Open Swim with Erin - Anyothercolor

Sunday, April 8th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3 the sharp eyed aryan and this is open swim with Chris from any other color how you doing Chris. Armed dude pretty any doubt about it. I'm doing awesome Chris I had a chance to catch you a few weeks ago at apparatus studios we were celebrating the anniversary of open swim. And your band played its. Along with a brand and god damn hustle and I got says see you guys perform and had such a blast and I had to have you on the show myself. So let's talk about how you guys met as a bands. I had been writing a song like. For a long time so it's kind of title of chief deterrent and curtains and and punishment playing in the scene turner. I approached I was eighteen or something like you know it just different speed different and then. But it kind of know any in my area my term merge and bassist. To relate to music scene and you saw like that and it just ask them like came in you know. I got all these songs are more proper years I haven't been in a band and have been out of a band for awhile and ask them that they you know borders helped me. Work on Mars and do my partner being you know. They're like real talented. He's got a position so I'm use to sort of you know we've seen just. People hanging around knowing each other and good things fallen to play says they will. All carver Hawkeye is dead. Exactly that. Think kitty Kelly yep that booted it how did you try to decide link this is the style of music that I'm gonna tackle in this is what I'm into. I have only so many differing influence used to light everything really that I just. I don't wanna do one style of music. I don't wanna be type cast it into late. Any one charter you know so I started that stand to kind of able if you any saying like. You know like not and they wouldn't be unexpectedly Korea they have an acoustic song they have Micah. Know some and then they have played this trash pop songs kind of keep people get since I'm not the kind of been my approach to anything. Could senator it's just kind of not be on I'll like like you are about the only got part of like a metal head. I got on the metal bands per year just play a late crash settle the the quick bat. Split I'd still like anything else like Radiohead or something like that total opposite spectrum perk if weird electronic doesn't go like I I think in. I liked it describing it mental. I ordered. College kulicke still tour of sunshine. Got any good. A happy happy tale over a metal that you need to come metal band and Michael like some colorful. I'm confident Saudi order and I don't know and they're gonna try to be real technical with my. Music but then still be catchy it charted we can hear it. The night cancer early find and it seems like a lot of your peers are in the same I had space like when I talked other guys on the scene they don't like to be typecast into genre either in their so much to love from so many different mediums so why would you not digs seven jazz or some fund or some hair products -- likely so many places that you have the potential to go without why would you not. Yeah exactly like these stacking one little area you are. Exactly and you know it seems like every time IE interview a band to someone mentions OK you know I'm really into XY and Z and then my drummers really into Avian CNN it's like completely dot opposite. Diverse and to the Specter himself when everyone brings what they love to the table you get a really unique diverse sound. That it's. Exactly pretty much in a nutshell I think that there are there. So late is currently working on all home. All besides I mean I'm that is always playing guitar and writing. Constantly anyway till credit aside just sort of green every every other week or whatever like they have here this drip slips. Steve says sir I added auto wanna. But practically pragmatically Healy we just recorder EP they could check it out and the other colored guy in camp dot com. I share that on our blog so win or it's posted that'll be there for people to click on as well. Right arm so we just recorded back and then we just got out. Credit urged some T shirt that we did our Indian like really just starting to get tangible. Things that besides just seeing our show and they're like oh who what's cool and whatever like now we have picture thing. So we're putting good yielded territory and pretty soon might. Go for that so that like where that. Do you have any gigs planned upcoming. Yeah call warplane or house stood for our transporter rail and looked. 41 people 41 Mary and me I think work trying to do a little motors eight. Party trucker. At your politics so cool. Yeah armed girls are more than most olestra that would create so give out some more later notes due Chris. Record payment term they're marching band so no small but Scalia that's so that only to show it's so far I think that we have. Book bureau actually hero we're gonna sit here on downtown Hollywood on me and Thursday. Cooley has yet we got kicked out trying to keep it would try to keep it looked as much as possible. Sounds like a good plan man there so what else do we need to know about your band what else can you share with us. All were pretty kick asks. We're actually eight or that point content the site to be cold. Buzzed tell us what concern little I'll live performances like are. It's a lot of meat just talking up the top of my headed basically dumping out whatever trash candor cobwebs you heard it. It be up there didn't seem to be attic space ship hit a kind of like what I can carve a microphone and early know what changed so it sort of talk quick word vomit and it. Usually kind of funny this year and I hated yeah I. Did in my dated Eric Eric Blake. Try to. I think I've only if he. So I. I write jokes and bird come to patent this and like I just didn't cut. The outward are usually really bizarre people are likely oil that could. He got it then you need bully laughed and some sort of episode it's linked to sketch deal that he had like it. Yeah or call me dad can't go back I don't know. Just. Trade some weird. Stuff except under or what it is we're gonna put twenty agent. I think actually at the show you and Joseph public get worked for worked repeat band they get worked for peace. And order or members isn't as well. Yeah and I don't like she. Look at and see if you can get this tour are. I. Little space or hold space for our visible for. Yeah I could feel like they're about it lately but for peace. You look they're out a little bit then you really glossy that the look on every Wednesday to figure out what's what. But chuckle slowly they're not however at this point the cycle for a period a little chuckle Barbara good. Softbank gang of my footers. And Chris. Yeah that. Where where we find ears of some BP's his your bands. We are on FaceBook dot com slash any other color. Then any other colored dot band camp dot com I mentioned or and into Graham. On its. Any dot others dot color. Are worth more or also on arms the world poignant fish dot com Q and tin tent here. Although illegal it. You know got tackled her to her you know just in case and getting everybody wants to get out. Thanks for the chance because I appreciate it in sanctuary and our.