Deena Interviews Dan Smith from Bastille

Thursday, May 10th


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You can the next one yet aren't. Switch misty know ranks as the USF that's. Miami Florida. Is a nice intro there it is tight. Thank you hi how are you know you are busy do. Let property and how that happened a few chats. But I'm I'm beyond them good thank cover you do that before talk. My day as that has been swell dance method does steal that Florida is so happy. So happy to be here in the new stuff from you guys. Talk trying to you thanks so much that we're we're very excited to sat out that at that we've period where you fit sitting on the phone for a lot of in this album and I'm known about it yet you're like I can think that they can think but it sounds. It's a huge relief staff out and I mean you look at the Lebanon landed about outlook for the song came up front destroyed. But can bridge. Listening to a prime me on the radio in the UK in this like this is very surreal to. This is such a not a time to think we happening but yeah I'm. That's a really cool seemed what are neat way to be able and experienced up for the first. I type who would just like to do any more like immediately tried but the good thing something different to elect at school in the film meet scrolling through. Social media I think people fooled but jubilee. You won't be standing by voting you out of windows so big so like that if something cooler rock star you know not going to treat her. Yet as you know I was gonna ask you about that how does it feels so in this day and age you have instant feedback about how your music is how people are relating to your music that's got to be kind of bittersweet way to how do you handle the negative feedback. Very very lucky. From from yesterday's. Scrolling and it is it is definitely which has to message me it was part of overwhelmingly opposed it which risk which is wonderful to read. I think just seen anything like do you need to glad that I did incredible I think depending toward the negative statistics sound and an. You can read like hundred supposed to facilitate one about the gospel on the stick to get that this is striking. Fastest human nature that this. It's crazy that I wish I wish I wasn't on that would you look mud up about just plays but yeah I mean. It is a bit of a gamble I think how to do them how to know people fool like an artist. Maybe actually could be awake who's not by just I wanted to laugh our farm exports from the settlement none none. They seem to which is which is also. I'd just human thing to do you want the immediate what do you guys think it's Connelly giving somebody a gift I would assume. I'm never I've ever done anything you liked what I like hit you particularly. Just take it that receipt is you know click FDA kind of you know nervous the only separate note payback with the front and exactly why smiling thirty seconds until I felt like and you you mentioned sitting in the car staring longingly out the window. And I it brought me back to you sent so many good times because it made me feel kinda sounds really weird it made me feel younger. Yeah a lot of good credit goes arena project which is cool lot Arlen I wanted to capture. Stop feeling of excitement and valued at beginning of something you'd be given how whatever you like. In the back seat screaming onto someone that you love and none. I'm trying to kind of headfirst into were ever made happened on the night. And I'm not the united sold. Touching for. But euphoric feeling being in in the in all of these many teams that and it actually kind of had such control until the event that that evening in little cute and buy them. And the people that you need to look at the subsite alone is trying to after the incident the songs about escapism in the outing of the bout. Eighteen realities so like the night you know. Corner past midnight is it a song that makes me want to immediately get a baby sitter and go out and do what I used to do with my friends and I'm not ancient. Let's. Go out and just and just live life and forget about exactly what you're saying it's makes you want to escaped. And maybe that'll help us more of the economy may be you get 3040. Somethings out there Dan and it does something it does will be amazing for us. That does that sound like that. I you know I wanted to kind of off topic for sect is a definitely wanna go back to the album because it's such an exciting thing but I wanna pick your brain about horror movies. Okay cool because that's pretty much my favorite past time these days I'm always I'm always and exchanging titles with people here in the office the work. You think of a quiet place I really love their meeting I've. I'd do it kind of liked every guy and I think if filled out so much hyped I just it was brilliant. So while Don likes so a lot to develop the concept of so it was genuinely scary it was kind of treaty affect things well. That was pretty and I love it when. Could tolerate such a like at the genre there's so many tribes and teaches you can only do so went from of find delight state certainly I would be if but guess how we apply it looked like it would it follow news like the vehicle so. And whole motive as the the films recently that seemed to sort of be taking the salutes new ideas that aren't fit to move that has the coming up with a new club that does strike. Genuinely. Think and feel that there you've been reading in the back of the remake it's hysteria no. So that we made it acquired interest immediately caught me by name. As directed to pay we make it hysteria and they showed that at bat like from convention reasoning upon people like leaving and coming up in the battle. Yeah. So I don't know what's Helen Thomas what you're saying yeah out. All floor and I love I love that sat decent movie nails. No dummy about it it's an iris I think it's an Irish horror movie I'm writing it down at least because you're gonna watch snails it's on Netflix. And who figured it's mostly suspense that takes place in not hospital room our woman is is is basically incapacitated. I'll go out haunting her CN GUCS to figure out how to escape the situation. And it is frightening. While okay and I'm just trying to find my list west side of. What happened to a phone also this is yeah yeah you know I I'm I'm in I have to I'll I'll sweet she stuff from now on because it's really gonna do you know. So also I was wondering about west worlds are you loving are you watching last world are you loving what they're doing with with modern songs. I'm all right course because there's underperform by opting alluded to the radio itself as it was brilliant like I. I think is testament seat could change when you can. Completely like taken not that bad loans incredible different instruments you know like they make some sound likes and they are Connick that's such a critical many right and it sounds. That pretty it. They did say they did White Stripes on Sattar the other night. I know Larry I totally yes I'm gonna talk to Dan and I mean nasty and because I feel like Bastille would be a perfect fit for this season so maybe if you know some people he should let. Then. Feel feel like it is certain that indeed been some. And and and the new album you guys tell you kind of like leveled up a little that you did you recorded in your own studio witches got to be proud moments. Yeah yeah sounds like we made up first couple of record been in Denmark and you don't more cruel producer life and he's got this place as basic electrical but it underground. In the middle of this massive network of course it was and so this windowless basement with a really you know feeling you know and not lie to kind of like crossroads for fighting is thought. But would like digital content that was significant and I like it will be nice to just allow it sound like the type of congestion and indeed. Let's less smashed a window some weeks we found this week on this place in the converted into recruit into the Cristiano and the kind of hard about them and for the record label that we run. I think that this can still similar for weeks about the world not recorded latest album that got the first down do corporate parent. These included a so called local mob them because Sutton place. And then and then they told me no problem than. And welcome my money's on the label like he's been in and out making music load just to become quite nicely called. All the student group that we know a place and so commonly achieved how. Is how to make that new space does that factor record Amy does that affect you emotionally and not having the walls closing in on you. A lot of people like I'll go if you could do you think symphony music pretty terrible slice well that arguably the covenant frustrated but thank. The it's just didn't really know like we we wanted to make the type I think we felt like you've written knowing how horrible looking horse from spend them like a sort of make it and expect to be you know we. We did most of playing in bondage production for the people before and like that topical pain sensitive canned demos studios for a week and there are a bit like. Well the studio I couldn't let him. It really the Tears for Fears yeah AA don't go to make it around you in the span called like no one's ever heard of them for. You know it evidently doesn't. Look all could be. Yeah I mean it was cool but like this studio is pretty Oakland they would let that pulled us. God could not Jose fueled us to be like a what do make it states that people want to comment on and that that feels like. Inspiring rather than life threatening. To. It says that I remembered how to and then and that kind of kind of pinch myself calm believe that Israel like to of understood to actually make hit and and the opposite the dipping in and we. Sit in front of a new album and it's estimated that. I know. We we never never stopped properly to maker before is that we've always been touring and troubling and stuff so just stop for five months and under constraint one thing was content. This bike. Pretty in it like challenging but it was brilliant. What we feel that on the album. I think that the occasion to direct food just like you hit it fat I've acquired and frustrated time and if what possible so I guess I'd duck comes through. We'll see again. But we know quarter past midnight the new single were already playing and everybody's already loving it says federal grant. Thank you for the guests that's how let me talk about the Al bum did we get a release days later. All right I don't actually know what the release stated I'm obviously I was excited to mr. recording and loved them I'm like we have now as soon as possible these. The rabbinate in addition to the murder. -- if you write down into the narrowing down to a month or seas and will leave and take that you know say you can tweet us so we're available anytime and Sunnis you know let us know okay. I'm doing utility customers. And our product and then you come here also is an easy cash and no cause for a lot of good note to an epileptic. -- Miami mrs. Bastille day and thank you so much for taken some time to hang out with us today qualified for having me president.