Will Chats With Florence Sans Machine

Thursday, May 10th


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And all of the arts area. And we did do an awesome thank you for joining me tonight. So June 29 the big day highest help will be released almost three years to the day since how big help Lou how beautiful I heard that your writing process was completely different this time around. Because you decided to avoid alcohol what region make that change in your life. I. Any open and says that up certain. Or didn't do it right off the bat Florence. Yeah I think about how the other than the G-8 black onstage in Nicaragua in the making songs that. You need a poor alcohol. Policy supplement I have. He can do some damage and I'll do it couldn't happen any controller regret it it will work. How that is so it would confirm that self preservation and enjoy it pretty active. It was. Cute. Yeah that he can ingredient food sitting in and plug it didn't son. Eat eat it started to not be such a. What are the interviews that I saw you mentioned how you had this false belief about how we. May do more creative. No I don't really couple I mean can play her love Mike and I mean it's apparently a kitten that Orleans I can't grow up without London and that I'll call it seemed that and that look like you for the apocalypse party's Central Park is set and not just. My music education our current try to clear up seeing how. That truck might miss seeing you could make it every night at and a remarkable lanes late pit side like this complaint you have. It is true either get cute typically make you pay he had a cleric Mikey we're not not seen it. IE that something about the state about try and where it kind of I'll put it that Michael was good making music should picnic. But I've and actually. Been recognized for not making it strictly is. We've been trying that and you know quit either routine and meditation and then. I found that I created spirit with the late artwork and reliant upon a child Powell or trained for anything that it just kinda. It hate it it didn't me anyway and and actually the channel to look yeah aren't. The monster could not pick up there and it would comment at the very end you know what it looked fun any more out of the huddle the time and so. Or these songs. On topic they debate they helped me so much that they were children act out at me and Anthony yeah it was very painful. And that's fun and we're. Sure sure they create their spirit was country it would break how they can and property and. But you do you grew up right is that what they send delegates is it easy coming of age so. It. So to speak this you've obviously done a lot of touring to like touring I know that he can be strenuous for a lot of artists but they loved the sensation that they get being there on stage in the energy from the crowd do you enjoy that. I'm not even sure. I loved the connection with the ability antennas black. Here it it will grant the doctor about it maybe I got nicked up and didn't like it kind of makes sense from an agent Hendrick being. The command that that means ballclub then let. Unsafe sake I can regular. Check. And I'm not a natural trap and I kind of real hard bloody. Because he now quote unquote crap out of there are I'd like to have three Keenan. You try to be and eat your credit to keep quiet lie or she cannot let that. That. Should the ways of finding a way to try to didn't preaching that you liked to have peace actual. So I just wanna let you know that I work on a station with a lot of women name when they found out that I got these interview. They got a little jealous but I figured that I would let them each ask a question. So lately I feel like they can be in on nests are mourning that was actually wants to know if performing bare foot ravages your feet. Oh my goodness. Yeah I wonder. Different pod well. And math and reading data that it really jumped off the stage that I accept all the dates. You indicate that. The and we don't click OK I Internet may be didn't end up etiquette but food on the front seat mounted at pretty hearty. The housing like palaces they can take it. Out pretty. Innocent strange territory here OK I sell our mid day host yeah. She wants to know should you be your pen pal because she's things that you wouldn't just sends straight forward letters you be sending doodles and cut outs from magazines and stuff too. I guess. We'll begin our I have not cheap attempt to beat that he wouldn't be seeking out upper. As well as their record and stingy unit ankle is the magic to how to start the day however there are excellent sleeper which we are. How hard it is accept. That and touring since that he ultimately it actually looked set. On the link you guys up on Twitter says she cannot she can send you stuff. And finally I know the you're gonna be out with the stones this summer right how big is that what your favorite stones album sticky fingers the front to back my favorite stones. I mean I. We've. In that they. 100 ticket concerns that it jagr got my biggest performance in since then. I'm meeting that I can sustain the kidney shout or can't. That are popular in the error is huge. I like that to how much China. Because I thought he didn't see how much in China have different than Beckett didn't like it and Jack are also consensus. That's awesome. Well I appreciate you give me some time today before we go I wanna let you know your version of tiny dancer on the Elton John tribute album is awesome I love it. I'll thank so much and I Lebanese on hunger looking forward to the album June 29 thank you Florence for joining me tonight thank you having me.