Friday, May 26th


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Cassell how much drinking we're going to do on Sunday lawyers that we are restarted today Jamison coming into the studio and serving all the shots. You. Heidi and whiskey it's delicious reasonableness of the task made some bread warms your soul it makes everything happy to argue a drink Sunday. A couple who we have to it's funny we had these meetings with the Plymouth. I. Is not a third Mimi undertow lastly do you think yeah. And we have all last year for undertow that we had on from there tied an hour hour and a third one this is for undertow to. These need all that that the all right he did she hit it. And unfortunately. Any time now the that is said the entire room just look to deal. You're content that has come out there aren't the only tool was don't don't say yeah it don't cut funds they just don't bring a drink up onstage Iraq. We we hear these rules do what I hear all know all until we bring onion and I and we can't find you remember also I do you speak. And he walked on stage I walked up with a beard when he and spam takes insured up and throws in the crowd don't Dina drops Neff bombed out every other word you know tire tags on staged. We broke every right. In thirty seconds right to bring the into the show some cuts rip tide yes it that we have another meeting this and a boss really stresses. To Dino yeah. It could. To Dina not to drink the other guy's been let go to the word out that. Bomb and so then dean rip tide that she's doing well she was doing well was and then something happening in the campaign chief Alan mobile's somewhere. And then she started jumping on the lazy Susan that was the stage. And the road ease. Had two assault Turkey isn't one shot no way. From going over the Clinton you know when I mean and she found that shocking and then despite the lazy Susan was the most money thing that's ever been put on to win a tour and she kept hopping on -- riding the wave it couldn't last Rudy and kicked her out the mid air he caught her mug her and turned her around and shattered that means is needing. Our bosses like hey guys and give me a favor yeah. Dole don't abuse this in Adams beer garden and great. Don't do thirteen shots of tequila are actually indelicate fact not a trick or others that everybody's looking at Dina and he's just looking to. And shame and pride that I could feel pride. The same it's gonna be awesome time we're looking for too long we can sleep in on Monday there are a bunch of dilate I guess a relic to can be 300 tickets left I'm calling the coast wears his fisherman hat. Eight station T shirt and his plaid cargo shorts. Oh OK are you reward now might other. Without you here all plaid he's select which the dark. I'm glad you you like to Wear the black once multiple buckets but he's probably not gonna Wear and good double shirt you know we get that sharks are the click that day yeah. Yeah I'm not gonna work on bright yellow thing you know exactly you're gonna Wear white shirt here legitimate manner did you Wear white is certainly I think you gonna go with the black who won the blue ones a week long. Lot more are born black and also for certain no no that's some checkered what are the checkers night and oh yeah odd ones you know I call your win Iowa because the black music it's it's slimming and the fisherman's hat. I don't have official residence pavlik African hat that has a full Ramona. The Zeta fast cat. My head is too big for that matter I don't know it's war you weren't answered correctly no that was the army thing that I bought at the little story there anyone here tell her autograph and that's good yeah it was 599. And it barely could halt like I. But as our as part of their protected my son I get your hair makeup done apps of critical place yeah com get a pedicure manicure. It took just sure. The faces only temporary until well temporary after months oh really get it lasts for a hot minute broke. We knew we should definitely at the monarchists. Yeah. In dealing gets drunk. I know who's giving him a tattoo on her face Ariel Jean Alain is in one shot of tequila. Away. From his penis on her face really one shot you think I mean it's. However many leading general monologue one that goes over the edge as I'm saying like you're always one shot lead lawyer altos on site will be a would you could you imagine a Hannah. Penis song right there are going in are good what is an into the mouth right right do we know do we. Do we need to get a photo of her fiance is for so that is life like to that her do we just invent one on our own I say we get him just as drunk knee and put a matching. We could have him say double pull his Al into the artist can see hit his ass she's tad too independent is safe sanitary. But to seems that if I say dom is an outdoor rock concert nothing sanitary acts it well we don't need to make it worse since the so hit it tattooed dawns on Venus face so Euro for the record you're against her fiance whipping out his penis of the show that is correct culture all right. These stories. Carolina color. Woke up 1 morning to get her amazing job of delivering donuts she provides the necessary service however she ended up not making it to work because her car's back bumper had been attacked. Overnight literally she called police and after examining the situation they saw Paul prince and claw marks. And determined a bear trying to enter the trunk of the car. He smelled doughnut and he went for it and I can't blame him the police officer confirmed the strong delicious doughnut odor and even said oh. Did anyone know what I don't smell like it's unique doesn't pope's words not mine. You're gonna speed and they're gonna not to me that with him wanna get it got an awesome gift for Father's Day and you have 9000 dollars this brand. Well Glenn Moore and his releasing a special this and a single malt Scotch called pride 1974. It was aged 41 years this edited pretty square. But the bottle is an all you get because of the original days of jazz music composed by fear and here's Erin deal. If you wanna you'd better act fast as if there are only 503 bottles available of course in my wrist too much for union data ball ball ball for 499 because of the 'cause who. That special. Quincy luckily I didn't you need to be creative cocaine in the nose of an airplane marijuana in the shape of giant carrot. Mixed in with actual care at pro. Is actually a popular choice mines limited Coke that's been quite a little old school. One early with Kerry your pigeons officials captured a page and they had been tracking. Because they it's just did this method of transportation being used is the first pitch caught in the act. He had a tiny backpack could a 178 Ecstasy pills and that kind of brilliant. Sports. Are you look at that that. It's a senator isn't double OT hill his national finals has beat the Celtics won 3512 they'll face the dogs. Marlins host the angels tonight I remember a few years back where we're losing over my. As Michael Phelps could go through how it plays in your cat like reflexes I don't know what goes through during training we will check this out. The world's strongest man mankind shot takes does appeal today. The total more than 121000 Hillary's. The government says the torn 300 is what a normal person needs when the rock Douglas Davis she days. If there's dollar 4000 now meanwhile you want some fund our money spent on the radio tomorrow I mean Sunday at under he'll put down a least 5000 calories. All from Kraft services and then we'll all get in trouble. Portland is charging big mistake on Friday morning I'm toes she is actually all shark in the day. As Jamison virus will. Getting them and that he would say it's a 101 auto brokerage the good folks there Carl springs Carlos Medina was a 1043 the shark dot com he registered Dem next week I'm sure will be Jamison Irish rescue okay. I Dahlia arena our girl from Jamison is the most popular person in this building right now I. Popular person in any room yeah. Here's a personal statement and that. You have it under so if you come out on Sunday. I'm running out and we'll be there the right now the buzz is like should not let him bring this to you today shouldn't let that happen. Hotline is about to go up we've got a very special bottle of Jameson in tennis right now which I'm guarding with my life in the Cooper's crew crowd after crow's. Grows meaning that they're Serena this accident has a fall in love them you make Serena and just for you now. And delays him but I can't tell all guessing involved yeah. Yeah. It's. So listen not undertake to console available right now won a fourth through the shark dot com not a a whole lot left to go ahead and get it done we will say also that god there's not a lot of shame there so just dress appropriately. That's going to be hot. So make sure you had your ATM card with yet you're not gonna pay for parking say that's saying a beer yeah from us who you are too you know some funnel cash in your pocket not a bad thing the tickets right now 1014 shark dot com make she brings on screen for and yet thanks to Jenna Jamison because. Don't think Jamison make sure. The country drive I feel power now wants you really teen center. Pick out.