Open Swim with Erin - Joel Dasilva

Sunday, October 1st


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South Florida's alternative when Cutler point three the shark I hearing welcome to open swim with its old Silva has its eligible. Regarding Eric are you today I'm feeling good and I'm so happy to finally have you on the show. Because you're a close personal friend of mine and I've been following your your music in here career as a musician for her more than ten years now so it's my honor and pleasure to have you join me today. Oh it's my honor. I'm a big fan of your radio station and you and thank you so much for having me. Not your welcome well let's surf from the beginning you know I was talking to you off Mike about music is in your blood so I guess let's are talking about your family history first. Sure well my mom and dad were traveling mutations in not shout America. There's still actually and we moved you around Chicago. When my father passed away 1000. We toddler and eligible you can learn how ranging from the shoot prince Michael Jackson gained ground. Our beliefs. You name it we moved to Chicago. And my iPod apparently got into the balloon from my older brother Lionel and my mom. Also in that location should Yahoo! music's been part of my life. Our. It Irish as long as you can remember. These are you have a habit or learn how to art actually. That's opposite a wealth effect that Internet and you and finally he's he's got to blues clubs together right. Yes he actually was working any queens park on the back with the outrage I would apart back there I got that she all of the gluten and Iraq accept apps are now ranging from Buddy Guy Albert Collins kid paying him junior well and they would show needs first and I'll be dead saints they would you know he has little punk kid in the back pouring in on his guitar now would optical from the air water go get a barbecue. It and in turn it would. You know show me how they'd get up and a lot of times that doesn't happen anymore it's and before you can been booked for. Some analysts here yeah where everything else. And how crazy because I am skipping forward a little bit so bear with it. How crazy that you know one day you'd end up sharing a stage with a lot of these blues musicians on tours of your only later in life. That's pretty crazy year this recent tour was the most special one. If I got Q report with Buddy Guy. And from what I'm cold he just doesn't sit in which anyone if he doesn't like the band it T think the band sucks you won't mount it and looked down it would honor we just launching a slow gluten has come up right up onstage in the crowd goes wild and then let you know eEye. You can't shake those out act section Ukraine and at. Yeah atlas you know I don't know I can quote out of my web site but I. A I think that's the seal of approval and I would just go for it right as they just. Yeah we got off to play in the major festivals and candid and I look Canada. Yes it's seen Hercules have a really nice time when you do those summer tour isn't and you end up in Canada I imagine the weather's nice and mild ad time ears you. Ulrich. Fantastic that with the people and yet last year and it's a much younger crowd. That love all the music talent here. Error it kinda weird it's like the blues crowd it will be older but it seems to get out and Florida and deterrent to actually younger crowd. Really strange look it's just it's starting to. Attract younger audience. Down here I think a lot of people are afraid of the word least you know. I think and I don't currently there you know people on a certain expectations and and three jags before they really listened to when artists it's it's the sort of thing where instead of saying oh why I don't like X wires each genre used to go well you know let me have an open mind about this and maybe he'll turn out to be something really cool and it when I first met you I. New hardly anything about the blues and and I know a lot now so basically like all for you but they came into what went well OK this is his honor that I don't normally listen to bits. Tells a cool cat and I like his band and and you know on any given a shot and was not disappointed that was back when you're playing with have taboo daddy's. Sure and analogy to great and a lot of the blues purist I think column and they just like at certain. Direction of gluten cycle aren't music. Charlie let it GoDaddy at. Look like glued in rockabilly and sure and I don't play on that stuff nowadays in the city and yet the part that makes sense like going back street talking about the pouring shove towards like money. I'm sorry you breakeven some or lose. You really do with it but it's just about getting your name out there are consistent basis what whatever you do that's right you. Let's shift gears and talk about songwriting now obviously you read. Writing for a really long time as well howdy failure rating has evolved over the years I guess it's a two part question. And secondly you know as you grow as an artist and as a musician how do you think you continue to find inspiration ready dropped out. Well we're in the beginning what else are starting out I was really aren't sure of myself and I just wanted to play guitar. And technically been. And that spirit and crew will be ready right. My head when it first started playing guitar I was listening to bands like. In the final and then in Metallica Sex Pistols. Led Zeppelin. And from those band leader not that's where I got into blue moon rock let's see well I went to collaborate with a lot of people you know and there's. There are not. A lot of Bob Dylan in the world sort I had the talent of Bob Dylan or you too I could pump out a great song every day and be a millionaire. Right. I'm always looking for perfect song and somebody and if they can help me with. My ideas Shelby it because it's got the short life. In my good luck have fun doing it you know how it hasn't all against you know just with age. You get older you know I'm not old but should it will older and you're seeing things differently that that sort of line. Yet it's his day gaining morally experience and perspective basically I'm sure that traveling to a lot of different places and meeting people in different areas you know is an inspiration as well. Up steps to keep me going is when I teach someone coming up in the edit show you know. And then never meant they'd in the I've been following the long time and I can't wait to see you play perfect example. I would. In fort Meyer actually the last night of the tour. The most recent tour in a lady that's been a fan on FaceBook she conducting and she goes I've been wanting to see you played for a long time I've had. Some really bad light things Latin in me and I made a good point to come out TJ because I just love your music and I just think. That your greatest and that you really need mine righted it really humbled to personally when you see someone like that speak their heart out key input. Being that lights and expect it will explore our current question out during a brighter. They actually go back it would. Getting your day job you know gives weren't what I what I'm doing at some playing at a bar don't pay attention but a lot of aren't we don't know people are paying attention. And they get go you sure you can like that who aren't like that come up you say that moved changed your whole look and change. So let's talk about the new album everywhere apparent here and had a chance in advance. I get the treatment and again like them I'm overstating the fact that I really enjoy you as a human being and as a musician like it's true I really liked every day man that was labor's favorite track. So I did talk about a little bit first. That are had been in the works for a little while little incarnation they are there and I like to take. My time on doing it as indeed outside and a little lot in the last month or every game and basically had about. What gets you there the day what. Inspired you know what motivates you come home and can be with that special someone or could be whipped you that dog. Or it could be wit that gets our or it could be muted and you know we're whatever and looting what. What motivates him what makes you get up in the morning in what keeps you going that's what. That's Arnold pretty much about not wanting to go back chew. The past and kind of look at a future academics and. Actually makes them to gain. And I love that you always include instrumental pieces because it really showcases your guitar playing as well so I enjoyed my resilience well you know yeah. That was and I'll bark to let them yeah of course yet to look at where. Brazilian air Ukrainian. Cool when a fund companies that. Yeah I gotta you know Ukrainian bed drinking part the snippet and a hundred billion allowed art. That's the. All Mary's well it goes the other. So tell me about lowering his new CD release and your performance. It'll be Sunday October 16 at the shuttle heat who Mercury in Oakland are able cool event space in the back. Eighteen dollar. It will include two entry during. So let order Herbert. Instead some hours. Alec have trouble saying that are and of course this. And will be performing well I have a great event that starts at 5 o'clock. Up until we're looking forward to seeing you out there or Scotland debate. Going to be doing songs from a couple previous tablet from the has cast. Thrown to the midnight howl and going to be dealing with a whole new album I hired. The keyboard player and that's second to our players Q round out. So so the song and it's going to be a great night. That sounds like a lot of fun and cool their performances yet coming up. October it in canyon west on the edible scared. And a few friends Lena please recently how is it you know yet I have no idea. To be your first time yeah. And everywhere. And acting another hospital Upton. War and not October 12 October he did you know elegant look. Cool also share for everyone that's listening to your. Website your social media so everyone knows where to follow you and find where your upcoming events are. Sure the FaceBook page is show all that old amusement. Eight a doc I'm told that Silva JO ELE. Eight at IL. EA music are also the website is saying jolt that killed and inject our combat and web site in grand Ole underscored to show up on. Underscore music. Twittered that thing handled that's about it also about Spotify. ITunes I got a new single out called shape and the new album on line everywhere. Clients thank you so much for joining me today telling really had a good time chatting with you thank you so much airing. You're welcome.