Deena Interviews AJR, 2/12

Monday, February 12th


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Started I'm not and it's third and definitely don't I. Her her mission and Nikolay AJ are as you are hitting the Clinton going live with it JR hello it's me Tina voice yeah. Imagine if you are I don't Jack and Ryan which could be my first question you guys was there any kind of power struggle and deciding like. Why aren't you rise or jar. It does just don't really sound as it hardly and yet you wouldn't really doubted that sounds more like a restaurant generally something like you know I think AJ are is also it's alphabetical. Kind of slows the bats started as Adam Jackie and Ryan hasn't wanted to be like here on carriers Simon and Garfunkel like when it's got. And then coaches recruited him. Yeah are it there's no issue at all visual art to dealing huge no no I'm not turn its attention yeah. I don't know I don't know I was just wondering because I have a sibling and we're not competitive at all right but I wouldn't be able butt hurt if I was you know if we if we. Mate it. When he was first thing you know and obviously guys like equally you know I I'm so I don't need my eyes. It is very devious and he's got a name is that what happened at and an actor maybe enough. I. And then another question that I have would be and you guys feel free to ask questions by the way and you know. Get personal view on this time on another question I have is so. I know from going you know I think parks in new or that there's a lot of issues with territory sometimes. I know big bird gets there it's very territorial. And I seen him take issue at certain people getting in his space. And not giving him money for things like that and it seems like a hard knock life and I was wondering. I'm. If you guys were super prepared. For the boxing business and emotionally. Did get really tough when you're out there doing. We were very not prepared seriously at first we had no idea there's this whole thing with permits and amplification the first time we tried to do it we almost got arrested. And I think a mom was there and she goes and competently kid's league. And I kind of bond. It's. And then. I won't. Speak live APR oh yeah. It's gonna have and I told him and our favorite outcome in both our. You are and permits and in terms of territory we would really butt heads with this puppeteer. And went up on the night she does my stimulus I was late this guy you've ever seen with its like super manly guy that was behind a big putting up a I think you would get very aggressive if we would show up before he is kind of a lot of time was done. There is a whole politics that for sure CEO did you cargo space or did you try to keep it moving. That's what's fascinating to me. You like actual location I didn't hear what relation if it weren't finding guys I know we're gonna fine and I am I think towards the last couple of years we had a certain spot people knew we were gonna be okay did you have your specific times and with this this is like the business for you or you about it it was pretty equal. Do you have time you know we going out to kinda get at midday crowd on weekends like no movement I think that you late Saturday Sunday April 11 hands. 4:5 PM right as TV show like a workplace comedy about Streep actually lightning you're exactly right I'm unlike territory is unhappy. That he's only so far as people yelling at each other this is my space not this is my last breath and an episode evidently. Yeah. Copyright and as you yeah yeah Arnold copyright yeah that's mine and a. And yes so I I've I've seen happen before where. You know on the air in and I think I'm who's drawing caricatures and the guy comes to close to him to. It just seems like it's almost more than intimidating concept to me and media playing her. From the outside perspective and is like Salinas thing in the world like this is so unimportant like who's drawing in that area papers profiteering over there but I think yeah it definitely taught us a really valuable lesson which is to be able to treat people and people that are not paying attention and all that's going about the business. To be able to sing a certain Lara or malady that makes them turner had the very weird valuable. Lesson that we learned that I like and some color. Let's super cup group CU I mean you had people from all over the world in this one hug. And they're coming through if you don't catch it or you do catch them. I hate what you're doing it and then it kind of took away your soul. It's probably don't wanna go back the next day down right suck it up and go back the next day. I am currently used that I think that Cindy should make sure glad I don't I didn't think it's fascinating. For a sit and. See you go from fat to you obviously vigilance that happens. Right here than on the phone. Rivers. Oh yeah he's the editor yeah. Here's waiter but he sometimes catchers out shower and catch up on what the hell. Think what you're. We're six seasons ago from the time it wasn't that won't happen now for you forget everything. No you're right it wasn't it was it was it was I was twelve years between that we first started and and rivers Cuomo right now I guess didn't think so it was a super gradual climb. But I think every single day we kind of see yourselves going into the venue NC now we have rivers on our record I think it is pretty surreal to us for sure yeah did you those moments. I I. We just didn't show him he Weezer have I ever had minor corrections act. And so watching him vaccines and knowing what an introvert at an extreme. Introvert yes Brian. Yeah. Did you. I can't imagine and he made eye contact with him tonight but you should still so special. It even make eye contact. With us. We yeah exactly we met him once and then we've been on the phone with him a lot just like working on different things. And we slowly started to warm up to them we connect over the Beach Boys because I think his favorite and it's the beef was and that's also I am so with that that's been my feet and made it really connect to him but he's. He's like such a nice person yeah even knows and he tweets about sometimes that it may seem like he's upset with you and he's like Matty you but I think that's just kind of personality and how he was kind of raised you know. But it is just aren't as we saw tonight Scotland where you're. Yeah I think anywhere near as he has blocked. I think right yes Ali I was blog which you understand obviously you guys now you understand you have to kind of get in the mines it's and I understand watching but watching a person just paced back and work. In almost this year that's really methodical villagers say you're almost like gives you leg yeah. Nice try I try and lose that I was gonna. Flash on. That I usually. He wears it he was like a lion it's played at this you and it was pacing back before heading into the zone and he came out to clear out. And you have to respect. As you know why that's happening to you guys have any quirks or anything that you need. Now before you pretty gloomy and yes also he's did you think. Thirty years right there like 2030 years yeah like huge her rock stars in minus time you should be able to do whatever at the dog's name is there anything that you that you and I need to get into the game we have we have a lot we like to sleep alive yeah. A few articles or you know I'm thinking now for favorite thing in the world right I don't get people who are thinking well I wake up in weird face. And long well you're right now I don't and it agreement. The best thing ever and we went right up until showtime you know on come back to eat. There's an intermission and our show where else. Yeah I've been our number this. Guys are going huh revolution and I went into mentioning his life time siblings that ray you bring out like snapped a bit. Speaking of the show I know that. You it's very difficult to find things captivate people that you can do these days have already done yeah. And I know that you guys when it comes to you for a lot of energy into you what's going on onstage behind view. And what experiences. For the fans who you talk about that and talk about why you know the people who are all very sad to see you tonight here. Yeah and do everything about it is. We're definitely in a Netflix arrow where you can either go to a concert or you could stay home and watch Netflix which is Netflix is that. Greatest thing ever you can you know there's so much stimulation and we wanted to do something onstage that. Is somehow better than Netflix net. Keeps your attention and it's very easy I don't know people know when you're on stage you can tell when an audience has been or you can tell it like phones come out and taxing and stuff. And it worked very hyper aware that so we wanted to kind of every minute of the show to keep people's attention and introduce new cool things that they haven't seen onstage. That's the that's the biggest conflict it's mostly because when I love you want to capture the rounds and oh yeah. When you're losing them. They're checking your but I honestly don't know what accidentally. Right yeah he inflate it seems really challenge. And I actually think you know I think that shows I'm sure you guys have seen it where I wanna say we got our somebody like you. Found out. You love me and found it yet on YouTube later takes. And I'm always so curious what did you without luggage fees I don't concerts before and I look eight months later on the wise and film because I didn't shoot us and you want to. Also it's not that he impressive if you showed to a friend like collecting on YouTube right and that person is it hot and it's cooler it's. Picture to show they were there and and that's about it in the red and I yeah basically we just like to come up with a lot of sometimes if you haven't seen before and our last tour of the region is smaller venues that we have like much less and it. Surgery like Buffy coming in south. And now I don't know any surprises and how we how more about it and the money women and yes you know I'm Margaret ugly guys. I'm so now we have a couple set piece and very cool stuff so yeah. It's very exciting to anybody up quite I don't believe that everybody just saying hi and others I think I yeah could anybody has actual questions I don't need you out hijack the interview because I now. Or you know Barry announcements. You have the most intense spot you know you have the most intense band and I don't. That sentence let's get okay sir. Talk about that First Act because without reached out to me request and that you need to go and her ex boyfriend's here. None she turned her ex boyfriend on AJ are he then became a big fan because what's not to like. And and he bought tickets for the show revolution tonight and then he broke up with her and he sold the tickets. Yes so he doesn't know is that I have given set of your tickets and sat woman beater tonight and as a new boyfriend got. And I asked her what grad now and I tried hitting it right now I don't know Chris hands where you. Yeah and how they don't look at them all its you know. We got yeah. And we should consider them. And and I mentioned that nobody asked questions that they know what's gonna happen and he no Jack says patents and its impact how. So well we'll let you guys go rapid topic tonight. Revolution I had shows oddly Britain's is coming from. But we had an off day in Jacksonville and then before we played Charlotte know what you do on day. Louis and we want to go Carney yesterday we try to do fun things in the lately come off cheap and I mean food for you. Yeah. So my W I. The time I don't know if I didn't like it is obsessed with race cars. Which in line. We do really well the first and Garcia. You do the extreme with like the extra padding on are now it's extremely. Yeah there's extreme apart and we just see how he could probably had over there I think it's called extreme action and part of an. I went lonely street constant part is not far from here inside riots what and I just academic setting air rap sheet I. We can't tell you sure you're much more. My and you do it goes weight faster and it's for adults only my neighbors and everything's. Embassy fence there and house come McEnroe yeah I would really do you sir I don't know. Not Donna Brazile and John on failure. Our record now have to force them to commit to a date and I. Get on that you have so much fun so it's I think he's a question I certainly and obviously it. It's not.