Friday, July 14th


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The -- so we teased it took an hour and had to do it all welcome to the podcast sweetest thing and Paul Ryan Miller we talk map you're an eagle I should be welcoming people how to hook up to broadcast drew you people here alas when you. Got that wrong anywhere so. Our. Who can't soda. If you know what that is ham soda is insist canned soda and I heard that the porn site and call it just announced a new feature. Where users log in just just by taking a photo of their junk. So quickly. Hold on. So your your penis is now your fingerprint. And garlic facial recognition. Our. Is every team is unique this you know I read this I think the EUR forget you're you're saying penis move but they just say junk. Also a whole region and penis and testicles evenly parts though all of the movie rights. This is not a a one sex login situation and maybe maybe need all of those Villanova in the wizard sleeve I. I didn't oh I wasn't aware that I would you know what they're photographing. I wasn't aware that any of them were that you meet the day can be used for identification purposes apparently. They have the technology since some. Brilliant mind was wasted on analyzing the photos and genitalia and then Kim pairing and the photos that you provide during initial sign up. And then confirms that you are you. Here's the problem. That person that develop that technology. Smart by the way it's not only is that person Smart. But that person spent the better part of the year when trying to tweak the program looking at thousands. Of different pictures of all junk big John Little John discussing Jong pretty junk. Why Jung black junk yellow junk rated junk. All the jokes. In there they write in his face or will I mean at least eighteen month audit looked at had to be at least a thousand different pictures. Well John good you have to run tests on the program eating the right team of people all the team of junk look Ers won't they all use pictures of their own junk or did they solicit group. They're friends for picture there jumpsuit because they needed different pieces of junk to Normandy but save this that is only ten people. What you need more than 10 PMP pictures of the junk so you have to ask your friends and your relatives hey. Would you I won't releases to the public but I could use a picture of your drugs we can try this beta test of this new junk. Identification program. There's a Sex and the City episode where Charlotte A gets involved with this like painter who is really famous and he's gonna bureau with the prove one right yea I'm the Charlotte lighter look at her sister know all the girls apologize to the bucket but the point is is that she got the art exhibit with this guy is a real famous artist but art exhibit is only of ladies. All sleeves they are Marius insist she does want to justice leaves all of our friends try to guess like we Swede won hers. Schumer. And not all that they put up like some penal pictures and it was like Britain which could be bigger mine element that was that a winter in much easier if it was it was a Miranda. Well I guess because you're having on cnet's leave. The show Sam Samantha she was blonde won the Davis that she's still. Slightly I would tell you would put my friend does this again. His stories the. Townsend nineteen of I don't lose your club's number summary is in the comforted me in a weird way strip club pet how inspectors come through. Right pulling Texas a played called Cassidy is polo club with getting its inspection and wall behind the bar the health inspector found. And implant does quite. Sitting next isn't it simple. No no no god there and I think you'd be kind of obvious that they did despite the road boom they got an average score so really it's not that they haven't. It's clause because the black like controlled everything let's see now remember he monkey cell feed the blue of a few years ago. They've done on our FaceBook page anyways the photographer who's camera took the picture is being sued. But the monkey who actually push the mud in and took the Celtics had a melodious and actually doing the suing because what that's about. He's a monkey. But Peta is suing on behalf because well they're beating and they don't know how not to be delusion bags the Chicago resident driven into debt close to bankruptcy. With legal fees while the stupid monkey has zero clue what's going on he's just seen banana swinging from branch is thousands of miles away. Teed up when your tree hugging hippie who needs to feel better about yourself. Right everybody calmed down early this morning beyond featured a photo of the twins I know. A south. They're Carter and roomier the official meetings here they didn't face are and roomy Carter maybe they since the inner diva of the young lady went one name or. Navy is now lady because junior isn't confirmed what that does blow everyone's mind as a mom I laugh when I figured she posted at 3:30 AM her time that means she's up with those two babies. And I they even beyond that looks rough at 3:30 AM with one month old twins or at least I can help the red over three million likes it for CNN it was only three hours all too well on track to break the record for most likes comments hard shares snaps. Hash tag three tweets. Mom every started to stick ethic when a portrait shark dot com. She is everything to you isn't it she's pretty amazing you can be we should all heal her. In spot or he's not welcome her back in action tonight against the Dodgers finally Sammy Sosa. Is getting wider and thinker the former Dominican slugger has been bleaching his skin for years and is now hitting disturbing was local disturbing levels I should say. What he was Jersey he was Dominican ten years ago now not even close many of social media. Claiming he is going to think as a result of self hate calls by white colonialism. What seriously whatever his reasons are. I just think there's a huge endorsement opportunity for him and pepto bismol that. Was there. I don't get electric let me get back kick out.