Open Swim with Erin - Death Lottery

Sunday, February 11th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3. The shark hello I airy and welcome to another episode of open swim. Today I'm joined by it Johnny and Cassidy and death fluttering how's it going guys. There. I think and Allen really really good. Does so I understand we we just discuss a minute ago that you're relaxing your have been piers you're on the beach public that life. Page itself ordered up on the word laden looked termed. The quit your job and moved to the beach. Listen I mean it's a good thing I like what I do so there is that fit so her idea I know you're going to adopt. Yeah man everyone needs a day off I totally agree and and nature a huge fan too so that's. Awesome dude we nature and it is Rodney. Did you already have a lot of its first street guys are great let's talk about how you guys met and got started as advanced. And as Johnny ten years they're on. Something like that yet tenure at normal other bands that we ran we though it put together the end charging yeah this. And a few oddities we're gonna take a Democrat and have a computer. And repeated the middle school. A man. Read his music all the way back then together. Now I'm not really. I really playing easy at all back to them I guess would be the better question here in that room that my world. All Williams about it but our our awaited the price weighted and so article assert destroy it while it's a band seemed. Terrible he and so. He needs also only the lees said those slick just remember when it is. Meet some friends let's say that turned out OK okay. Yeah I European calm matter yeah. And exit but including you guys consider your influences musically speaking at Korea vital Richey apparently a bear. The Ramon and greater but the girl in the class the same bring it out via these. Are I think I'll pass it yet. Pats are born every week away and I I have someone on open swim I always get one random one it throws me for a curve balls a 36 mafia is the one this time. Yeah you can look at 3 o'clock here actually are on Netscape that we put out project pat doesn't answer when and how important that we meet the sport and and UH interviewed look on that sort critical stress injury on my lifelong goals of the current project I don't know recording and Great Britain wouldn't so the still. About what we get them up and we do it could have won Obama. Yeah okay you're just like KI DS some free time. He did this settlement is yet he doesn't like Bottke. He you know how to be delayed a feature on attracts so we we did enough course Joseph covenant before you didn't know that that cheated the pilot post popular project that. That where. Well we're always so like them right yeah I got project that so number must you know it. That's your street cred. Yeah man saying that the court or making the dream happen here in this. Is sounds really different this year I've got to know the missiles time reference. We're all know that another wreck that's another important you know I don't know I don't expect that that was outlook we're really big guys get talent is especially. 1970 circa. And Allen getting caught countless did you get that. Been a pretty universal influence for a so over the years tool time don't. All fifty feet in the written. You just can't call wanting to do so he just so you know pretty good that Allman home improvement is like right up there with Martin. You are now definitely definitely. You know we watched Martin like all the time because like which show the practiced a lot Morton and gently brother looks more and more delivered songs she can hit that early that that it like real accurate. There has. So that recipe for an awesome does fluttering practice. Isn't watching home improvement first or Maarten for. Yeah I have to because I would think port and I got a few other leg. Extracurricular activities. There will. That's fair. Yeah can I throughout that tell me about your you guys haven't things going with a C Miami records where you release limited dishes in the consistency muscle which cousins are coming back in a big way I know there's. A lot of collectors out there on Indy circuit is so tell me how you decide to do that. Kilpatrick could have been avoided it like he's going to court late basically really helping us out duplicating. Each agent Danny that all our friends there so it was good record all out there we would just hope Patrick rotate it and ring between Kirk. We get a library aide you were but haven't EP on out you're like oh yeah effort sir so that that's how we did it when we didn't you know 99% and become with a valid term but it doesn't have a big blizzard there. Download the bong the most news on your Bambi com and everything else. Figured new single diesel equipment pretty. Pretty much tank we also have to Pixar cars at this point you know ordered what it up until the car I have now I did you've berserk at your next show mark there were no better. He's in the West Palm Beach. Where it every man and respectable street and also we're trying to swank playing the same night and Miami it Quran we got cute shows march 3 which is kind of like curry the certain that we accidentally did so I was trying to play both did stereo dispute really equate to one of them so. You're getting from west palm to Miami and won many yet or are there every men are I love those guys and surge has been on an open slam and I totally dig their music so that's gonna definitely be a good bill I'm I'm not familiar with the other bands. Think one of them is it's from out of town and the mascot is a new republic and I think from. On the area. Okay cool that has to be pretty cool lineup the minute Miami we're playing would continue on with his joke and to preempt golf authority and then the from culinary union Childers a brand that you know we grew up north and Ian and 011 what are you know all our public South Florida like oracle. Nice subtle biggest piece we just make sure you look up and asked them for you up for the night. Yeah well the point that probably some. And some fruit beverages and he's you know. We'll try to do it didn't look. It's impressive endeavor again hinted he cut at it. Yes and normalcy how it goes. The critical at all. He's a great. Didn't pay that. Covered it. What do you guys have coming up moving forward without actually quite a few gigs lined up in March are legally get there every ghetto where it was good evidence twit army getting man coming out as well loses yet still step or get sorted try to do little. Will record actual damage in order were right song and I never court just keep doing what we do haven't gotten a lot of minorities more traditional markets. It's on foreign heat in the sand in the lives where where the positioning from the Macon even darker. I Philly did they have a link to cast members had a reunion recently. I've only so I actually I don't know if that was they're getting the show back on earth they just got back together as human beings I'm not sure you know. All one can only hope. Yeah I think there's there's a strong look for that not just like you guys and I feel yet. Don't we we we need Morton that would be well received I think I can share with me where we can find you on social media you. You find is that debt flop pretty built normal dot band camp dot com and you can stream our songs there or also on. FaceBook to be urged a lot and got to know the address or but it Sacramento should come up and then not want answered Graham cute but that debt. Under or Auburn particularly easy cheat on there. Are as well. Would you have you're two men. And yet we did it the curtains and T shirt we do a mark so called BRY let's be honest here our church I think a lower court there has been easier. Listen if you look cool note and there were acts. Just look at as part of the deal I think you've spent time in me this afternoon got Anderson must have a problem yet know you're welcome take it easy art secure my spot.