Thursday, June 8th


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I have eight there are two year old got a two year old you do. Who doesn't Wear pants a nightmare situation for me there's many nightmares. A nightmare. Thoughts in my head and hopefully will never happen is this little sweet precious baby boy. Getting hold of cocaine and ingesting it and then dealing with that person. I what what do you think they would do on the cocaine I mean go insanely crazy yeah jacks you up what OK I I had I would acknowledge exchange does to you know I. I really done that. Haven't know like I've seen people who have done it but that's I just never went down that no I mean that's not people who are there college rule prudent and I and that's fine. The point is is from what I know about what that does you know I think you I mean I don't want even. No I'm good. I can't imagine a child on on the cocaine I can't imagine that becoming a very popular vending machine is hmmm yeah I mean if you if you get your little pod is your your little Silly Putty and you open up a little bag and there's a little law. Knoll we'll gram of cocaine in there that could. Just patty ballplayers like manipulating it in and he broke through an exploded so has molded in side of the ball but here's the issue he was able per December 25 cents. Don't you think small mud so the drugs there's obviously the songs on purpose of the drug code is a huge loss. Because under no circumstances is a gram of cocaine going for horror. Richard and less it's like baking soda. So the police obviously win to go to the restaurant meaning to taken machine if you miss the feed this into the rest podcast we posted your honest at this before or after may oppose the podcast from the 830. But at some point it fees good to see and hear the story than than this woman had a son who she bought its way front of the 25 assembled when machine. You homage cocaine they found in that total Muslims and four point eight ounces of cocaine prices season marred personalize a large thing a silly apart like a big ass and I know this is in all of the machine that lead in that machine that gum ball whatever machines are so yes and opened up and that's what they found was a lot trying to figure out would be the business side of this because this drug dealer is losing all the money clearly it's time bending by the way investigators called and they weren't able to get a. While we're all they're all ride the rails. What Justin what state is is a Florida Thomas Florida pompano wasn't our lord and all the Florida stories that's all today the Clinton if your gave you got four ounces of cocaine and loaded into a vending machine in you're selling it for a quorum or lose he's funny you are yeah you're a bad drug dealer. It did investigating or asking any businesses using the company's machines remove them from public got access yet removed starts telling what's inside me up propped. Which takes out if we had a vending machine here in one day. I put a flurry we denied any machine you can I do and I ordered all cinnamon one out of that okay. And then I got that cinnamon bun I open up and there was a little dime bag of cocaine there I'll tell you right now. I buy a bunch more Sonoma adamant and I when telling damn soul in this building. It held no hey got more similar budget lower back up again how how peeved by the okay for 25 cents a pop the portrait big repeatedly does on a company computer assigned Howie idea how 20 is four point 88 ounces of cocaine extreme values street value. Yes street you know value and this is to do this this deliberately up we demonic cult with anything this is all know he's taken so a bacon powder. What now cocaine cocaine now what it would resume to put in Coca-Cola drew before obstacles and Coke but the but the it could in Coke. Miller used to put cocaine in the poke holes I kind of like I've rented this morning as well my god oh my god delivered to website graduate it's cocaine prices by crack cocaine dot were all very you know that's fine. What all that Thomas is cooking car now the website I wanna go to him. 00 my gosh they had been in terminology okay we're Lewis the terminology three to four dollars per bump bump sure you're out. A bomb busy little Obama teaching up. OK it's a 68 dollars per Graham's. Yes so there you go told me how can this guy that was just given bombs away in this thing he's still take a loss on a quarter and now all day you know losing money holds the the world's drug dealer in the world how many grand cern announced how many ounces or degree ball there's there's 28 grams and announce. I don't know why would know that all the top my had seven grams one grand equals point 38 at its. So yeah you're losing a lot of man you're losing all the Michael you're the world's cellular world. I feel badly I don't know whether that's why I'm curious like. Where they did they put in the manned mission to smuggle it across the border and then it just accidentally got sent out to a store a million real and they didn't get through their Coke first. So what happened what season is a drug dealer was like this is a great way to sneak cocaine into my body Pablo over here and incidents like Pablo you want the vending machine and a snack time bending but Pablo. Pablo had side jobs loyal public got greedy. Public got in with the Mexican people who put Mexican golf game and public did not pay them back money and Osama Obama on the airplane and run and an area where a hospital roof whereas the calendar I guess fumble and Poland won and now arms and here who's waiting for public to send him back his money on his snack time the new machine. Evil in the he's dead. What is it now there was four ounces in this who was reasonably that must be other vending machines out there than batter. Because this old we will do all things just smuggled four ounces of cocaine problem has called world adopts again this is making zero cents from a business standpoint all of the drug dealer Pablo is our problem here seed because he got greedy. Now. Eat snack time vending machines are everywhere. And really this is our opportunity all icy here's opportunity for Ohio for us in a fight a sign that kind and machine today and clean it out yeah we have many machines does not sentence is not Tom Arnold had you looked. Let's get. These stories the. Per person isn't great name just feared a group worked it was too much to hold onto villainy lofted. But the show arc that wished the grouper was pretty. About perk hurt butter fingers and charged straight forehand videos up on our FaceBook page of search went over to the shark the eight foot reef shark took a chunk at a Parker's leg. It is they gruesome video Parker lost the leader blood and I lost my desire to go to the ocean at all of this summer. Talk about a bad night in New Jersey was drunk and yelling at folks outside an apartment building at about 2 o'clock in the morning. Obviously a neighbor took exception to call the cops when they got there there comes realized that this guy was drunk and that he had driven there's so they're resident for DW walk. Well he gets out of jail a few hours later borrowed big car villain member drives back to the same apartment building to yellow the folks who call the cops on them without guess what they did. Yup they call the cops on them again. When they arrive for the second time they again arrested him for DWY. That's two arrests and less than three hours for VW life all he needs now is all from cachet and everything we've better. And California kids sort of winding fourth quarter because they saw one of those toy machines at a restaurant what you're searching through the her purse and getting god knows what under her fingernail after wrestling through plunged. The mom gets a quarter and little Johnny get this pretty ball they need. Now they are in the car Johnny finally not screening she's enjoying silence and problem. To put it all blows up and white powder gets all over Johnny the mom's scared called police and they confirmed though little Johnny is covered in cocaine. Murray is finishing its own quiet life gives him a ball look cocaine. That and ending that's the name of the vending machine company by the way in case you were looking to see what the rest of their toy products are leg. They have any down here herself sort of fingers crossed. Warner read the cavs won 9113 they leave the final three games to none and the Marlins beat the cubs six to five of course the best name a horse racing congratulations. Finally has its maiden win horse he midcourse phase school until Monday it only garner attention for his standout moniker rather than his performances. Came from behind to claim his first win in only his fourth start. Of course some credit doable does blunders writer John gimmick jockey face the was there. I don't electrified by. By kick out.