Open Swim with Erin - Humbert

Sunday, November 12th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3 the shark I married welcome to another episode of opens when I'm here with Tony Humber has it'll be a good thing for bearing with me and being patient millions and technical difficulties but I'm really glad you're able to join us this afternoon. It didn't. He's president and as a band have been around for quite some time so I know we're gonna have to go back a little bit but tell me how you met and I got together to begin last. We got involved knew each other from high school and have played with another man who mutual friend than some some our dissolved we ended up. Coming together and we order there. They're from bank called I don't know back then I was up for peace and then we had a net actually had an a according to singer who left the band and then we replaced him with we're called I don't know. Back then and then we became Humber and restore on Burton. I I'm now are basically it's so Israel as witches my adult basic goal all in the Burney who plays guitar keys in the local of course and then Ito drummer and well now we sort of I'll rotate that forests. Number of different presence there. Our guest appearances fired Bravo about her chart our sisters or George from the holder. What. All depends solely those of the regulars but sometimes it might be other people. The basically depending on if I'm out there who's bigger who's playing with you on the same bill that would have been. Sometimes it works out that way we do. Played a lot of showed a chart well his sisters and but it all depends that we actually did it show opening for the development a few years ago where we wanted it to be the old band I don't know and that didn't work out. Because mark the corners wasn't available so we actually. That of female and saying his part. Port without really really cool as you played accordion do so just depends on. Or where the show is ditto on these shows just sort of a unique situation sometimes you know. Though I'm proud event. Pelosi guys they hit a couple of times over the years and it seems like you're always in really chill inflexible about how everything pans out which is helpful in that kind of setting I'm sure. Yeah we don't we don't like to take it too seriously you know the show puppet shows seems like it's going to be fun then whatever way depending on whether it's the other bands were playing wherever that venue then we're all about it you know we don't really do it shows just a few shows. Kind of on when you mix it up and ethical people play it would do target is kind of in that period of of the day and Oscar continuum shows where there's always a defense theme for the shows and sometimes there's there's been collaborations so I think. Sort of started with a bat and then now. We just sort of treat some of our regular shows that way. And would you say that your approach would you guys are making music together as well. There hasn't always been however it's probably going to lean towards being that way. Procedure recordings have we definitely have ideas of bringing in other people that do things weeks. We've never had a female sitting on one of our songs and we use that as sort of an idea bird particular song that we haven't been able to pick up again but there's you know we have plans on doing that so that kind of make things aren't person wouldn't. If they did so Baltimore flexor you know. Yeah definitely thinks that 200 to invite another person and creatively that brings a whole new set of ideas to the table as well. I think dance floor lower interest so much different types of music and stuff so late we don't really mean we listened to everything you know there's like no genre of music that we don't listen to put some say ought to look at everything except what. Are being network and they couldn't. And I'll whatever it is I don't care. And that's. There's inspiration to be found in music from every John and I think that's the sign of well rounded the creator of music when you can take a little something for everything in L obviously inspired. I don't disregard that your your. Quote what genre of choice I guess. Exactly. You know there was a time we oh you know we're gonna put our records like soft on the record you know London now like the rest stores there's. This is gone now like number now we don't we you know we didn't know what kind of follow that rule for a little solid. Don't anymore backwards I don't know will be open and we definitely didn't call that ruled the Ben Obi. Try to get serious and try to get a record deal and I'll that we thought well you know we can we need to be a little bit mainstream but you know we need to be focused on und whatever you know little bit more now we don't really care and out though whatever. Wanna do it country some ultimately what do do's and kind of weird instrumental rock training will do not the we have but many who knows. I get. Into the idea makes it. I need to have some eggs and all of you collectively. Even though you come from different places on the map musically. What you all have that very breezy way about it when you play and win win you would have conversation. It was awesome or or should be like that I feel like it to some degree. Didn't want to have little counter agents Clinton people can't do it certainly some man who he voted for it and they didn't quite different but. You know perfect example of that is Elvis Costello I've heard him play music and every genre and right albums in every genre and in congress ultimately he's still sounds like himself. Yet when you're able to do that I think that that says something about you as an artist and as a musician for sure. I think people. There was a little time when a lot of our song bit in sound the same boat they all kind of had a couple of similar kind of sound like it also sounded like the same band. And everybody said we were we sounded like Weezer. We can and bloody and the fact that everybody that. We sounded like one particular candidate will luckily there's a couple up but we know liked it that everybody thinks it. All of our stuff sounds like one band and it's not or some other band. So that's yeah you know now like we might sound like Weezer and then might sound like Flaming Lips there are very mental I don't know didn't. Medal I what is it does do Copacabana number that the outstanding. We actually have covered very amount are really. He got just a puppet. What do you guys working on greenhouse. Right now there's just what sort of how it works just like these song ideas that are lay around and sometimes that takes us years. Who literally to finish them. Like society has starts and an academic discount against who put aside and we get busy and we start doing things there'll plates and shows and then. All of sudden turn you'll quite play this thing and do occasionally. You guys commend tomorrow. A record in this saying you know command and we'll work on something some more and then maybe you'll finish it right away it's just kind of weird we will have like any plans like. To do a record. Or anything there's just a bunch of so our idea is playing around that we really want to work on very soon and probably just put him on line you know maybe around the beginning of the year every year we do holidays single so we haven't talked about that or probably. Certainly that certainly is particularly total last minute we've literally right recorded something this morning of New Year's see you couldn't. Think that. Recorded in late sixties and everything and then just like put out like at midnight that nine hopefully we don't do exactly radicals try to slow let's. Well it. How CB you have the second you can just kinda you know gather there wouldn't whenever that the need arises. Yes yes it definitely helps when you're all over the place where we are out of your own space so you can. Whoever you Warren. OK so let's talk about the weekend of December 2 thirty guys have an incredibly busy. SO Saturday December 2 is and pour house which we love them. How long have you been doing well crazy shows they're so good it's been a little bit so you played there and so chart ballot sisters didn't. Going to be there whether it's waste lands from Miami which are really really good sort of knew her. Younger man. We like. To mix it up. A lot where we have because we've definitely been around for a law and there's some other Brendan Mars and have been around for a while we're lucky that that South Florida. There's. A lot of people that have been around well. And I like that we can still play with the new bird younger bands and that is just to make it a little more fun when you didn't have like not just playing with our old friends all the time in order mean. Yes I definitely don't. Different audience that are getting a chance to hear bands and England for the first time whether it's you know viewing your friends that that come out to support you or them or friends come to support them. They get to experience. The vice Versa yeah. Exactly the investor would go to Italy is here. And gold. To see their friends and her friends are lining and then moved out. Aren't terrified at a time when you use strong suit as the you do know personally content sold to mountain the we're hoping that you're gonna see some younger man that you put. Go on here and whether you go to him again you know whatever that's up to you but. Ideally pleading guilty of doing that you get what in your ways like well I'm not gonna go unless the show is like around the corner from my house or not to write in list. I know everybody there like something good when you hear we need true we need. Get yourself out of the comfort zone as and he finds at the end of falling in love with open. The same thing with the younger you know like they're young younger band c'mon just see their brand image TV didn't lose. All the guys that they'd never would've done that here they never would have thought they would like and they are always probably solidarity of special or something in us and in. I'm gonna end up then the argument. They end up conduct and you. Out of four hour period. Yeah as exactly. Yeah so so that's December 2 that'll be after hours are correct shelf. So people can basically the liberator lifted up from the beach in and head over edit the downtown and and if they wanna do it more like music you know he'll have the entire day in nineteen do so which yeah. I think yes yeah. I actually funny you mention that because that's one of the reasons why we picked that date. Because you're trying to find out what would be a good day like there are any shows here revolution that we didn't. But sort of play afterwards and then I I was one of the real data or outsource our law I'm gonna go to red zone economic go to leaders so yeah. You know it ends early enough didn't either makes or Barroso will definitely got a video. This is so will will all high five each other on the beach and then delivered. On its. All jump into her cool down down down the group of six shots. And because that's not enough music than thanks to you going to be doing it yourself. I'm in this isn't a thing you do annually that's Sunday down in Miami and I don't have all the details all you take it from here. Well I'm not sure who's playing but. Like I was saying before that every year the then Oscar continue and show which is of course a tribute to Italy great then Oscar group is known terrorist with Bravo of chart protesters and well there's where as well. Every year there's a different team and could this year they're actually doing that well but DD cup a compilation of bans. What. Releasing it unreleased music previously unreleased music and then. Some of those bands are going to be performing and don't perform those songs that are submitted for the TV won't call or some other stuff man who. I can't remember everybody that's a part of it and others of course shirt protesters. Mr. entertainment group these factors which could be more his third a lot of tests. There are a lot of banter like when he dance. Yet even for everybody forgetting I would go just for that a handful of bands let alone at the salute our. Six for. Yeah and no pressure on you because as I mentioned off Mike the four I'm going to be talking a mystery next week so I'll get all the details from him on that show up. And that's exciting prospect that it just that we're playing a lustrous as because let's throw this in the newer venues in Miami that sort of run by reformer credentials don't know what folks and that sort of virtual spirit is there and be Clinton and awaiting her to do is show a little different per a lot of us to putter which has. Oh that's cool and I hadn't had the opportunity at I didn't even know that that plays existed until I started looking into it what I saw that the show was what. Or that. Before we wrap this conversation up to share with me where people can find you on social media and find your music. Well more on straight spoke comfort music we do have a web site number net that we don't update as much as. Should Wear on and trend now I don't think that's covered newspaper Robert under our music but I'm taking what is probably the best way. Somber music on the big. All I think you tell me so much for her drop and then and chat with me this afternoon I really appreciate it thank you Persian.