Deena & Spanish Interview Miike Snow - Sharkwrecked at The Riptide Music Festival

Saturday, December 3rd

Sausage toes, sweat and pure fun talking with Miike Snow

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It's ideal length and Spanish lives from shark right there rip tide didn't lineup yesterday festival here on for a watered LB pet might sell high guy is. And who can turn Christian thank you for joining us today focus and water as well as. So lastly it's your very daring. I announce any steering. But but you just played our dictionary in it's an ongoing dictionary game and we appreciate you got the kind of an easy. You got to get an easy out if he CNN we have Jim McMahon threw an answer had very low confidence and trying also. Did you see him backstage may be talent he did a good job okay and even any kind of did and maybe even. Tommy didn't return well. I'm the guy has been able to check out this agency that you that you guys and looking at the crowd looking at the beach in another looks good. Get paid I can see they were going to be up high enough to see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean pieces and yes played these shovel or. Yeah bunch of times. Portugal we've Lynn. And also this summer and then bush got Gulf Shores now but never encounter that's. Massive how never in December strip where it did actually stayed with the live. In Miami or not ripe old boy is right we did play we've played on this very same beach owners in our fire years ago now I am right right. You around for a little bit after your Saturday accidentally a lot of guys that divulge is that we're gone we're gonna hack we're gonna say tonight's Martin yeah all beautiful. So works well of the central where did you finally get to hang out. That's the name. Even seeing a busy now you guys claim that he got me on yeah I'll come sit next years lines and yeah network and yeah I'm so ready say you're asking for something that's. Kennedy instantly regrettable get over their unit is there room. I mean you're climbing out of me are gonna hang out that's what's gonna happen. Thanks to you know didn't have time to in real Ukraine's. Or put perfume Monica Beth and I and I'm feeling my best to be doing very fresh you look beautiful. I try you know I did I try to like touch tonight pedicure up it's really bad so let's not look at that. Anyway let's talk about you yeah. I'm feeling very insecure now and it's sitting next to you guys to zero room you've got great feet for radio. Yeah. Yeah also Vienna sausages. Later you know what are feet every match every now and they give you the best everyone's Peter funny thing ever said a radio what my office. At feet for radio yeah. Rob thanks and over on you know hanging in his thirties to. Now it's your eyes you know an agent again sort of an all seriousness and antiques. Johnson a different levels black and blue as one of my favorite videos on the all time. Another all time I watch it often actually you know what about the song who let this small community you know I want to hear about when asked about video again. What what percent of the impact of videos that you guys you grew up. Watching a window was actually impact cool because like crash that. More heat hit it that this. Literally. It's true. Yet days seriously the car he's driving without that's the last Mike's movie museum drive and aren't good at that crashed into the jaguar left side that dress I still back on line you just terrible drive very very reckless there aren't used to driving on the outside of their and also being filmed while you drive against very stressful. Does he do it into Miami from here you'll see is Russell. That's crazy and Yahoo! you guys that you're guessing a lineup it will nation dirty has the struts are planned today you guys excited to see anybody. Com. To be fair yeah we just got here so I think we after this we're gonna play. And then I think I'm gonna go to art Basel up to this and just go walk around the convention center in season. See the pieces of art and that's cool yeah based shopping for anything in particular. Plus yes yeah yeah and Thai couple. You do you have skinny I'm not gonna get better at that balance in my comedy act hasn't stuck on undecided doing these training or never. Happening and a path is OK apparently aren't I straight since nineteen Palin came knights who market's moves. All right well part of me and your singles coming out right now you're not driving. Know now not driving in any videos. What are we gonna Eilat are obviously we'll see you perform that onstage but what else shall we expect. We we don't really know what to expect to bureaus because we haven't see the sold so like one half months. So we hope that they will come out in some kind of recognizable. Passionate. About it let's an answer and man had no here. So I ever did just doing what the Canucks keeping things together as he got here at their ears they got there and just you know played at the end just wing it. That's an M bronze Saturday saying you can take me out about Danica people would be happy so don't worry. No not to tell it straight is longevity confidence to go along with it and you guys certainly do it'll be fine. We've been here we're gonna actually I think I heard Jimmy Buffett's in the audience who wouldn't do. Mercury can go forward versions. The metal version of this of course that would be I'll start with that that so yes. All could be here Clarissa fine you can do simpler stuff unsung. No but I think I think the big guys coming from Key West Gloria you know he does he does put an area it's probably don't know I park here on out there you guys. Onstage here in just a little bit so we'll let you go do your thing get and air conditioning is ranked very tight pants. Closed shoes feel free to take them off and understand your toes attest Illinois student magnificent Nike fly and it's debris. Those issues are radio yeah those are just really Wear these especially for this interview. I would meaning you have yet to make me feel totally inadequate you're like so overdrafts for me and but it rain and we look forward to seeing you were an entry on stage is there anything on me and say in particular earn. To the Krajina the crowd to throw flying in that you know they do warning hand being warned them about us. I mean anything can happen and things can happen like that mystery and danger you never know which again with Mike snow ice. Snow. As did your senior that's still have time come here four letter a leads to shark wrecked rip tide. Very first got her yes hey if you thought I might not know me they were doing British are these just Tommy Dini saying oh my god my aunt Terrell colts did have. So I'm going in his client. And I can. They. Yeah Gregory still raw and then plus. I need to record is there going to be some drops me. Let me know when you're an. Yeah. Let's get the right.