Wednesday, July 12th


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I can't deny there baucus and I welcome to all of the big mistake continues the podcast do you literally you know we you are okay I this is so what do you got your bears literal sodden wolf. He's durable aren't on the putting political suggests. Margaret stunt look at clay can you know him Francona. America's Got Talent though American Idol I would relative it and then he ran for congress and you walk singing well. We did he lost it is yeah he was also on. The limited today. The Atlantis. He was eager fired. Here's a quick I was Elena arousal in my pocket but that the so that. But what he was on the flip different this all right fancy fancy our and so this is what he says he and trump. Didn't decide who got fired on the apprentice reeling. The teleprompter. And as they would do those July of last seen in homes or whatever else in BC exacts were listening. And would feed him lines. All along that phone. And then they basically pick to then decide who got fired it was that means they were little ones running the show so clay in like drops this story like you let me play a little story about celebrity infringements and he ends it with. Just just has looked like he completing he wasn't leading. On the apprentice he doesn't need a law does plane. All only shoot. I he's got a southern accent. Sameness to be removed. Like it is good yeah and and a businessman that people thought he was on TV. It's like oh wow. They've thrown fire dude it's at NBC called and made all the decision and pretty. Where did that doesn't listen I'd really honestly I'm not totally surprised is because everything that you think. Is reality we know at this stage. If everything is scripted producer said stuff all I'm stern yes I think it's so funny that Kelsey at this like you guys do so. Is that we thought he was a businessman well and I think we'll play is saying here is that Donald Trump did not fire me. Some big rig in an office on you know a lot of Rockefeller Center and went ahead and. Dignified army yeah idea of the meat of the army air raids. The. I got the pennies are not insulting 45 for anything I just don't always do we never do such thing no all the way down I just now and you guys don't like it when I do Illinois cannot TO I'm just sorry that the new Omar Arnold and work out not it's not oh yeah they do one yarn got canceled there gathered on so it will not be back until troubles along a president and a congress he'll go back to want to know what my job. Absolutely well there's no way. He does not to release one season of Celebrity Apprentice. After his presidency teen who would who Peta says that if you're getting like the Celebrity Apprentice in your with the former president that's huge I hope he does like a family jewels. Like a Gene Simmons like Sharon Osborne's. Who. At its new in whatever his wife was reality show I wanna newlyweds. I only own hammer us. You know I my favorite one of those was the one the Deion Sanders didn't. Because you football player went FS who has won best quarterback of all time but I. I hit us as always Rick yes they're very I think went on his his house is so big. There he would ride around his house and a little while little school that all people use and that was frigate whole layers let you go from room to room on the he would not walk anywhere. Everything is a little scooter it is judges pick out some fans are not begin to close. I'm scratched up. The level on the scooter all cult mind now but I paid to see it as a big manly hands look big Madeline has ramadi is within. Jones and a little man knew Luke and Madden. And I'm biased till it's God's going to make handwritten element I don't. These stories did. The halftime performer for the upcoming Super Bowl may already be sad and I'm. I'm surprised she hasn't performed already I guess technically when Aerosmith stormed the stage she did appear. Talking Britney Spears she's been performing in Vegas and killing it she's been a Pepsi girls so that's already a done deal and she is twenty years of hits that eating you guys sing to. So until tongue like actually you grow wanna have some fun good any bar restaurant with a jukebox at 2:30 AM and play a Britney songs watch the men know. They get excited after a picture. And the vast visual of thousands of waste and men singing flames sometime in February is enough for me to start campaigning for her to take the coveted halftime spot. Pretty for Super Bowl 2018. Most Kevin Federline about a dancer I want that's making you toast. One of the greatest games of the last ten years is guarding against humanity it's funny dark disturbing. And is the easiest way to find out if your friends or offend by a hole calls jokes. I've played him many times however I never thought of it as a game for only men but apparently some of you did. So they have come out with cards against humanity for her they say it's the exact same game but it comes in a pink box and cost five dollars more. Seriously why they held as everything involving a pink box always cost more money. As a native South Florida girl I have women every community pool around here played on every slash pat literally so when I read articles like this. I shutter to my core articles remind me how many if you eat in the pool yeah. Its growth by the way and according to this when you do with the PU reacts with chlorine to create some chemical that I can't fake his multi syllable word that is cool. Only Latin based make sure eyes puffy and still need it gives you an itchy throat even rashes and all of these symptoms can lead to respiratory irritation. Yeah so did your behind out of the pool and find toilet. I'm talking to you guys at the bar in the pool who's been pounding drinks for six straight hours and has yet to move. And sports the American League the National League judo won I've been that guy before just for the record if we all he did. You can't can't go out American League especially if you wanted to enemies on Carlos Guillen went over three reduce two strikeouts. And finally these odd image is the potential sale of Florida Marlins just got a bit more interesting as a former mayor has decided to get back here with a new partner. Former governor Jeb Bush who dropped out of Derek Jeter's did last month is launching a new big wins. Mr. 305. Pit bull today as an age old question how much money would it take for Jeb Bush in that mold hang out. The answer one point three billion dollars that was there. I don't electrified me it by kick out.