Open Swim With Erin - Matchstick Johnny

Saturday, June 9th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3 the shark I Aron and this is open slim at this week I'm hanging out with Matt stick Johnny has it going and are doing great Ari we're. I'm doing great thanks for joining me today is so you've come on recommendation my friend Sean from sewers like bar said you need to talk to Johnny so here we are. It's not about. If he yeah we had a really did time. Doing an open slam instead Gramm listening party with them just actually last week since they have your stuff out so I wanna totti first about how you got started playing music. I started relatively. Late I feel like. From what usually people start playing and I need I thought our plane when I was like seventeen actor playing guitar I'm 28 now looked spent eleven years. Cool yeah. What media decide to start playing I always like mr. Annan drums younger I played but I didn't play like I never played in bands during the night that I had jumped to eradicate it and the master on like top ten and then. I started with Qatar I had always wanted to play and I never tried euphoria and actually try it here than. I dislike really spelling it came right rather easy to me that purse again. Now someone that has never heard your music before is not familiar with you you're all one man band how did you decide to go that route as opposed to meeting people and doing the traditional route I. I played it quite a few other bands aren't started not US played and he's so far despite not like really. Big band is like you know the play I don't think they played we played. There are many big at all you I'm not certain that thing because I didn't really like their style of music I guess and I know that'll like every other people and musicians in the area like the same music I just couldn't really get a hold anybody at the time I figured out that he's let them. It's make their rather from year to get around this play. Can you there with people who are listening exactly what your processes like how do you do your sat up what one dollar you playing when you're playing. Hello what myself right now is I display cake from what might foot and then idiot I have. What my other foot and have played a part the same time and the locals and that it right now wanted to try. In a little bit more of a incorporate other things I've never won their bit spew their subprime demise and yeah hopefully you know what what are. Do it now like port per mile. Can try to expand at some point. I mean I think that there is always room for ambition and it's really cool that. That this is the most that you decided to take 'cause I couldn't imagine trying to get up on stage and do everything I hit a public that they're half. And having the coordination like how does that work exactly I mean you may be you don't have to have an answer for that but how how do you feel like it works against. I played her a lot of Alec and I tapped my eat better than I did started given that authority implying an appointment there and I like Ali what to do that. And I honestly don't like call from Mike I watched the video of Paul McCartney doing now. Blackbird in the back in court and I did likewise DX look really cool and by argument and I get placed at similar concept of keep it rid of what your feet you know I was perfect speculate you know complain like. The sound economic. And I feel like I'm I really like Alec plays like rock and roll like it either marketable scientists Cilic and have it sit split the kind of plot you know. I agree with that sealed and I think that if he's tried to pull it off. You know as a perfectionist that it wouldn't it would have the same vibe you get me peer pressure so put you mentioned Paul McCartney who else are you influenced by. I grew up with them a lot of light on crops and are always really loved the cramps a lot I love the cramp and then I'd just like that a little bit of digging and I really just low fifties music and he kind of. Trying moment stop it. It just like it's you know as well bar blues style stems from the blues and from like a musical standpoint and then they're all like to you know three chord progression very simple music and like very primal and I just really. Love that I stop acting like he's just saying like oh it is. Therapeutic like people can make that loud music like today is not air in particular that feeling like there's a purity to it that I just laden the older stopped. That's the kind of music that I really like Chile am influenced by his older kind of music that stated I get it felt kind of popular but it does not. As popular that blood marrow cell. Yes and I am I really like what you said about the purity of in the simplicity of it there's definitely something about that era of music event it's just so straightforward. And there's no frills and there's no twenty layers of sound to it it just it's very simple and York here. So what he currently working on. Oh great now I'm actually recording a my house and I have like a little on the media out and I've had some. Other friends at all burger court me to do I did it been a matter is that. I'm not getting like being out spent sometime with other people record but right now I guess I have amounts that are open are cornering out of fort tracked it for real the real eight machines I recorded my first CD that way like 1213 tracks. And I did that and I did little single that you stand it all on my band camp I just record everything on eight and doing that right now I don't apple really release date or anything like that but I know that I have liked. At least nine depend on that I'm working on right now. Recording a lot put out video all the stuff that sit in a matter time the united finding that fine really it's good. What I wanna do itself. And we can we see you playing well actually plant at Churchill tomorrow Sunday for that event called black market church. It really pulled under the carpet and maybe vendors who stopped it all the just stop going on over there. And then that you've you've got another gave her chills on the thirteenth thirteen yeah off some of eyes. So where can people hear your music I heard you mention it at band camp and then what Samir social media handles. Our motto most forms of social media if pat. Match stake. Underscore. Johnny. Further everything else and then I'll problem Spotify iTunes. And at band camp Ali band camp but there's honestly but there's sound and also if you have a web site WW dot match kicked on dot com I just want to mention the true quick. I'm doing that thing where I A out of mailing list and now I have like the members right now but you may anybody anybody can sit I like it dislike then sucked out like I'll send out like hates her like a I cannot shirt the other day and also in a putt like that new mixes for mine now problem you know post that there. As cool as that that he you know bench there in that it's. Because the top of my web site into like a mail in what is Lee Miller now even now it like turn information but like. I'm innocent when I hang up with you are mostly thought about it. Thanks for joining us today I really appreciate chatting with you and I hope we get to see lives and. You as well and thank you so much for happening end I hope you have a great day.