Open Swim with Erin - Citizen Badger

Saturday, September 8th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3. The shark I'm Aaron and this is open swim with dale winner of the citizen badger has a tell until pretty good thanks for joining me today he got a big show tonight we'll talk about in a little bit at first someone may give our listeners a little bit of background how did you meet your band mates. So I actually worked with my drummer at our age and we kind of bonded over how unusual look early jets and Blix argued the F and then let they'd just met your mutual branch she actually was roommates with Diana standard writer called rocket anywhere that they found that last year. Okay so I agree shut vendors and that and but and oh great bassist and that I connected with. John. I did get a chancellor thank you but I. For someone that's never heard you before I'd like you describe what your sound just like your styles like. Yes so we're kind of look at some people crack band got career but December 10 low. Irons it'll look I do little kind neutral milk hotel especially in like that song writing in my name basis endeavored out guys Dudley it looks and bunkers on on. And trying to get simple fact that. So we talked about what your influences are when you go to sit down and write a song what's your process like. So for me I kind of very observational record most of our leery when things can opt out mean just in data daylight and I got it down on the music side a lot of just comes from jamming so kind of Gillick fragments together and then from that kind of keep to get a couple on what I have an idea in mind that's cool yeah look at a time. And as there's something that you guys are currently working on now. Yes we dropped or does it if you OP's top spot I had everything back in May just subtitled there's a badger. We're currently work did that he's done to actually debuting. Nine humble best server that is about. Nice. Now when somebody has to see guys played one tier Avaya Blake alive. The premier can try to. Really channel like kind of a storyteller. Focused energy but we also are pretty high energy as well so it kind of bout between Mike Moore earlier Comair is dead and more like upbeat danceable kind of stuff. You type groups. As it should be up to good Bal. I think the picnic particularly. You know I think yes definitely it is a bonus question why is your most embarrassing moment on stage who. Has been one completely down the attic is getting no I mean I had had a string break once I'm pretty early on and it. And did not. In back of strings to you know there's temperature our parent link its hand hasn't kept up. Lot of plan to pull that was just but string guitar that you technically challenging we got there at withers at an embarrassing moment. You can now because it did anyone else know this is the people that had seen this before I think they can chow. Hole but I think we mostly cold and nice note to drastically different. At the so you that you mention you're gonna be debuting new song which is really cool now this deaths huge festival what time does it start columns that gulf war there. It starts. Five and it goes all the way till 4 AM. Going to be about 35 dance there just a really great way to get it into the local music scenic and a cheat them up and coming in the act so it was really cool during winter coming through so that needed time. So it's really cool and that's such a long night and in several locations on the strip that are also up for re. Yeah I'd thought some because some of the locations there allocated to a certain certain vibes so. Oh we're actually working things out in people care which are really cool upstairs and you. Secular had a CD release party earlier this year. And her excitement were on their seven so it should be Stephanie it's satellite they ever should come out if you're able to make it even become later like there's some really really good bad and laid it. And what else you guys have a coming as far as live shows go. Our collections are actually doing opens its guard down in Coral Gables next Sunday the sixteenth the few other bands do saying Fort Myers music locker later this month surge and a working around the state a little bit. That's cool the nuclear yeah its common minivan and he's had no kidding sometimes yeah. Daylon thanks so much for coming today and China with me about your banner really appreciate it definitely think so much traveling.