Eric Howk from Portugal. The Man Interview with The Big Mistake

Sunday, November 12th

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I had let mid Atlantic again he Leslie. I had Erica that a line up brought that reduces. OK hammer pat. Okay Robert X from Portugal man. He worked out there. And how the government is one. Follow on doing pretty good man I looked at a check it out O line. Our importer I'd bet it would also and it was there's. I honestly I hope that we ticker blog Monday I'm a huge commitment and I get guilty pleasure rubber bullet I'm not the lover boy. Put that I work. Did you. Guys for. Okay BO pay and over the we get in trouble though. They took it out match build that last week. They've read it a couple of escalate that showed up around a bit yeah at least we didn't. Big trouble without because they sure would murder me or Margarita maker in agreement. It. It problematic. As it gets. Tell our people that they have demanded a Margarita machine now in their writer Wii and it happened. Technical writer and they just travel with it's like show up and every green room that they played it is Democrat. We will make sure that once the shows over the there's a line of escalade that we can all but I. The town. I want related alt break in a lot of old man that. Let's do it. And. Well we are very Q have you guys down your December 2 eat shark out of water fourth this year so we know what were in for which is a stellar performance. We also know. And he isn't it down a lot pizza here. Oh yeah yeah AM let's let I let. And of our brain and men but in what we're about. What's your wreck we had challenged you'd apartheid. An aide called pizza taste test which we and he accepted. Oh world debt challenge it but whether whether it was official or not I I can't hear now is the right here right now. All of the coldest speak. I uploaded straight out of the refrigerator. It is on. Ahmed oral report you know good pizza. The. Yeah yeah it's a no brainer like bridge in the next morning he could record beat so bad that Wear leopard champion and made broke. Is the best thing to have after a night out with kids yell at me look at. And yet Asia bad about it on the abysmal and maybe an acute for them. Apparently. Eric I know you guys didn't show just a couple days ago I had an interview was actually in Charlottesville and you donated all the proceeds. I guess to victims of the Charlottesville that was very very cool. It within the hardest Charlotte though we were right there yeah it went that was the gravity of the law on but bounded down the beautiful crowd. And you know without spelling just unquestionably the right thing to bail. That beautiful city they gave us nothing but load and yeah we we had to be on the back. And that temptation to cream like direct way to go to he'll chart of what are still seem like a no brainer for a. Eric from Portugal and the men the B in the state star Greg December 2 Eric you suffered in an injury about ten years ago at the two paralyzed one in five Americans actually have a disability. And you've partnered with national telecommunication. Institute's nonprofit. Helping connect Americans with disabilities with job opportunities to you're basically even given back all year long. How important is it for you use this voice you've been given the talk about something that I mean you clearly care about. And yet maybe look back company. Yeah again and they paid to. They've been approached me. We get that these things occasionally. Some things that are you know writing their real something like war marchers and matured either you guys talk about this but I Wynn took that into me. Yeah unquestionably. The right company partner a quick and they're they're rather than doing it a long time. I've been working a little bit with the march of in typically in Canada. The actress attributed the ball and I try and make sure that people feel comfortable. Being who they wanna be endured what they what is it. Well you know locally we have the Miami's. Project to cure paralysis have. You've worked with him at all. Hasn't I have yet them a similar record on that I've let you I'd look to meet up with problems there you'll though about and put them really outdoor expedition. But we'll do that after nine outlook. Afterwards yeah. Right awards. And we're gonna go to weddings where wrap things up quick question for the sale in December any chance that Zoe will be torn with the guys from that. Man I sure hope so. I know it depends if if if we can get create through out of school Burris if she somewhere break that billion dump Archie. She's sick she's glad cheaper temple I looked at both local until our. But yen but we always makes a patter of finger are. Well if you bring France's I'll bring my daughter's Ella who's also sexson elect then. Tear up the green room only party with kids yelled back. We will eat so much gold peak at together to. All about the public spectacle to go about it at the peak of Arctic. To a rapper enemies of with the same four questions do you mind a series of random questions. It is Erin what rabbit. What's your left pocket. Not very not a thing a chip equipment in our medical ignited in the morning here exclusive. Let's listen to donate it and no pockets which. What are your Korea what's the last thing you put new metals. Who's left Winger remember our wounds. I'm kind of lukewarm RE. And and yet I haven't had wrecked it yet. The last thing you Google on your cell phone we plus for accuracy. Yes Olympia. I went looking. 1980. They meet on 300 via. But for sale on Craig. And the last thing I looked. All. Socialists and you. Another really specific that I data on that look good and it Burgundy. That he. Beat in the Loverboy and. Very. Good with the lord of the it's our last question Eric and we are numerous it was called the big state. So what is the biggest mistake either you or the band is a collective have happened to them onstage. The biggest mistake on stage well meant every single night it opened up and Obama is hoping someone brought some thing. Yeah that I guess so a little while ago. You know that it be dramatic build up toward a purple yellow red and blue. And medic and crashing into it big court and I just. Couldn't have played a word word. Note that stupid big blow it it speaker until an adequate. Whack. It's are. I'm I'm sure there something worse I'm sure there's a bit more on the nightly bit there. We'll listen real Lincoln hole lead to see you guys down here. On the last and you were here over the winner it was a really small venues and everyone can see you guys going to be so much fun with. Yeah that would be our culture yet one of the memory and his guys are important to know that you're in South Florida. Oh yeah yeah. Uh oh absolutely are but yet that it's just going to be a little bit about where we're gonna bring a template RT. We'll meet a marked on January 8 to December 2 a lot of nailed beached shark correct Portugal and will be there thank you so much for talking to us. Wu Wu absolutely the little guy or other than that you are already thought the apparent you got there I didn't think again. Yet we are these.