Open Swim with Erin - Inside Jokes

Saturday, August 11th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3 the shark I'm Aaron and mrs. opens slam with body of inside jokes tells the comments are greater area are good thanks so much for calling in and join an amateur I wanna party first and how you guy is met Peter asserted as advanced. So basically they have been wonderful cool calm and Travis best singer and guitar player. And I have a lot of our mutual friend and Mormon which the guard but he jetBlue. Played drums as well Travis is also a drummer Andy you know third. Drummers are small circle so we all like to know each other so united men on base that they're like two weeks of talking about drums. Music in my adult and can broke off and saying government. We. We are the side the lead up and start playing some music. Or are songs that are on our east peace now already written clue but I came and learn those you know we started writing from there it's just been welcoming you here without doing and it's just been gone smoother. That's awesome lawless home that you guys are off cut and run into a really good start somewhere and win that you guys get together like what's Europe. What's your writing process like what you're rehearsing process Slade how does that all go. We meet once a week Sunday mornings he's pretty much dedicated Sunday sending them every week no matter what happened the night before we show our end that we have a practice there's little warehouse that we use and basically everybody brings their ideas to the we're all a lot of this. It is done by by the three guitar players a lot of the writing is stuff that's fraud in and then I hear it mean I have my own stop to it and try to assess them our suggestion but really it's like an open process but someone will trigger ripped the table or an entire field and we run within that he. We are lucky we use it it's pretty simple if you know no no one theory cops cynical thinks that's really good actors since oral assertive than what Leonard just makes everything so much further than it is all buddies anyway it is just not much easier word we all get along so well we all pretty much and everything. Which is would be weird we did but it. I'm sure like any other band of sucking actually any other band to tell you there's the B day and others but the majority of the facility by separate aren't all smooth sailing but we pretty much we get their 10 AM and will go until one let every week we get a hit three hours and we just did it kind of like exercises to make sure he's got to go broke it. Yeah I mean that makes total sense to Maine. If someone who was hearing you for the very first time and use it okay am I'm gonna invite it is show warm at a press play on the song right now but for some they tell you what it's like. How would you describe it. Old Alkaline Trio banner pilot that had that kind of like part. Pop rock for thirty year old could actually. Yeah luckily it's about you know high school loved everything anymore talk about things look more like I wouldn't say adult but a little more like responsible country and I'll come through like a lot. About the standard it's kind of like. Dichotomy set up this happier that we're kind of pop punk sound but then if you really listen to what Travis is centerpiece. Of its. It's the darker side alive but we elect elect also on people's or not the police fear there. You know tournaments we're gonna set a -- wanted to but I have a good time but there's also saying that sing about there more work time listening to and how drunk you got deliberately gender how much you know somebody which is there aren't that children parts that don't give Iran should is that the public on a little more serious commitment especially overriding Maryland a lot on the music talks upbeat and advanced to and to try to whatever you feel. Yeah alive and balances TCU as long as you don't tell yourself in one direction too far or the other then you don't. But the good word that the actually finally we always talk about making sure that everything clicks are bound to get cute. That's nice long it's also the on the same page literally. What forbearance after talking hypocrites right. Yeah. The bigger label we know we don't wanna be too far right or left me a little like being based too much we're just sort normal dude that have gone through normal people seem like we have a good handle on preventing it in a way that we aren't that's cool. Now what's it like seem life's work were straight to the point we like to just play a little you know where about are not much talking between style the border bird strike the port and we love what we do it you can I think you could tell anybody you'd come to the F news continued to actually pick the guy and say you know good job has always said he got an issue for our upcoming week we had our shot ultimately play well we got our point across. Church you like it or not but you're gonna end up respecting how much you worked. Yeah a lot I think that Doug's first and foremost if you are. Devoted to what you're doing and your passionate about your craft and that's gonna come across in your performance anyway. Absolutely they were actually though we do what we're we're big on having a good time we get a little get together it'll attract so million records. We just got together and start playing the music we wanna play in the byproduct of that is that there's a group of people that enjoy it we're very thankful for them and they're the reason we're writing our new material and it's just it's been such a blasted mr. Cool well OK so tell me about that eerie new material. Yes we're in the middle of writing a full length album so we put out our EP out last year about this time that we literally just planned on putting that our plan that you showed moving lights were not satisfied and then a lot of our friends including local bands and band members were asking when your material would come out and then we all kind of look internally moral or. Religious didn't live militants that we're like this is literally just the one thing we're doing that race I think that little bit pushed us to really like really challenge ourselves and artists and musicians to really come up with new material and acting. What we have coming that's going to be released either later this year early in Nigeria is going to the the Jerusalem W that the squeezes and I think it's gonna show an entirely different side of what we're capable. And that's going to be a lot of undeclared is right now tonight we're planning to use I'm way out and I'm probably chomping at the bit to get on stage and play at a pivotal up silently players but anyone watching the last silently and it is going to be. The brand new armed. I can't wait. That's cruel and so link just hearing the excitement in your voice we get really care cross lake that's also gonna do it quicker earlier slid as it just talking to assess tonight and you're referring to Asia Thai music festival it's a respectable street at the west Palmer steeple of the local band seen in Palm Beach front home yeah right so tell me more about the show. The showed put on by John wiley and basic site that you shopped probably the most prevalent shut in the channel. They've they've given us the stage to. Now first year we opened up this year without opening more further into the bill which might be a accurate return that's why I think that the hole but the point of this is is not music but those just. Everybody come out have a good time and enjoy our our area of local music seem stayed in school bands people love they're gonna have coming up front who works races I still insured merchandise bishop the big party basically and we're glad they're second aren't playing and we here we we really enjoy the support we're getting from them. It seems like pretty very bill in terms. It did a different bands in different genres I know is level as last South Florida soon. Julian you earned that and congratulation. The bad guys and so talent let's think moment. I insane I love him and I love him as a human being and is enough. And do it. Great you are unchanged probably couldn't remember Leonardo bracket so many years ago but he's just such a good soul and he makes good music and I couldn't be happier to share instead. Yeah so that's gonna be awesome to a so again that's tonight at 8 o'clock ten dollar cover and also eighteen enough which is definitely something of note because a lot of places he can go seal local band if you're eighteen to say Tony so. And you know what that's that's the thing that kind of like bothering a lot of younger kid but there are so if you keep your article and they're putting it showed they're all later. It's just a matter who's playing them. Yup and I think you know we're we're open to playing anything but I think as time goes on and we keep playing a lot worse certainly cannot understand content can you know protecting your mask certain aspect circle and they are legal but you know they're definitely going to be salute you all later shows coming up so that we can get a little more younger. Crowd America. Yeah I think I mean I know growing up for me like being able to find Ali just shows like I think going to a local band chose since I was fourteen. Yes and that you're from the area and you remembered later they expect he's break down some loose slot perhaps Willie goes well it still yet under eighteen shows that's where I grew up in the music scene are actually playing shows. At the end moonlight lounge which would next door to spank you in and out kid in my mind that was different but I'm hoping that we can place more all ages and maybe get those kids in there and let the members on. Yes and you know he almost every single week and I interviews someone on the show the bands that are like this I started playing music or what her friends and yeah it's cool front summit and Heidi you're linked. Almost everyone was like 1213. Fourteen when they started here and so it's like. Yeah you want. Not even just to be able to play out yourself that you want that please we can go see other bands and and learn how old they attacked the craft basically just just feeding your soul. That's such a good way to put it added one apparently are the guys definitely aren't there is that part of your leg a lot of this is not or anybody else but cost money but at the same time you look around and you want to provide for everybody you can't make an important delicate coping injured we have the artillery -- spend the next seven certainly OS that church growth you know all the work play tonight NASCAR all the bands playing lately it doesn't matter who you could point your hand in any direction and Ornette in good kids are gonna show up article strongly that we have really good music scene and everything on him really well. Yeah I exciting it's gonna be a really great time and I'm glad that you took some time out to chat with me about this afternoon and I look forward to seeing me as the next. I can't wait can say I do so that we look at major. Yes that'll be great I'm a good one thanks so much you welcomed by.