Open Swim with Erin - Episode 18

Saturday, August 19th


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South Florida alternative 104.3 the shark I am Aron and this is open swim episode eighteen I'm joined by I want an Omar hi you guys doing and doing great Mario. Wonderful thank you for joining me on a Saturday I'm actually really excited because I just so. One media like two weeks ago and he was telling me the brand has been working on music. This whole time but let me backtrack and how do you guys kind of tell the story of how you started to now. Okay we started up back in 2000 just pure breed he still though lower your opponent and myself. And we would go probably we've received a couple of records. Great athlete with every big problem it looked over trying. We go to circumstance happened. We moved to a couple who don't pay hoopla and life tragedies were critical part write that letter although we were a record review what we. Come from London we have been reported over the US. Little home when they're still looking really good luck and had a separate as well. But the ball a little while but almost a work situation changed everybody's able to spend. Couple that tribal we hear it helped lower wage. What sort of just breeding ground for the brand to go by other Italy. Even though you know the Kremlin connected all were overworked college the other a little credit over the years off our current occasional reunions. I want I think it's really cool you know health finally you were speaking about Omar when we were chatting in person the other night and Howell. You guys have been able to keep up the connection and how you know that might not have been possible many guys first started as a band vs how technology is now. All the on the that we patent challenge though it is played I think could they have that he would like the speed of light like I don't think it. Artillery or purse Oprah the Internet from Seattle and Miami. There's a delay it can't cure it so I think I've become and I happened in the same room within that we can work because it just. We've got to look at the book that Hewitt come about the connection that this could. Price is some things aren't you just can't replace the that you just can't you know I'm going to be the same room. Exactly exactly so you're getting ready to move back here to South Florida is that correct. Actually yeah I'm going to be moved back Coakley in the next few months and and then one or not we first started I didn't think emotion is still pretty much shows. Looking at national coordinator and not. I can keep. And an extra week a court records and which is kind of where we're taking it from where we left thought we got my strong enough that it does not that. I'm surprised it's for the next shot six months to get. It's really exciting and did to hear both of viewing your enthusiasm and be back together and doing your project together is it's infectious quite frankly. Our people and yeah we're we're back Brandon in the front prologue and the like. Yeah you know we've been yet to be married for fifteen years back you know their group playing. A shuttle act that you are off and don't get these players are playing without end and she she got. Caught up in other things and she couldn't make it until we played it showed just the two of us. And we should try to get everything we couldn't what do you know there's all sections of the band and we'll complete the so long we could well you know what we're gonna do it you'll degrade children. And it kind of inspired to get to keep going into truth we are now. And do you think he'll continue as a to peace or will you expand again in the future. I would like to expect in the future but that so big now. Contributed by the third personal corporate did you or your that it should let companies or or well all bull that they don't but you don't wanna do in a hurry. You know we're going to be in a hurry uses kind of totally resolved in the typical order book didn't hurt others did that chemistry there at the friendship there. And their daughter either so don't bullet what did that do not want a Russian in the main problem. Really technically went over to compete I think there's something better left of that result after Michelin. That was. The look up until that he'll put it. Local law. Yeah bought that book that said we are stepping up to eight in the unarmed they look they. The grant nice. So how he got a bit of your credit right yeah. Like it lets you happiest. How does your sound evolved from meet the beginning of your friendship fifteen years ago to now. Well I think up we started out that occurred there are things that they did or low 60s70s and eighties pop rock and and you don't just pop. Catching it from beyond the beach or decrease your isn't it he didn't you know all of that really. Kind of sugary stuff and so that hadn't changed quite different actually did you learn the context about what writing and the competition the finger getting a little bit more mature. And yet he or she can you magician but it is still a battle. All about togetherness it's about you know working through tragedy difficult he didn't but you know the trying to come out on top of the songs are they dare dare getting a little portrait is we're getting. Older grayer but I think good call cause they don't come from the same place you know we want to be happy and we want people who'll listen that he's beat up beating each. We all want to be the best they'll begin dealing while those who contribute to deal. I think one I think that that betting that might argue that have been there. I think you know that are right on the head it could be the defense you don't art well are you talking about probably alcohol by old it. It 200 songs that that is on love like Coke are the president or a look although I think it will have a protest song probably without the appropriate thought there couldn't about a current government. Or cap. You know way. I just had a chance. Within the last couple days to listen to assassinate carry your album that you're getting great to have an album release formal talk about that in a minute but. As I was going through the tracks for civil that. Early pop influence is very prevalent. What exactly you guys nailed it on the head for someone that would be hearing it for the first time but also like I closed my eyes while I was listening and knowing that you guys are playing pour house tonight I'm picturing myself in the venue where I've been a million times and I've grown up going to shows. And I'm like man I'm already ready to dance like I can't wait until it actually does get down and got. It. For anybody anybody at the party is the old washed up. While we have that available through pro per download right but we had a liquidity in her purse DP didn't. You can download all of our old music that you're going to be able to double and even music at least they don't get the ball or create our band has always believed in it pretty music. Yeah accusing it of music out there patent you know I believe we figured the best and be the return to get more people data about individual people so. But it won't bite birds or do you know about. But we can we are going to be spending were really didn't. Get a Brodeur but. For the people that want to support the bat where people that want a lot of people were difficult would that didn't involve designs it was straighter and drop the lead quarterback. They please read Omar or. And rapid. Yeah I recognize some of the characters in those few pages. Product data I thought that ignited I think some of them are recognized him. We're hoping that that the ones that make it and it don't get involved multiple people able to recognize them up. The club but I think I did you have been hanging around at the scene for for any amount of time we're gonna go I'll yup. I know that guy. Didn't pick up. Yeah it was certainly hope you recognize who will be your better bet you know who decided who Drupal audit results. Thought all the year actual brand that nepotism involved if scriptures that have the pot. Complete trash about it for pampered like well you know that little predictable enough of that. So is that something that you guys are gonna continue to do on a semi regular basis or is Alec a one off. Certainly created a lot you know that is that is certain limited release weird you know we we have all circled on our he'll probably multiple. Great story that we administrative we keep going with the the united you know and I and I deserted on a whole cult of how difficult over there will be some but. A couple of back at it like that the sequel the next chapter pick pick pick pick up but that. But it's giving you guys have that's a good humor about it that's I think what what makes the relationship continue work any relationship for that matter. The mullah absolutely absolutely everything you know. They're picked it you can not that valuable. Logan you know I don't know if they're actually learning from them. We have solid first sir one I know that you have your own recording studio apparatus and Omar I read it in your bio that you guys are gonna merge everything together when she moved here can you talk about that a little bit. Yeah I'm not by Seattle council of leather belt that important. The bloggers won't. Would pretty quick thought from Albert I'm sure you've heard them and got it building a cut them into battle fires might eat my own car. I didn't do you look up stuff and don't stop and so. And so over that type that built this stuff I kind of started building a studio that you you've made so much stuff and so I'll be home when I come down one and I are gonna get better and we're going to. All of them together and come. A superstar Leo old. You don't really cool vintage here in about from the URC eight. From the forty to 58. Quit my sins you know and we really great atmosphere. To record the local music around and that this weekend you know maybe that dimension to that stuff out Seattle working with a buddy of mine uranium at a nonprofit or. We recording school concert don't get the most egregious to document them. And so that kind of that the spirit. So another part of it of sort that one tonight if you or you're gonna kinda. You can meet in mind it stopped trying to get that much according you can't. Eat a political price of all to get reported to the region to get as much music here as possible. I think that's really cool effort that that you guys are focusing on and I think it's gonna pay off in spades for share. It's just you know it's so important it's important to get books you know how they're typically the thousand. Get these there expression doubt that groups here and then he changed my life and I'm pretty sure changed want but for the better you remember you were meant Manhattan. I thought I but you know I got I got my eye on the prize the. So let's do with a rundown of all the shows that you have coming up the starting with tonight. Night and we are support I'll split but I sort I think that is very important all available older bro I didn't yet it is certain. But Jindal didn't drop and roll all night I mean you know big is your kind of just sidebars and rock and roll you know we're going to be all better tonight from what I gather I can debate and the name of the actual song of the year vote probably didn't. And the media days Chan. Yeah I think that's good I don't know who you're talking about I saw him talking about it on FaceBook does last week. Yeah who knows that there's been led Oakland at all. Everything that happened go home to Britain in Virginia. The whole all right and everything so well those are brought this off to a you know did it beat Calgary isn't sort of show me. I know we say it every time I talked to anyone an open slim that we have such a special local music community down here and we all you know attentive behind an end and together when it really matters yep they're out there about the little bit so the next show would be you're releases like records act. Our very excellent. Are reduced Kessler wrote about her record reject the idea of what you get to the road show. They are 7 o'clock we're playing with amber Lauren directly Obama look look I'm in particular there have been the notebook and blow up. Like visual aura so we're really excited about that it is also laundered over Britain. As a victory boulevard music community and expect to be worked with those. And then after that we're in Orlando for a house party for a secret how party to open up a little bit ultra pink silk. Secret not so secret comes to fit it into an apple did it and that it did we get it on the radio talk. I'm sorry but there. Look at it is there it is going to be our. Last show provision Arnold wrap around is going to be actually your problem and be short lady I spoke about how big picture Friedrich finger. Figure that built the bread would be more. All Mardy is the front of excluding some people about what we never did gut is that art here you're on a bit of almost up situation change and out of compete with the brand though about that is that he spent actually betting Seattle beat Sweden are lower back and forth so so we're pretty much at the end of the line noble martyr trip here so up and as well populated at least another six we thank you don't read so well if you wanna cut so you know well. You're limited audience well permanently bent forward or out tonight or join your idol land be sorted at all Ruble pretty. That's thousand you're spread out to share in love. Sharon the most learned a lot of money you can find all this information if you look on bass boat dropped below the Brett usually walk about in grabbed Matt the brand go boom and it happened earlier they were reported about hitting some or be that you could go right to law. The brand need to stop and chat dot com and you can download all the orders. Excellent thank you guys so much for being on the show this afternoon and I can't wait to see tonight thank you so much.