Open Swim with Erin - Perro Negro

Sunday, March 4th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3 the shark I Mary Anna welcome to another episode of opens slam I'm joined by Omar of their own then broke how are you Omar I didn't think of me here. Yeah it was biting me. Of course your so welcome so tomorrow wanna chat with you first about how will your band Matt how did you come to be. I admit it driver must agree Jim Daly you described the put upon decorum scenes bunch but. On global fund on the might you Miami club looked that the and an accelerant and how this song and it's one recorder. You know what they mean with my friend actually that statement made to be appointed to every parent club Q but the basic failure and recorded. We've certainly April although I know I don't know if you know sort of thing yeah I do yeah quote guide American position definitely quarter when he. To attract and mark a lot of entertainment network are. They okay. It would keep it rolling in being new law that area. Where does sound practical because I'm in what crazy. If you like some practical what do you look I mean Whitaker and since then cut underneath the eight billion. They happen to guide would settle down into Baghdad I love the Wiki page and looked like you know the licking its sequel meet you certainly get an article she's being abandoned. Nobody can beat our group called it (%expletive) somebody else. Okay and and I always loved it wickedly you know the very let me login but other conduct RT. Right Wiki John abort as I'm at least expect six pounds for the banner there look at playing in charge you seeing guns in a different day around town and we understand why they're misrecorded I'm looking like what you usually think of them okay show we gently corps which started literally. We have a corporate basic crackle eight songs and what we're doing now with all the gutting it costs an idea that they can bulk up to quote they learn toward all the double guitar opened. Hopefully in the pew when we started leaking and not enough people we showed you some people people love it and I was very excited about it. As sounds like a lot of fun so where do you draw influence from when your writing new material and we neared. Getting into your head space to go to the shack to record or how do you. Who do you tackle that their influence let everybody all the big how different influence strike and that went dead conflict would play. But to lighten the some some kind of its own weight who you know write and sometimes we'll write together. Like he is sometimes called the baseline and you and Martin collector who gonna have a group going on than we are seeing what the top. I think if you got the guitar and an hour with that write a song by myself. And had pretty good today there are you know are they got what they do it like they're close something's breached and change. And we people without the people the groove it in turn out so they would have allowed it sort of going to be here. I would think you know what they can be made even that it did that old playbook. Mean he doesn't flinch I don't know what to tell you nobody's I would say letters like you know stories. That the EU but politely and you see your people and you mix it up. And you put some good overall to somewhere I would like to actually two people that what you. When you feel I'll look into what what do you think because what I think we eat meat would go or come all of your love we love Nevada we know that we could on the night I don't hello presently. The music from the seventies you know come home to be a good glass even you know and remarkable that do. It would look like would go to our club got a phone. Cool sixty then will people pistols and Kyra well back from the sixties. The everything you know. They can eat he would not AGU dub that we know that we AG one of the our blood we just love you just should have completed the arm that always. You've been there for me and. He'd been playing since you were little updating you think yeah I'm not putting on you know I don't what he I got up and bulk of the lease for. And that all of this one IndyCar now or we wanted to Albuquerque street you know like Mike Mike Bartlett Bartlett what's great about it as they implement the wait staff error. They wouldn't do you know and that they never want to dig out because you can I wanna be a drawn junkies something like that. Yeah and I did not. Just what you couldn't even look like. I needed to do then we'll break it I don't know what you all did it like it but it. You know but anyway. So but it hurt haven't got a job. I've bought me a development so that public that the big TARP I that apple pulled quotes because they knew I wanna I wanna be tar. Because I want to make some luck read about I don't like beasts you know. I don't know how can UST they get up until you do that I just I went right Tony got that right so before. Yet in my head it is a couple of write melodies you know crazy when he gets translate that. Faculties so what you Morrison Jim Morrison and usually write songs. In May I don't think you hit it really done that they keep the linking the melody to the back and you get warned people out in them but some of the daughter got good because. Called for the mentally but he cut his hair they did it orchestrated. And they may be equal to. Definitely where you going to be performing next. Always are pretty odd to be honest we don't know we have some record right now okay but I mean we're talking about it may be cooking which you've got chrome local he's might not slowed booking their. Would try to get a chill there and that will close they opened his agent looks amazing I went to. I'd equitable and sure wouldn't count on me you must let quote and I'm very happy they opened up because every time they open at staples. Sort peak for the local bands and I'm very excited and I'm very excited awaiting -- response because when they go so ball. Yeah I definitely that's the I keep hearing a lot of good things about the video I haven't made it down there yet I'm Broward based so Miami Florida at all for me but I I hear and it's simply cigar now share with everyone is listening where we can find your music. All we are we can go to count well without it track they're comfortable with how well let them know again we're headed back out dot com. Several minutes to. What you fight they bought it by letting much song I don't know Miami and the social media. In grade book infinitely they would like better on the little Miami. OK well thank you so much for taking some time to chat today a more thank you very much.