Open Swim With Erin - MC1

Saturday, July 7th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3. The sharks hi I'm married I'm joined by Joseph Kooks he is from MC one he has a one man bands and that's really just kind of scratching the surface. Of his history of music Karen's Florida saw a light and kinda go from here I don't. Say how the dorm parents for having me on the Sharpton they. And it's great thank you so much for being here so IAM had a chance listen to some of your music and you know knowing that you come from a background where you played with a full band for as long as you did and hearing you now playing in a one man band capacity. It's such a full and vibrant sound that I can't even believe that it's literally just you that's crazy. I really appreciate you saying that you know alone there's still just a gradual transition and start playing music my thought is couldn't hold the signs of people up. To jam more into and it will just a fun thing to do. Until down to mental note to a lot of practice field and a lot of coordination. Yeah definitely I really enjoyed doing that well I'd love triangle of other people all go but sometimes I gotta get my music's sake you know you could rely on anybody should well. Yeah I appreciate that sometimes it's just about making sure that you stay fresh in your consulate working on Stephanie I have to wait until it works for everybody else. Yeah definitely I couldn't get called quality for many years from about 1982000. Doesn't pan. And dull after that I prayed and hardcore band called nobody's hero. And after that. My talk to my friend. That was crying you know what met and then the blown war may be could you don't play you know like Letterman did what to do it again and again and then check it out you know what you need focused on it and you know I didn't make my own. Child come out of that I have a great time doing it because I don't have anybody telling me you really wanna play that you know. When you're in a bad weather that people have been warned that there are certain and I enjoy that. Playing an abandoned collaborating but when and it's just view it at all you so you know that's what did you get. Yes I make sense to me so I saw that you build your own instruments or you help collaborate on building your answer is tell me about that. Gil part of that club in Bolivia white background you know geared up abandoned just. You bet and you know you'll start off doing things on Euro and no matter how it would work and children stoking lol wanna print the draw my under the you know I'm playing drums actually. So what kind of build some of the percussion instrument and complaining. I built them myself by design nap and then I'm not my transition into. Building low guitars and so forth so that's just a whole new ball game comedians how big of appreciation quarter you know people who build things like gotten so kind of become yes I think Martin solo projects you know for me to build my own instrument shuttle plane the only thing I can't build an amplifier but you know social one single piece of this little book may be eventually be able to these. That's so cool that yeah I hear you're able to just kind of take bits and pieces and make it into something that produces a sound bits uniquely yours as you took the time to really look at each individual thing and how is gonna work together. Yeah I like the latest they had built was an electric it hard I don't get out of control board. That I found in my attic in my held that. Didn't hear it look like 1948. So Michael would have been so let my health you know there are still like termite cold in the wallet and so forth but I might mean of course you know I really enjoy that procedure building it you know from the crowd. I think that's really cool and Timmy just like my brain doesn't even work out ways that we recently it's gonna sound like my house select well that is usually you get it. It's so interesting to hear you know pat having such not even just a DIY approach that being so hands on. With every aspect of your performance I think that's cool you know what thank you now welcomed so what's your writing process like. Got a good question when I first started and she warned of a lot of cold solo acts like I was let go and a lot of them sound blues the and kind of old music style and I kind of wanted to take more of like a garage rock approach to it I started to listen to a lot of late. Music that I grew up that pool cue and breaking it down things that may be our whole band like after the that would allow a lot of let these before eight and let it be a popular Colombian do you worry Cuba beat and the occasional electric guitar. I'm not trying to figure out how can I do this and put it together while doing it simultaneously. I didn't to a lot of like early June that Mary Cheney is secretly used. Just like a weird drum and a kick trial when they played five. I was like okay court looks little thing or two grown so you can I can do this type of thing you know I kind of emulated that. And then I've branched off we know what I got my coordination you know not able to do a lot more different types of music again and just that it could hardly wearing bullet they got to practice a lot really. No kinky and and make sure that your you've got all your moving parts and order it's just I'm interested in that level of breaking things down and really ticked them using your ear and using your ear logic because part of it is logic and part of its creativity sell your client. Havanese bowl site to your brain to make it work I think you don't way to a traditional ban setting it wouldn't be that way you know. Yet clear up a little challenging now but. That pretty rewarding but it is it's a problem very difficult sometimes I think the little what are they don't start doing it because there's so much to think about. You know what I load in question no I really had going all the things that the bringing it. And break down put together engine setup and you know one tiny little thing you bought that album title. My draw not off and it just Google the whole thing you know but Qaeda so look a lot and so hello to keep it and make it work. And that's when you don't have anybody else to help he brings doesn't exist just keep up we'll we'll. Yeah. He could definitely get a full Immersion you know it collar and opted for. Can you tell me about Asian records yeah eight jam records what are what I recorded and he warned which also plans for the magic city won by the way. Just. Shorten it went up for the modern. Sort of modern time I'll mortar. Started and Warner recorded live with my friend John that ten years from torched. A little putrid it's been reported there really good and I says well I need to put them without some gonna start my own record label and I just need to enjoy that record on the spot. I put it on my album release and then there's not too long term might play and David thank homes I have. The same band called nobody's hero worship and cheese and a band called. Radio eating right now out of Orlando Florida. He called me up and say hey I just recorded and a little bit under label. And I said well hey you know what that's perfect but it's going to be are able to get up and I'll be put so. You know once I connected would hold it took off he really go immerse themselves and it and it truly court would on this side of it now as well because we get who you know help other banned it. Could put up there releases then we just started and go on process meridia have a good time doing it. Now do you find it to be more challenging because. Part of view is here and part of you was in Orlando or is OK we have a better breached because we're covering central and south. Well that's lukewarm about it com. Should enforce spread out you know David already found solemn you know it's a really good bad mood area. We just gotten the problematic. I live. As well as another bad call dial tried. And they've been on the road constantly. And they've been going to Chicago and they're they're planning. But pour out to California. So we're really happy then and we'll proud that there representing. HM record. And we want to work with the other bands from morneau who you know hopefully put out a compilation. So we could get exposed to a lot of these great band in our who. Lou not a lot of people are now. We have a lot of great bands are. Yeah I had I agree I feel like I've I've been doing opens when this podcast for a year and a half now and just on I think I've hit a wall and I I don't have anybody else to talk to fight like a slew of new artists and an in various genres you know yeah. It's cool that I'm not tied to just doing alternative I can talk to punk bands are blues fans are. You know one man bands like you and kind of cover the gamut and really digging deep with what's going on in the scene because I feel like otherwise it is their stuff that I don't know what Powell then people that are listening are gonna find out about it for the first time too so that's the goal always. Yet that's what we need we need these type of resources like Portugal Italy and you know we need to move to veto record labels just hope that both of a lot of these artists that the court heard. I definitely so tell me where we can see you perform life next. And Seymour who is actually proportional to model which Latin records at the black market stress they're having their one year. Anniversaries so it took a really big show and what's cool about it is. If you never rule out a one man band or we'll boot sale of all the bad because Google really be that good as well. I'd like to call that more leg you know let isolated musical couldn't find it really I'll be playing around 5 o'clock. At what lectern in side the record store. But we war also how starting at 3 o'clock from about 3 o'clock or 8 o'clock there's probably going to be. I would say quote the sporting solo artists of all alone fla doing their own thing that'll be really cool and that got free show so that their loved in the area they are contributing should come out and check it out and support. Definitely that's sounds like a lot of fun and anytime you can go see it live music for free of how would you not that's sort of support. Of course what can we expect from you moving forward musically. Well wit and see war and I will be in the prostitute finishing up but Kris on the TP. And I'm gonna follow up win column muscling our current gushan called mount within the next month or so I'm hoping as well as some praying enough bandwidth. Maybe you know Trout still trigger though or are you gonna show about two weeks ago. I started of a public stand collection AM and were called beat up early and we're playing next week. All that beer punks in Fort Lauderdale. Not only should you guys should Kumar and check that out as well and will be recording of pulling some really cool to try that as well that will release on each records. One definitely looking forward to hearing everything that you guys have coming up I'm so glad he took some time to challenge me this afternoon well thank you so much they're really appreciate your hurt you're welcome gel any time.