Open Swim with Erin - Astari Nite

Sunday, October 8th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3. This shark welcome to another episode of opens swim and our local podcast. I'm Aaron and I'm joined with Michael ghosts of the starry night how's it going Michael credit our record and turn America where. Yeah you're very welcome sell to give people an idea I know you've been a staple of the local scene for quite some time how did you meet with your band needs how did you decide to plane. The music that we know you for an now. Well my term I am world best times after I got heavy all the local gathering of years ago and I thought you know I know that it would try and some other facts Pakistan. Colonel here we could and that let them but no one another. We are similar he means and yeah it's still pretty long so he had a good start up our our group in the local community that there are there. We have people are present in the past there have got so it was the people are now leaving the pit stop authority and not that matters this certain character looked at after curled slowly decay in Bangkok actually sort. I want my personal cannot eat lunch. Not an amount saw him. It was a political or not you couldn't millions of who would return. To Intifada in the. A magnet for heard over the Purdue last that we signed an exclusive. Look at the little German label called out a couple of threat that cannot doesn't sit team. That's a little error that it cannot recruit law. And view your now with label here in the states Cleopatra records as well. Curtis current. Some siding with Cleopatra records very good and kind of credit he has picked them throughout the effort it's one dollar and we really don't think there's been a lot of thinking yeah home teaching system in our tracks. Clip that goes from just very until some general Hillary popular talent Osama. And it's a wonderful being able to take that next step is just. I mean beyond thrilling of course and we love it here locally to be able to promote our band says that we love so much and to see them do well and and have success there would restrict our anchor yeah tires so very loved them explain it to the listeners may be someone that's never heard you before what genre of music cue Lar and who your influences are who who you when you're writing who he think about. What goes on local law on Obama have many different things like our players a year later our our current mine influences. Eric could be farther every I congenital more than a little sketchy but it as far as this. I can't imagine that not the same Paula Amato placebo. Arm angle caught in the monsoon Roberts met. And you think you're. So come on does that come about and certainly eaten. Her cup actually at our trucks and stirred. Yeah I really enjoy a lot of the bands that you listed as well I think it's the most important thing is to be able to keep an open mind when it comes to where your next influence might be whether it's an artist or musician Charlie he's had just something in everyday life. Yeah. Well I definitely enjoy it checking out your music video for love sick can you tell the story behind that. I loved. There that was actually could move didn't follow in my opponent at the time Michael fat and I had a big influence on the song you know Trevor thanks so what. We also brought and egg producer. To the comfort dirty great. And I you're not offer the drummer for a car and opened them you know ordinary people and yeah. That's Martin covered them and they let them read it and Clinton lot since then you know it's really really about the but until then upload that you do it felt silly and I we kind of sat down and created the concept so we want to let guy at the time this problem. It's kind of there at all while the government. Nice so letters and year out I mean it shows that you have here in South Florida he. Next Saturday where actually during our problems release are trademarks of our church choke with a pick and called within all of the golf. You wouldn't give up open the component environment. You're gonna go there and outperform mount much of the most part are we got a grant from a couple of weeks ago also had a close at all. Yeah no kidding well I mean I'm glad that everything was able to be rescheduled an on our end as well this is this interviews than scheduled for quite some time Barack. The hurricane had other plans for this that are. Haven't gone through quicker Kim I'm so glad that we finally had the chance other than your upcoming release party do you have anything else going on. Then the pollen is legal and human speech will be crying. I spoke the truth. Let let the that can't because I. Rather than public they're good on the same level color pops throughout the color printer cutter they're our summit club not who pretty much have Kern. Until these summer has. We just announced the release in which show in which is trying to do work Greek peak would refute I don't know leatherman and my friends. As well let me and my brother and strong yeah so that's something I'm totally looking like he's got to you know so here so our our little Christmas. Outlook on all the gifts. You can do you get to play out with your brother often. Laden who literally had earlier used standing there garnered aren't the love of my royalties I want to talk about what you want the subtle subtle little. Not let us in cool semi American Maria run around you you have not to do that I'm not a sorry. That's cool but coming. Well obviously just wrapped up any hope this release coming up but are you the kind of person that wraps up a monster is working on your stuff right away your Dili to kind of sit in it to stay with it for awhile before you start something they'll. Lou you've done right and and trapped normally. Certainly sort of an early. Shell had access to art some council covers topics are where cup the world we are to be on them too wonderful to me peace. Which we're going to relive the fun. Why it's so cool that you already have kind of an idea where you're going nexus a lot of fans go ride than the week for what they have for awhile in before they start on something if so that's cool. I can't get to do it. A home. Aren't we want to relationships. It and let them have that could be gotten a lot of people in other and don't let the sun. The group of people that Slaton caught them but other states. In the end. And I guess is that the perfect opportunity to sit back now our album release party. Sort of back problem looking at 2008 and a lot satchel and I will be releasing the bat with Cleopatra records could turn another restart without sort of I'm pretty happy about that. RA is sounds like Yves throughout the rest of the year and into Tony teeny have a lot of stuff going on so. If someone that's listening wants to hear you and check out your band live where can they find you online. On Dan cap. At the IM. Starting ninth one the problem you know routine check I applaud you on our hands on YouTube. They got a man to we would be in January. It you know our town and out of the urged the rule of the year earned the United States February. The group I let them and they're trying to close the Arnold seemed to. In Paris we're performing. And soaring debt dot pitch which is a huge huge influence. On the industrial senior partner is owned Bruno and his property owner or cup record a little bit of something that only people don't know what I'm okay car to collapse occurred over her years on center column. So I think we have a lot of something to do at a contact. He had definitely and again it's so clear. But I can't you now the for your busy throughout the rest of this year and into next so I'm glad we had a chance to catch up a wicker RR Cutler awesome thing Keogh.