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Wednesday, August 8th


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South Florida's alternative 104.3. Shark it is Aspen hill broadcasting live from both got into the theatre West Palm Beach. The site of the last ever fans what to work cross country. I'm joined by a friend of mine any local boy of newfound glory mr. Gingrich gap really you did a break so it's a quick questions one. Dan you were introduced because of warped tour bar room. He's a boy best merge item you've ever seen on what tour. Usually it's everything in less than James march cable hit back and most memorable moment from the first time you've ever done more to. Most memorable for me was getting to play. Pompano Beach every theater we did the local stage via local state was actually beat heavy hitters did so it was pretty awesome to get to play that. And all the pictures inside of our first pulling nothing builders they are from left for work worship you guys put out a book a couple of years ago and is any of that in that book. I am pretty sure there's a little bit and and really flipped through the hole looked up and candidates give their blessing my pictures and then just kind of scroll the end okay I can't hate on that at all. Oh man we are broadcasting live in the last corals die in theater host of the vans warped tour. He addressed got my Spanish this is new 19751104. Point three the shark. Self cortisol and.