Open Swim with Erin - Jacob George Band

Sunday, January 7th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3. The shark hello I'm Aaron welcome to the first episode of opens slams for 2018 I'm on the phone with Jacob George of the Jacob George band has a Collins. It's going amazing I'm sorry to deer and think you're. I you're so welcome thanks for joining me today so I'd like to start by asking you a little bit of the history of your band how did you meet your band mates is right. Drummer I've known for years funny enough should actually match thank featuring high school tell her Andy coming into the law that bans are seeing now just over the years and we. Then we can track and we kept in touch salad and obvious choice it's coming back. From Boston or at least initially it started my group looks and transit to school since moving back to Miami you know ailments that respect it's. States and compound. So I had to reform strip and can't go for explain your answer me and I met. My biggest player in match there is actually the Berkeley graduate as well but I mean after and he demolished. We have not been bought and going to school actually met him in English. How that's so strange it's one of those things where when you're meant to be. With the right people in the right place it comes together somehow. We had far from came together in our industry rating unlucky shoot four under my experience what these guys because it is different you keep fighting musician sure you hang out listen to think they can start your career. Definitely who are some of your influences and what style of music do you play for someone that's never hurt you. For my favorite band at all times it's probably. Will show a LaRoche. They music. You know continue as the kind of stuck trying to highlight doctored and definitely influenced our classic rock like actually see our guys that Lynn beetle you know feeling and I read a lot on the song it's. Starting on the electric cheese sticks you know and then work out and cured stand setting and they get a kick and it and that's. We're you know block them not more so educational acoustics and and certainly it's been you know Dylan and Paul Simon and Jeff treaty had such. Calm down more and that burdening our Jacob George bench you know it's kind of different size and Xerox is so nice blanket term alternative kind of Tom Petty hatched at times. Irate cool so win year writing lyrics pretty dry inspiration is that in every day life type of thing or is it from your own personal life for a little bulls. They actually turned. From our personal lives from you know from that Larry King really chelation chitchat a bad relationship soured. I'm just kind of an honor al-Qaeda appearing in this experience and it. It can change. But. Yeah I don't it won't look from human thing and a lot of search and. French army on the proposal here who have a let's talk about like just feeling how did that come to be like killing ordered a collection of songs. Salary you know the parents probably like 66 years so that sound like Carolyn had to learn you gotta feel a particular foursome in the first on election wrote and. I and that kind of digging them back up and that's when the option which my group in Boston and earlier initially. Working with certain Fran you're on an error recording project. So we record for a -- -- thing I know what you stand EPA and then Natalie it's really great opportunity to work ranger gene stood the Heather Burke retain our department and out of it and that developing this really awesome relationship with him in the actual coach Kirk these record a few years and usually aren't you like helped producing it and you know it shouldn't have Jonathan Langer who ended up back. Posturing saying Brian and demand and make it in pension security court sense and are doing and I always ask. These other Forsythe until it hit the studio and court a couple of more and we can put out flanked troubled show that kind of where it all started and where you playing out next so we have Cindy should books we're. Playing at speech played for the water bill. This month he. Nineteen. And we're playing at Lincoln beard brewing company. He actually want to bury. Nineteen are cool I've heard on things about that please don't get to go yeah and the chairlift at their looks like a lot of fun very nice you know relaxed chatting and all by in the punished. Nice nice so when he answered when he teamed with dance while we've been reading that coming in the chair are really excited about it and just dish you know you know bouncing off ideas and the chemistry that actually changed since the last lineup and should include current and he you know as. It's like first album opening outside the feeling and there's definitely a learning process usually overwhelming and there's. But China bunch compare to declare that this. I think maybe starting a little smaller and parents gone back to the basic without songwriting hinge here stripping it down and figuring out you know carry that into account in a way establish its new lineup and sure excited and that's increase we have that sound just current pianist and we're gonna start doing that we're certainly trying to expand. Our partners performing ally bitch. It's a long time since personal and didn't mind me action and not some little. Lowell had been out of touch and getting back in catcher actually pitcher they turn that into action and news and local acts. I find that from some on my other friends that are local bands the best thing you can do is just kind of hit it shows where fellow bands are playing intended checked them now and make friends and and panic network there a better word it's just like any other thing any of her that you reduced so and tackler very super supportive in this scene you know a lot of people not the South Florida scene but I know some super cool people down here and everyone is Mary look out for each other make sure that everybody gets taking care of and it's very much a family. Community of people here in South Florida so. Without them yeah I definitely have experience so partly he just played out Oscar urged. For the first time most downtown not go to. Couple weeks ago and should he you know we're trying to prevent some pain now listen to us from going on after accent they have that thing going on Churchill you know networking actually got provide schools should on the net credit. So I share with us where we can find you on social media and on your website so you can listen to are sounding music outlet or albums you know I changed our side anywhere and you can. We all are afternoon catching Jacob George band dot com we'll also. Aren't they and what chair only Cuba cool we'll thank you so much for it taken some time with us today Jacob and it was great chatting video link here and Erica.