betting on and we look what you have to show it's going to be absolutely. Unforgettable night.