Open Swim with Erin - Ep 9

Sunday, May 7th


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South Florida's alternative well four point three the shark hi I'm Aaron welcome to episode nine of opens when I'm joined with Julian of local hospital in Julien K and I carried in pretty good thanks for joining us today I wanna serve by talking a little bit about how all of Bullock got started how you met the members of your band I know you've had a little bit of planet changes over the years school. Credit just you know the right Munich and match that you're. Some of them some Japan. I process some gut says Chad and you can't travel father that the ban. There's essentially to see them in songs you go to Amazon to persuade people to Brittany so. And it turned out was yeah as a tree they luxury and nobody heritage. Ground and then actually yet is that Catholic. I look I don't want to have a friend that now commonly known just did it magic because the. Yeah I definitely agree with that it doesn't matter who's in the dynamic of your band it's always like super talented people. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle and it sounds just hauntingly gorgeous every time I see you guys play no matter who's with Theo. Sure and had no problem last year you played with this at undertow 2016. And can you tell us what experience was like. Yeah I mean how it's not just hours super surprised you know that we have to you get on that you know calm and we wrap account declared in the later on and then I get in the booking process but yeah I mean though that our record. And a few other bands they look for a you know on our stage and it didn't eat it I'm on the at that does that really glad it's partners experience. Which not only good memories to share. I'm familiar instance I'm friends with you some very influences. Include Radiohead. On Maynard James can obviously in some of these various projects it definitely concerned their your music. But who else do you look to for inspiration when you're writing. You know it's funny like my musical inspiration do you have a muggy air but the consulate. Writing music audit comes from a more put additional context. Like artists and look at this who doesn't know are very corporate and about it chi thing and bears and it singled out it's an aunt you know she's like they siege. Inspiration for me and just being here in general until like a lot of unity oh not the market not. And then just inspired by just. Literally just look at and review our entertainment department. So it got a mandatory action to get let that visual stimuli. I'm not been. I tech actually that the fire department to the concerned armed does that. Or musical inspirations. And that's really unique you're the first person I talked to that said that. You look to our frustration as much did you do other music or musicians. Yep sure am in vastly I think that's very important. A couple of concern here. As a meat it can't not play aside I tried it. They're teaching that a decision even bomber released its stock value of the cars showcase certain Obama took for like you know and it our faces 31 that. Now you mentioned before that your working on some new material do you intend to kind of stay in the same thing you've been manner you kind of expanding some. It's it's expanded Fisher feel like. These Baptist songs have more like but wouldn't be here at its effect accent is planned. I don't cost a little quote but com. It's family and I'm not suited to a Moreland the volatile materials actually second signature. Compared to that actually does look like kind of pushed to get our modern war and aggressive records. The client has more soaked I think it I don't want to opposite side of that the Internet but not quite that confident college article indeed. You know I guess global confirmed contact. So yeah I mean it's looking house yeah actually stand that we accord does. Yeah this book is my cowardice definitely has an aggressive locals especially which leads me to ask you how do you take care of your voice when you're screaming his majesty to it. And it really did try as. So this conflict I guess. Adapting to the screen by you know out first thing united. You're going to think you like on good greens sometimes. These songs that they cut is actually have happened because like the pocket they got their first you have record seen the material. It's so crap in the game so bad that I had the Jack. To just be heard any debt and so like OEL he's song and Catholic IP I think the origin of that system like experience. Yet or they didn't care. My boys are just not a picture can block slaughter. The Catholic yet to and it should you know drained. Not hot tea before it fat. Competent not yet caught on to you know come to the values and my cup would seem like in the bar it's a natural clinic I didn't think I guess. Now you mentioned a little while ago. Before we start the interview that you have Radiohead tribute performance coming tell me about that. Yeah I'm so bad enough the sinuses are they might. Announced another yes it obviously is he Japanese and especially now a computer and just. Trying to anniversary is coming up a lot to do this or gets tricky problem in what pump so. We're about recovery. What songs similar to computer on made it disciples and that's pretty much it or any covering. Pilot little more than half of Al. Should be really cool I don't and would conduct we're not get any original and I just getting magically get an art should you tip. And on that we respect. I think that's a really cool concept and I think that your locals are perfect. Including Dana Todd you to be able to do something like that so that'll be fun to hear. Yet so it could be a lot of fun to play I'm there's like a lot faster because now we have like two weeks so like now at the end of the conflict. I think well Britain that it material and and that per capita urged is we're we're done pretty good. They Davila undershirt nice with a big gigs yep coming up so local gigs. The question investing much in because we're doing a little four in June dropped you off and Dora the Jewish. Denver apparently and that they needed chemical swoop Atlanta. And so that tour again June 22 intentional. They haven't really been announced yet but it will be up shortly picture. Excellent now if someone wants to keep up with these guys what's the best way to do that in terms of when you're playing what's coming up next. See private carrier pigeon calm exterior digits hasn't affected us that pressure. Also I'm all about com. And our associate general. And it's it and I'm all traders they are handled and authority about content access and local problem Spotify and other GE. He's. It about censorship you so much for the Julian thank you thank you had any. America says see you next time we get them out.