Open Swim with Erin - AnastasiaMax

Saturday, May 12th


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Stuff yeah alternative 104.3 the shark I am aryan and this is open swim with anesthesia Max I have both anesthesia and Max would be how you doing today. Wonderful thank you so much for joining the show so we have a lot to talk about well let's remind a little bit for someone that's getting to know you for the first time ever let's go back to how you Matt well. 'cause my little sister I'll. Be sitting on. So we really early on this we play technical questions when you're younger we didn't really began the play music. I haven't a passion and chill around when and it. Not an issue started playing in the Mike's just singing because we realize that cabinet a very good boy actually see when that happened. She actually with nick aegis ship on the side of the stage because sure. Uncomfortable performing I wouldn't on the stage with her mom so he. But I want to likely to get it any Internet again a little bit so good right to choose not hole. Anymore I need to learn it yourself. To play the guitar and now I play guitar piano and we have a bad. That's so cool blue real listening to growing up that really drove you to wanna play music. I think I have different interest which also kinda played into our sound because. At that Chad always listen to the older stuff more it's a mode at a change that would break. That would Kardashian I was it is much more terror upon blue spot merlot which stretched seat belt that's and I don't you just heard a cool idea that our biggest influences for sure. So weenie Horry sitting down to right which by the way you guys haven't really PM we'll talk about that certainly when you sit down the right are you is it a conscious suffer under dieters had a week until it comes Selig what's your process like. What we look cute I think. We're about two very different processes I sit down and try don't just sit down and write a song in this city and usually they're Dutch they're not all you know you go right. All good source unless you're an election because benefits down and we'll work on a song. From launch until it's perfect and it every single one comes out just like incredible march on the other hand you know I didn't question. So we just. Go to the view but I hope you are right more often less quality and I like Kyra more often must body hands. She writes. Less often more. Listen you guys end up meeting in the middle it's so funny that. The EU how like opposite ends of the spectrum from each other. You know we are going to have been pretty opposite people we obviously got along actually before we get it together we got along like OK after we started doing this weekend like literally bass drums which were pretty much all we hang out what the future. That the but the do you guys still live together or. Yeah I'm our family Nigerian chief safety aside political column go to college that's but these. I'm sure in biology actually. Let's really neat or do you use anything that you learn in biology to tie in to music. I don't actually I try to keep the world this separatist possible and it got three and I never went to school for music. Because I feel like I wanna treat it like a job it's like my passion so I want to enjoy it when I'm doing it. I don't want to be like court you know. I totally appreciate that they see where you're coming from without yeah you don't wanna suck the joy out of it because your learning all the technical stuff right exactly. It doesn't talk about it Pete you know passion coming out I was just got it doesn't come from the same place as it would if you're doing it. Because you have to bring it back. Think that cool okay so let's talk about your new EP it's called the haunts. Yet called the hall. And they just came out on May eleventh and that tonight we have the party. We're celebrating the release with a couple of worker or friend split birch a mama and DJ well but boy it's going to be a great night I cash only at Fort Lauderdale it's open all ages no cover. Super cool and inserts his seven that's right it just so anybody can come out tonight comes and guys perform. Do you have physical copies of the EP OR is really to get it on lines have the thing. We're on all digital platforms and CDs and vital we also have limited edition is final that I let white two key we got all the different lurch actual. I think I heard closer to. Canada and China unit that acute sense. Of sorry if he needs to be the spokesperson yeah it. I think part part of that is someone in the band is always a spokesperson but also Big Brother. If it didn't. Definitely cute college superstar you know I think it really it's called a Wednesday because you just height with her hair and her base. That she'd gotten out of that a little bit more as she got older but it's. Still so pretty big part of. Early and I imagine too it's difficult as a performer to put yourself out there when your natural healing can introverted person. Yeah well it's actually funny because you talked hurt glide. Yeah actually that particular marker all the time and Michael close people do. But a lot of people with doctor notre sheet there's like speak a personality that surely go to the enormous personality. And you could see onstage to achieve it right after being on date to just let. You better catch it if you were cluster. Yeah that's totally makes sense to me I actually know a lot of people in the local scene that are exactly like that link there on stage and there are bigger than the sky innocent is there off it's like everything closes back in it's really interesting to watch. Yet it's certainly it's released its strange. Well until we do agree you know there's a lot of that in radio to the we'd do not necessarily performance per say but we're communicating with on a large group of people and you know it it takes a lot out of you to be in front of the huge crowd of people and then after the secular hello I just did that it's the right. The equipment what else would you guys like to share with us the finalists ago. Well we're gonna pork this summer. We're doing a tour starting in early June until close to the end of tutored at an up the East Coast we're gonna play a lot of places at these kind of the schedule not out yet but it will be out. This week and you could find I don't know let's say you can also. On all of our website on our website and all of our social media follow us and we have all sorts of merchant. Cool stuff that you can now watch or music videos are mind. Are there have been just promoting to this torque because we are. We're going on the road and dessert first time tunic a real full length more than a week long tour. That's showed animals you guys would be stoked what is your family think about all lists. Our ceremony is our biggest sand attached. They really have been the most supportive people that they could possibly be never once that we feel like we were burdening them with this it's like they're all in just like we are they care they're so passionate about it just like we are and they're so involved. Everything that I have a little boy myself and I'm I'm always all about whatever he wants indeed see unlike you know he is he's a skate boarder and he shreds and but he also loves lake architecture and building and does not like two totally different ends of the spectrum of things and among what every wanna do with your life kid as long as your happy so it's cool that your families like that too. Yeah that's exactly how hard that's exactly what are simulate and as so we started taking it more seriously they noticed that they needed to. They got more involved than it was just that we have this big key most. Amazing people around us are friends fracture meant fixed you know all the site at the first BBC and everyone around us assistance and support it wasn't easy starting out as young as remarkable historically gotten the band. It was and I was eleven and I would use fourteen. It was that we're playing all the local places so the previous play two like Churchill at that age and it's just like if people didn't support us. We would have never been able to get in there and might do we get a lot of people collapse the soft I'd like some kind of novelty act but they took it seriously and we can we appreciate that so much. Yeah definitely and I see these guys play outcome I think it's been quite awhile ago maybe even possibly when he first started out and so when that approached me about talking these guys have looked absolutely I've. I really dig your music and I think it's cool that you're following your passion. It is what we look forward this point it's I go to school she goes size school but as soon as we get old pretty much every day it's alchemy approved. Our package at college assistants they're like we we love every minute of. That's super cool I appreciate you letting us in an and giving us a taste so of what it's like from your perspective so. We're looking forward to hearing more from mile and everyone wants to come tonight again that's cash only in Fort Lauderdale its downtown at 7 o'clock all ages and it's free cash niece say no without re exactly. Harry take care is so nice talking you guys are great.