Will Catches Up with Jared Leto

Monday, July 2nd

Will catches up with Jared Leto before 30 Seconds to Mars hit the stage at Coral Sky. They discuss the evolution of music and its current state, how Jared keeps his hectic life together and what it's like being on the road with his brother.

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Torsten don't pretty well right incredible it's the biggest most ambitious or we've ever embarked upon. We started in Europe. In March. And stingray. Must feel to be back stateside. There's nothing like during and states so. You know you you kind. Just people on travel across the country care it's really special it's awesome. And Europe it's. You we usually fly everywhere and America. It's great on the bus roads are usually long straight drives it. He's the grades. It's it's awesome planes in the news is this really crazy so. Spent a lot of time. And how was that travel enough growth scream I mean we've been doing this for twenty years together. So it's really special it's certainly project. And. Tickets can do it if it was a program. He's he's really what makes it. Special. It's an amazing obviously you. Done very well this actor's well but was this always the goal six. Be. The big time musician with your brother traveling up and down the road it was always dreamed. It's hard to be making music like I don't care what. Experience you put alongside their hold up against it it's. Standing on stage and sharing that the audiences night after night. Especially for this long to do it for this long is. It's. It's incredible. And it's incredible because you know it's not supposed to happen number one and it's not supposed to go on like this. So members to. And to be this far in and. Having more success than we ever had it is just so you know unexpected. So. What do you think about the evolution music you guys have. It started out as heavier band. In a sense swift horrors and a lot of different you know music innocence has changed over the past few years more experimental more electronic and you guys involved in that sense as well. Do you feel about the state of popular music these days. I mean I think you music's an interest thing. Place you know you can. You can make music that sounds great pretty easily now it used to take it was kind of a mystery. When we first started like howdy and make the drums sound good night and this. Go to sample library and have the best sounding jobs in the history of sound. You know it's all subjective but that as far as the quality and the bit rate in the recording in the low in the cute things. See you can be a kid in junior high and kind of right recorders on the put it on YouTube verse about a fire iTunes and they can sounds. You know fairly professional woman you know so it comes down to it choices and experiments and it's here here creative and emotional contributions of I mean I think our music has changed a lot over the years. That the intention is is fairly consistent you know our music is. Always been a place that we. Shared quite a bit of our own personal journey. Place that we. A lot of our hopes and fears and dreams and to. And I think that's remain pretty consistent through the hole. You know processes like Nike they changed their shoes. Resigned at the end of the day it's still something of tire around your feet. And he might run a race with one. You might take a walk and another. How do you keep it all together. You're on two or you're making music you're acting like it's it's a law. I have a lot of help from people and I also. Made a decision. That this is it. What I'm gonna spend my life doing it. Some pretty good and nod. Having distractions. I don't fill my time up ways wasteful things. To Austin. And that helps a lot so. Yeah today is is it helps when you lovely due to. I don't want us. You know I met at tapes and I've just yet. Where's my it's really a minute just a simple way to compete more presidents' presence and. Cindy more or. Mindful. Little less stress. Learning Channel the stress and the energy to something productive and positive. M and I'm not you know too busy I'd like to Iraq. Very cool what they can forgive me if you misread it might you can. Yeah. Really looking forward to set tonight meant to be a lot of fun I.