Deena & Spanish Interview Andrew McMahon - Sharkwrecked at The Riptide Music Festival

Saturday, December 3rd

Have you ever had traveling issues?  Delays? Lost luggage?  Wait until you hear what happened to Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness on the way here.

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The answer to manage air everybody can use that overnight police reserves started and I do have personally if we reserve the golden Mike. It feels did deteriorate into any idea I didn't have to get one of these for the efficacy and yes so what will we were gonna do is you're gonna get like. Well and that's so I thought he says you're stripped down and I just accessing that it needs it's so perfect it was a really choice data and shows that you lies. Let's talk about what really happened to your gear when you're kind of like flying from one gigs the next you have such a narrow window. If you gears and show up then you have. No no time to fix itself Seattle have our stuff didn't didn't come off of the conveyor belt at the end and baggage claim where were you ask. We are buffalo last night okay CSN. Once we saw a date once we saw those that yeah in fact we haven't left happening here had not made it on the plane. What is it like getting advance we're already like there are you running late to the plane was late you on top all that they. They know is awesome everybody was so coordinated teammates have fun for us think it was. DD is due to get him now have had a blast I really enjoyed well. The thing is a lot of artists and I'm just doing anything else. Thank you didn't have to deal with you got here don't know. Hugs I saw it and and add it all we have eleven we have eleven fans vote today and out of all eleven fans. We all backstage wearing anything and staying fat burning it's gonna have any line. Here the right person for that happens yeah I appreciate that thanks very yeah it was six teller's dad and your hearts towards the end. Yes does that does a highlight for me it was I know that I owe somebody money for beer background right now Dana how is it. It's delicious yeah I after the stress of getting here and trying to figure out what we're gonna deal. It was it was right into big man sponsored by corona corona who do. Space camera great taste less filling this is I think now it's not. Again I yeah. We. We played like a little fun game to do last time this time. I don't you remember who isn't it. It was an IQ. The pictures really stands at it you know this is horrifying picking a very good job was I was it was Sandler from. And which candidate do I thought it was really isn't anything can find her room within their reading archive AK 48 I know if it was it was it was in pairs from of course and face and a name renegades. That's ambassadors who wasn't what I was I think my hand up as the next ambassador its currency at next ambassadors. I know that you didn't reach out whatever is itself part time since Sammy at fits we had seen my towel that I can be and have heard that you are out I'm honest. He has the trust our high ceiling is there anything you learned your first go around. Dental horrible artist CA I can he can be a picture I can like copy it. Did you get like man this guy can really draw you tell me it draws Starbucks you're gonna get a star and then a strange looking. Care to hear what let's do it this Ankara and Imran ask your zero autographs as an honest campaign. That you were never any schedule I kept you may be easier this survey you read it here today and had a very long day and I examining how many do it every finally this super easy for is awesome when you're on your opposition fan my Xeon. Pilots and he's on IOS five already on a plane back to California by. Yeah your face you can live in style the now. I mean like entering its flag in the air planet yet has yet it's regulating and his security. That I love Robert these films that is it's a disease that's. None of his star and yet your young guy that durable athlete who are left the lake. The younger than jumping up the united he had been I had actually a get knee surgery two Summers ago because of that Clint. I didn't stop so that's what matters are array. Hidden talents to they had that he didn't like and the horrible coach. What I guess if you have to make something I liked it I am IAS stir fry in the walk me yeah. And I can do that pretty well I guess I have a very simple recipe came in the case and that's that. You have that going for you I have that going for being. I don't knock them modest you know you like idea that I think kind of things that you and I Harrington and I stopped time yes good up on you he's like totally and a great time I have our. I'm in the box shots at the box is durable and you'll pay your face to go through security. Maingear that you know again that's that you're citing his years. Looking at it then and where I'm impressed area I thought the box and I don't even know I don't I act and how do you didn't like it. Why that attend the simplest Atlanta. Or that you have to autograph bits we know it and I get tank and I got I got I got it called on Iran names. Can you do that it'd I don't think it. It's Raleigh resident host it every man every time I see that on the radio and abstinence. We're all here for the long and I see you're gonna get to catch any of this have to you have to get right back on an error when I leave here at 240. Bird to barely make only the Wii's three I mean I've I've known for fifty days. Outstanding Israel though it's kind I'm about it I'm about to be home for Strachan and then new record brand you recommend I went. February 10 what are we come any records called zombies on Broadway music you know we are sedan that is possible the other really deep breath of resent. February 10 zero has just been a trying experience. It nearly killed me yeah AA athletic they do that but I'm here and I think musings yeah. It's the best I've done. And I didn't really Providence. We it was I've made in record in new York and I had become overly does that barged into wakes you ain't my idea an area near ruin your life. Yeah it didn't take dodger giant that actually on his sleeve yeah that you wanna write that song that did it it is an area this New York will ruin your language they actually will what idiots on there it is called group when you're killing me. So I. NIC we are here you've followed the threat and an alleged water and you you pretty much out there I had some pushing it yes those ghetto like and I like and yeah. What I'm curious to what the with a title what kind of artwork can we expect wins in this new album it's neat wearing half of the space helmet. Funny that's the governor that's the cover that's pretty cool yet half my face in the business be sound that you do is not yeah. I think it's this pass the athletes and artists there and fire he had. It's amazing yelling a posse here feeling your that your CS and I Aggie yet. Some sort of a feast or food. Half of me looking like I have made. Proverbial stuff together in the other half is Alex and the school let me which are you put on the there's ten there's ten on the record yeah. I'm excited obviously a guy to keep it tight thing focus on the best ten make this great. Dispatched to the universe and hopefully. You guys end up liking and play the stuff than we have an innocent me get to party I. Intimate manner MVP of the day without us I think it. And countries Gil Gil de Vegas yeah does your cracked rib tight first time ever. Greet them you glad to be part of the.