Thursday, August 3rd


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Because four hours is. I ask ask the big stink it. Here's. I'm not allowed to talk politics and you guys are making me not do which by the way I can really disagree with screw everybody if he'd gotten opinions scream it from the rooftops. Re hire really hated is because when these stories like this I can't talk about you all the shark headline. Donald's recognition which is on me go to two years ago against they would have to does the president. Listen they thought I was there when America unrealistic casting time. Every hole storybook. Line loans supply me what he years' worth of material and you can't use. And it'll only get worse. As far as like material and joked downs and did you read the whole thing. Mill. I just saw that he's trying to sue them two years ago because he wanted to be in shark may god it was three. It. And you'll. Pound sand it's a 30 hell no we end quote. And according to Hollywood reporter for producers initially wanted Sarah Palin but she turned around now own name off I remember was her talent or not but I think Donald just wanna spend more time closer a terror read in your own desiring. Know how much he got paid for that. There can be snorted yeah. It really is and if I'm reading I'm reading this that you have on Celebrity Apprentice. Nat and it he suggested trump to the producers of shark NATO which is why they reached out they send an offer he said yes he was thrilled and negotiations got serious step in the next few weeks and trump went silent. His lawyers told producers that it was tricky time because Donald was thinking about running for president for real moon two years ago yes the producers hired by Cuban take the role when trump heard about the party Chad. Cuban Mark Cuban said Mike. Who are not in the audience and assume any threat in a suit and that is listening. Because once his presidency is overeat they can book him for shark bit no doubt point will be like eight or nine or 110 my god how many times do you think he's gonna played all know as of five this coming out and there is all a story about a today because they're making the point that they found that in desiring. Is getting paid 500 grand for shark NATO five. I music but good god just got 300 reverend Wonder Woman. Now here's the thing yelled about Scott back ten points and that means something more is back in plus a target of five really don't need anything more than me. Maybe eating in my a lot of. Story because it dale got the same deal that Jackson America god and that that's I Jeremy and gotten things Superman got and Gil gets a better deal because she worked in real negotiations if her role took off and guess what. Did get a superheroes get paid more as the movie is going on as yes you get a B may get I hate that sir she's doing just fine ya don't you worry about Gail I'm surprised this drug and apply the budget epic for Ian alone to begin if I mean I mean he's gotten 500 brands that we star is getting 500 or not no way sure she did I don't think she's can these up. Your horizons slanted and crooked and like you know upside down I miss it. I can't get out and start an eight I've read it if you're squinting a lot yeah yeah I lions. These stories. In Ohio want. Friend after another friend Doris freezer at the house because the power's been shut off. The freeze arrived with a padlock now being the friend that storing the freezer. I won and that sucker I knew everything I couldn't break him about lock for the common good friend and no one I thought you scream from meet the un named Ohio man like me didn't spend the weekend trying to break into the freezer and inside it was not cold or ice cream. But of course. Turns out his buddy 31 Arturo restored his girlfriend and their while a woman named Katrina. Lived as the frozen girlfriend used her credit card of their house even cared for her don't we'll they've just been put in jail and I have yet another reason it never moved to Ohio. The dumpster fire that is Delray Beach his passion now aside her off was backing court this time Danielle were goalie. Got probation for stealing her mother's car and using her credit cards. Now she'll be monitored until she's nineteen she's fourteen now and just petition the court to allow murder server probation in California. Her father's against move because he's afraid he's gonna be exploited out there and I think that's a pretty safe assumption. On the other side city Delray Beach all for her move out west in hopes that will prevent people from assuming all of Delray Beach residents are. Anything like the past NASA hero. The NFL hall of fame game tonight 8 PM NB CE who've blinded anyways 9 PM on the CW and Star Wars news turns out principally it will not be killed off the Star Wars and you interview says that quote the movie sends her off in an amazing amazing way and she is kept alive in the franchise. We often the Han Solo spin off is getting a bit of a recall with new director Ron Howard behind the wheel he's put the lead actor acting classes tweaked the script and yes. The burning question about the Ron Howard Hans solo film well his brother here. Yes yes he will that is confirmed a huge. Put the lead actor and acting school eight months then yes yes he did so does the limbo well for things ash also confirmed all right guys for tomorrow for the national seven nothing is that you said there is football fled tells them yet. How bad it has finally happened eighteen of scientists report they have for the first time they got away as successfully added the DNA and human embryos which. Out introducing the harmful mutations that were a problem in previous attempts you know second heads of three guys fifteen. The new chairman of the powerful new gene editing technique to correct a genetic defect. Behind me hard this or that can cause seemingly healthy young people to suddenly die from heart failures and that's awesome. But again we are now closer and closer to a real life man their pick. I don't get electrifying nearby kick out. Either do away honey bunny. Mistaken. Earnings from six to him on South Florida's alternative 104.3. The issue arc.