Matt Shultz from Cage the Elephant Interview with The Big Mistake

Monday, November 13th

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Didn't. It's the. It's actually vote to vote yes. Hi guys you're reading partner air yeah. All right without further ado I'll connect you over to mr. Schultz. Cotton Howell followed it like I give it to listen to your real. Eighteen and yeah yeah. India and the like 510 minutes extend a right Dockery and we Guatemala. The actor's studio. It. How about per track that's the kind we like yeah all right great what I want second. But I'm in an interview by the amount to drink it would take to completing this is going to be a finger it's gotten here. You know. This is gonna be a six pack we're gonna be here verse and wonderful yeah discriminate. Or this is going to be an entire blender of Mercury is actually. Hi Ashley and toaster aren't good snapshot. They have new guidelines. There is how. Do. You. My dear is acting out. Your national. Ninety's that it means yeah. I knew the southern and him would not be knocked it took so yeah. I knew you would be on time. Which first question. Yeah it's Bowling Green, Kentucky. And Bowling Green you from. What oh we. Main. We grew up and went joke green what I will do and actually years and then. I aggregate apartment complex called. Calling apartment Murray kids didn't. Move govern occasional error in there. Katy or are like hash out stroke was itchy he joked that they're a little while. Hamlin ran. Is so my him my whole theme is from Morgantown and pool. And we apparently Dolan on that didn't blow my mind right. There would be two and taking just over you go and all of these questions to get the union with. It is because. Not. Only there ought Morgantown road Scottsdale road is where your high school is great. That's OK so I thought. Oh ha ha now what got them. Out expand upon. While. My second my second junior year I. I'm actually on Allen should accept. Like gonna be in. At least when they're old wipe outs. But it would document was actually really help. Wilson is. What does it has all these things we have in common we have the same last middle name. You have and you got a daughter is Allah which is the name of my daughter. Right see I announce your shell in 2006. And four otter tail. Why wait so is asking my aunts and we were really aided and without the holy how you could be related route I found out. Mean we're like in such a small town you actually bought my cousin and his first shot on his 21 birthday but you Torii he's at Q all summer long. Larry. It's crazy bro you remember that first shot you should remember he was he trains that you were in the corner of the bar down there. Just like doing your thing in and you drop down and the rest of the week at any recognized you and you churn up out of his first shot. Which involves. That would have been just bought out we might not one but a lot but I broke open mart. They're. And read it and I'm not yeah. I feel terrible and I went and did you like care. Yes I want at the US and I wanna be on this travel to sign up here that you. We're cousins and. Well. I meant yesterday and it brought it not a prepared special like. Well I don't hate it there but he does does does does. Appropriate. Pay. It's not gonna mess because she's also the courts from KG elephant I have met the the news and other planned whole wide world. It's a pretty famous cover can you explain why that song. Yeah. Amber and W about it and our Saturday and apple like. Greg and Eric. Came out ran into the cavities don't into the eighties. He would hamper or lack there were digging and everyone out with. Ten so. It'd really cool it he's inspired aren't on the getting ready. Pick up the way you might have expected to be Jake are being in great arm or in the old white. Jury duty strong and you what happened and dad. There record and go interpret Apogee yeah. Obviously you guys going to be performing on our show shark rector of Todd for Arnold b.s on the 2 December now we have heard from another band on that bill. That that and you guys have well post show. Part I think that you like to do Portugal the man apparently you guys Ali might. And I don't I won't comment. Yeah. We had a bigger oil. To know is traveling Margarita machine emits or not. Are. Well depends on the merger of the yeah. I can accommodate. And butch Saturday. It's the time in December 2 between nine and. It would document in question. The best band come at Kentucky cage the elephant ordeal and Luke in the raid. Our man you are back. I that your family. It's not. That it's currently. At. He brought your little brother. I am proud I am. Graham. Outdated. Way ahead of where we were in or shared more developed as you want. I mean we're. Menu. How what is. Out partied like. I didn't hear you that we were getting started. Adult game. It seemed. Eight and only one. And I'm content right now might. The older do you like in the corner crying. Are there. Are. Attacked adding to get a or and Latin. The mile and a picnic spot in the. Com. Let's not do him. Apple app. But I've I've got Margarita promised rate means that the time and date for that. Are there inside slot DNA tests no hair I promise you plug in your Eric Eric yeah. We'd like to wrap up with four questions. For them you gain. You're right what is the last thing you put in your mouth. Armed. Well I'm currently eating it he walked out crowd at let's get you an. Ego and who got out the organic. Desperate and hungry because the Margarita machine. It it it it is next question what's in your left pocket right now. At. Are rare the you have said that. Com. Is the last you Google. Will plus accuracy. Yeah. National committee who. Can't think it was a lot. Else. I am. Making these now make it art right now and down. I do I am working with red and. I'm air water she I'm the kind of ethnic and the fact that yet and I'm Mike. Other ideas and calm. Get debt a persona around. Follow men he pray and worship. Yeah. It's kind of about like how. Are you create these images itself. And and try to Leinart them and trying to churn union you. He yeah. I don't Greg actually don't like beat it like bill shouldn't hold it much important lot of dispute. After whatever reason in either large. Rich Nash and general downturn stigma that things like 300 block. I can go back you regret. DUS. The deepest and we've gone through a course for. Our last question that. They call us in the big mistake can you tell us what the biggest mistake you or you and Brad together a government onstage. On stage yeah. Armed. I got 1 good morning. But it might argue well what. I'm. In credit that might got wrapped up in my cable or late on bad. But it would credit line you know I am. But the biggest mistake Ackerman and we knew we will now aren't sure publicly pushed UNH. And what our purse tour and now. I was really a intro that eighteen and actually a bit more about the magic is corrupt Krajina bank. And it would the earth song at the shell. In Toronto. And are now change. In my they got to make noise. 88. Oh I guess your tray and. I don't in the air out of yet scenario I think everyone has. Q I read if you caption their hand. And tell their their their it she partied Hackett think absolutely. We. What I look at that added everyone in the crowd. Street ears. They can. Block Pallet aired it and make it at this is it appeared that guy we don't now the they were it would be here into theaters and hit the ground so hard it must be built up a and about like I would like it chairman not to get out there are. I'd get it are right back in the Chara or launch a shoulder to think you're out here. Yeah. Oh my. Well won't well we're in retreat at a sharper act. I hope not. Wow 00. How good they can be your. Chin. Well you gotta you gotta get bumped to Britain if we get the. Well art not. We let you go and even if things to do and we can't wait to see you guys man it's going to be an awesome show on the beach Fort Lauderdale middle December beautiful weather and occasional thing is our headliner Gordon Bristol works for a. Maybe there are either. I know that Iggy Pop resides in orbit striking him come out and. Will come out now than you did you remember how the machine you. Back at Akron and do it. Thought I. Broke up. Today. Yeah. Might. I was there.