Open Swim with Erin - Episode 6

Sunday, April 16th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3 the shark hype it to Aaron with another episode of open Islamic joined by a surge and read about every man hi guys doing. Wonderful thank you so much for hanging out meet today and and chatting about your parents speculate or. So I would like to get started by asking you first of all how you guys Matt how he got together how he decided to play music together. Well now okay. That's pretty prescient if I. Been a crazy day. I'm happy you started it and then debate where by about it then it got there a way to bury it or OPEC on record shop in Delray. Back in the day you have where we're gonna on the record store though there. And the that it will cry baby inside. The look at look at Jonas brothers' you've all seen the left you have an eight page or area. So I I might be a better one on some not sure yet. Com bring you up there is absolutely true local scene there are on the record shot through. That was like central meeting point type deal. Yeah we are kind of came in at different times in ten minutes first speaker and the band we so that most of the rest that I and then over our members try to switch out. Through a quarter and his local sure in a row here. Cool yeah I wanna ask you guys I've had the chance to see you a couple times most recently a few weeks ago it creepy Tiki and you. Always have such offline life performance I remember you guys at the first time I had told surged the first summit site you guys was years ago and then didn't for a really long time and then did again recently that I remembered my one on my friends was like Kaymer gonna go over it creepy teach you see Everyman that I remembered you guys right away because you're such a fine. You need to band was such a cool sound. Thank you meg you're not a good time yeah yeah. Or anything else to turn to decide that we stress what it. There is so I mean it do you incorporate as CNN bays and mandolin banjo or what the media decided kind of mix things up a little bit and says the traditional guitar and the steel. I mean that your that is that a quarter of the game like turn it met their outlet and bent and acoustic guitar and a lot. I don't think. We land on it but I don't think broke out there might Taylor are abandoning you that you core conservative political quite a bit and and I wrote a and I am now. If I let wicket Pickett spirit they actually and didn't even got to play pay when he we started the band no link. Yeah especially not Brent Barry I was. Playing bass you know what hard core brands can't beat again and I have been a lot of the they've meant to be. I just can't imagine that the general public to report. Yeah sort. Yeah bears are terrible and that are there. That's. I mean he didn't sound awesome for a band that just sort of happens up up up up. And yeah we. We you know we started with good intentions are good murders I think you know thought early on before the band started into road that George. Well I in the past and semis or organ directed shot and not still don't make him that sort of thought it but I like her out. There was kind of like Baird's support and you're just coming out. And that I think we're getting promised to believe this French or the you know I mean what a night let inflation over kicker it's on tour. I feel like that happens this bill you know. It happened gradually in other words yet again like right now is really fit the first time we actually want the court album real studio that we actually. Got a guy you know work and whatever the label. Where I'm promoting. Professionally instead of just kind of like you know. Kind of whatever order they yeah. The big the the the defense kind of Korea. So where do you guys join your influences from and in terms of songwriting. I heard surgery at most of the leaders say a word you type in Atlantic. I don't every that it is our target like obviously like Andrew really can point me a lot mostly later start this thing here is that I. I kind of learn how to play instruments. Oh my home when I try like you don't want this solo band it think it and it turned out like that. I think it messes you up because he has that a certain way in your mind or. I didn't know how to write I write Alec direct from my life experiences you know I mean. I get a lot of my Israeli friend around me and people are buying oil at that they're not. But I like bigger achievement they were right it could handle him food we could be ready. Songs directly like all the booms I'm going to respect to be. So it is just. Overall though so our resolve it threatens the injury report now that Italy we've got momentum planning where there aren't a lot of abuses under the yeah it. And try to let anybody. He the much you know I feel like a lot of good that comes natural to me feel like I I could only right. Cut on their right you hear me like China cover on. It but I. And a bit about what have you attempted it just didn't turn out the way you want it it's of. That part covered yeah. All of them. Got it yeah my pets we are a lot different like we do we look covers record ought to covers. I think we all walked two in the and then the doesn't do we tried but we do really good treating governor. What are we don't you have anymore and we had it a minute. Pretty solid there right now Rick the PLC yeah oh yeah you do you beat her. It's fantastic. Yeah we did try to go around I'm like. You know. It is like I've been here are abandoned ego like who aren't an aortic. They don't pay like I covered in other you know to be covering it all back not really in the dark covers too much you know like during the year. But I think you're spot. Well speaking of original music you guys have a brand new album that comes out next weekend it's called may your ashes have stories to tell. I had a chance to listen to it and shake your bones and don't Reno my Prater my two favorite tracks. Update here. Yeah like they are gone that the final. And definitely is sure welcome so Telus about the release party to you guys are gonna have. It looked toward that end a respectable street and went on. You know we can't try to stop our own show like chatted like OK I can only make this creek here. So we comments that have been a regular show we kind of went into like a relief at the ball now. We have eight span Arnold we have bands from North Carolina. I sure wouldn't. What a crap game look forward now we have opinions from around here we are all out opinions. All our friends the people we note tore it. Circuit Court that's really cool that you you basically menacing aliens and into our refusal to concept that. And then I almost immediately after you guys started too early the following week correct yes. Yeah may or may or pure could it be you'll need it where you going heavily these frustrate. Yeah outgoing artillery at least Coastr. And they were coming back now like edit the area. Georgia and I'll you know outlook for it well all these pollutants from all that. And I'll be sharing that on the website is also everywhere and can can click on it directly and and they'll be linked to where you guys are Canadian stuff you have much. Hey hey thanks man you know. It's something that. Local music. Has been. A huge part of my entire life from the time I was fourteen years old growing up in Central Florida you know there's not a whole lot to do like in the middle of the woods hit this say if I'm like. The couple places that are all ages that you can go to concede and so. That's on the net you know I mean a lot of my friends have you know how we kept out of trouble was going to shows and you know meeting new people and listening to music in kind of rolling over in that sense it's important media continue to spread the love I know that I'm here to. I got up very well yeah. Yeah. I like that there on the wave band parent night you can get their name out there in these days you know is there life. Threatens social media and just fight. Other people supporting now come into some you know so so let up a repeat it and thank you so much that. I'm Sergio when askew about sound path to recovery can you tell me your you've co founded this program cracked. Yeah yeah that guy Terry. Actually it it it's really weird Al you know I really thought about you're gonna happen in about. They like mere act that story itself. It's at or near record and and it really a combination of a lot of stuff I've gone through up. Eight and I desperately go with the band and the pain and they you know what I see them go through and do people that are quote the ring. It's so funny now it turns like remodeled it and that Al is. I started. You know why people started every minute. That drug problem. A long time you know to the point where it you know before you know before I got. It's a recovery. I try to come out now and and that throughout what I'll. He has really really bad well I think that. The last they have bird you've been stronger worker currently being I look at shot that. In Miami holy cow I yeah I don't see our purpose but he'll be that day and something you know. Change change like that nature in Robert Murat of that story that it's kind of like that story from what that future. I you know I mean like what what happened out and and and what happened around me in situations and its parent that is that story. Only it was really cool and well now I'm gonna start your. That only people that it is not recovery that would pick me up single copy and what kind of understanding overrode that. Instead of being like it would go get a bigger what is your hero it out. Yeah I won my very best friends is in recovery and and I'm not and I've always been very supportive of her because I want that I love her right eye care for her wanna see her do well in life and it's very difficult to watch someone transition from one lifestyle to another. And see who sticks around and who doesn't so I mean ultimately I feel like. If you wanna be a good friend is someone you'll support whatever path issues. Exactly all that and I think that they're cute they let them like you know one out. Playing music. Or I got. And recovery. And I got so early you know you're like this. This feeling give or like spotlight that there where so let it you know and you can't you do. Like music has been in a blur you know I mean. When who now able don't have to live that rock and roll lifestyle and I can't. Yeah he's sober and be functional in India the. And whatnot for the you know like somebody like me can't do that like other people maybe don't appear like. Similar to inmate is strong and have funneled or not being outlawed by now but you know that the reason. I a lot of people think like offense and a you know moment of people are gonna get recovery and we have not be good bureau and all that then and you know I think jittery outreach could hide. I I thought you know I got recovery huge all my life began in dorm like it drew is that that are out you know on the one starter every bad. I other something great spirit how important to better. And and it would allow me to go to war and if you're like yeah come back you know people. I'm not perfect yet a lot of debate wit there was dirt now call I realized in this event there that a lot of people. I was that the tactic that I'm. And derby these kids so much talent who are struggling so bad you know and and what talent who I would treat and all the what I went even though they account to. Oh me. There are kept putting heat it and who went out there on. I would get I. Like that you're not the life out for you and it could be you know because the. But that Cynthia you can do both he just have to learn how to balance. Exactly like a balanced so. I started working and Petraeus via or it would be a politician races street and battered very well known for like their epic there really cool you don't negotiate but not now with. Even this but I bet I trust our our big got a lot of big media good talent sure then I would bring back here it was like a really happy my. Or decline in the gears or army you know how when it. Very bella started writing about the prop up jet. French Qaeda network went to the sport and let it all don't I'd drop herb Colin and groups that clinical we we started writing about. Fact that we won our caught up about recovery and wanted to teach in olive pit I. No matter what you beer you know people look at and like they're not they're not going to be here. And and on and never you'd think again I'll let figured something when their lives you know and trying to change. You know it figures like I elect. I think an art and create the bragging that now. But he did get huge role on somebody like feeling purposeful again you know like. I'll have a purpose he now it was just really cool they ended up building up that studio. We have on the trip that studio. Better. I do groups it would chop are I'm not quite there that we eat we were a bit better that it we and then back to back. Matt studio because we're more like I do I will pick up iron other than like trying to what they figure out strong we just kind of like an outlook numb and live then and now and the end of recording songs in the era but along they recorded. And beat them at school that happened here and I Uggla right here. And a beloved love working here that's. Of such powerful. Stories that you just shared and it really appreciate you opening up about your personal life and how you're helping other people through music because that's just amazing incredible. Yeah inflicted great attribute or earlier and so because up until like people you know all sorts of people can let you will not sure yes. I'll. But you know but not like you know want to live my life a lot of life you know I don't wanna be stuck in a room. You know trying to I've on the world like the course and that kind of what I try to teach decline you know and I try to. Opel might find that balance and hopefully. Hopefully when they get out be there at least half an idea like oh wow can I create accurate you are and you just look at Fordham could be you'd think. You're now forget that so we don't. That's not fat then and and it is amazing and I loved but Butler didn't work and then. That's so cool thank you again effort for sharing that with us today again you have your album coming out April 22 I'm gonna make sure that everything's up on our website so people know where to go. To come out to chosen and support you guys in person. Or if you're so very welcome thank you are so much for talking immunity RE site here.