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Wednesday, August 8th


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104 points the sharks South Florida's alternative. And Amos and spin you all right listen live in the last their vans warped tour joined by my friends and you know them Less Than Jake. Yes we're here I played hello there. Itself. Last downward to a what are your thoughts like your that this is I mean you guys are gonna finish didn't leave you play last. They lust and there's days last Thursday the true. We played more than any other Dan on the war nor the most amount shows kind of it's kind of wild. It's kind of like like made him lose easily my toes like a like a party at home often brutal over great. Now we're still making memories on last day what are some the year memories from the first day you. I know you JR join the battle later on very Roger's been down since you know G. What is your first impressions of being on your very first world tour all then it was insane we were hurt in the van who we're playing with the descendants on stage they had no roof on it it was a 97 public camera stayed. It was just stayed but no top 100 just in the side. And I we were totally live and you know we were living in greeting them were during that time those colossal we're Reggio and I was drunk at the back. Two or three years have been drunk on this than I can vouch for that here and had a silver somewhere along. So my liver is very grateful. To the end of the war to your summer soldiers were just yes but my heart is hurting. Because the world tour. Did you guys have made awesome friends who have viewed as they keep. You know like I'm prejudiced person because of what are they what Connolly who the student standout who doesn't as unseen list of like not only band members look like. It is set up crews and production people and tour manager is insane with. It's like we've met so many people like are just always out there the way we are in this place that everybody comes together that world will like at Torrey family really see each other shows to the work is like a giant fan leery and it's crazy you know. That's really cool that the people behind the scenes that don't he had. The attention and they should get the attention because it wasn't for them this city would not set up every day we're here we go all settlers listening rattle off some names of people who didn't deserve credit for making this happen every year Terry Nicholson. Kate trusts get. Lisa Brown league. Melanie Pearson. Kevin Lyman obviously Johnny peek at Johnny Paladino we parts all the buses and make sure everything's. Shelley Lynn. Bring to clear doc catering to eat it. 800 people three times today that that is that is insane and heart tour manager for putting up with us via IMAP mr. Yonkers the other hand. And beyond that it would take the rest of the time that we would have kept it off. Real death at Less Than Jake my name is in Israel broadcasting live from both got into theater for the last ever bands what sort back into shark music with imagine dragons here on the shark. 104 points the sharks south what is alternative it is Spanish ride getting to live from vans warped tour West Palm Beach course got into theater. The last cross country version of vans warped tour joined by your favorite Less Than Jake. Law vanish I've got to tell you something man I am we've known you long time. And us all I am speaking for our entire thing and we are really proud of what you have accomplished and what you're doing on the radio and it's nice. You know to see somebody that we know for a long time doing some good stuff. And also you don't have to ask us for guest list passes anymore yes that's no definite line that's a huge plus for us so we'd like to thank the shark for having us on and thank you for having some things you guys so much for their annual means a lot you actually do so we've been doing this and equipment that she and yup they was that. 2007 down around 7 AM we were really working together hard course in 2007 fast forward. Yes that eleven years later and we still do in this together so you guys playing later on 738 are you doing exciting. Yes we do signing an armored stands at 4 PM today. Resident of feet. Do you know that at the time I've yet but that's a little too close to differently from my liking so we're gonna have to sign really that terrorists are illegally officials today yeah and it's the merged tent that says Less Than Jake on that if you're wondering down. So first it was gas coming into the venue Tigger right all the emergence over there. Listen Jake newfound glory all your favorite or turbines are going to be there at this point this out really represented well. On bans what to guess if we have it was. Made a parade from Tallahassee we had jumpsuit apparatus Africa for sure jumps it was a different Jacksonville area knows suburbs here you know you have wage war is from a talent I didn't know that don't gather from Alltel. Yeah no hitter ever this year would David a lot of guests also from a health. Yes it plans for what as far as work goes for the rest of the year. We have a couple things out on the West Coast some pickles deli flag festival and we'll be going to you've game due to show their buddies that Reel Big Fish. And our bodies have been zebra head. Really fish also played today oh of course also owns work toward. Were tour veterans in the top ten for most shows ever predicted so we're gonna you know we're close this out I want to know the curious question is. Being last. Last day against what sort. I'm your average last day advance what store hasn't only go how do you see your goodbyes is there an after party you guys meet up estate. In the same city a day later and hang out what how does that normally go there's no goodbyes and locker room. Simulator seal area as soon as the last notes done ring and out I'm just getting in Newburgh and not hear them and you're who grow way to Gainesville. Under the bridge to that of parameter field and I'm gonna steal when he's got a helicopter that Roger only does helicopters these big Garcia he knows how to do that looks like fun. Sincerely thank you guys so much for coming down and do this again with me since 20072018. Here we sit together on the last vans warped tour. Sincerely think yes so so much for being my friends and thank you for helping me out any time in revenue necessary. South Florida that is Less Than Jake my name is Spanish your broadcasting live from vans warped tour. 2018. Getting back into it 51 called visions from dirty hands and it's on the shark. I.