Deena Chats with Young the Giant

Monday, May 8th


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One great team. Congratulations. By the way the big toll in which called her kids and it died two anyway I know he'll be swinging through here at bay front park at the end of the year on September 23 you'll or what her favorite live bands tab in town we've had you your all time. I. I don't you're remembered you remember Egypt are under tow show last year. Yeah I do my I Fiat saves. I apparent political loved every time I'd come to Miami on the big party. So dryly if it's a part of that show and now we had to do our bonfire session a few months ago we can't get enough. Young the giant. And we're thrilled that will be coming back again in a couple of months to be from parking and the theater. And venue like that. NASA is not what what how do you feel what's your preference when it comes to venues do you like a more intimate small situation or do you like the big massive where people look like tiny ants. I don't look good venue on the court I think they ought burger place. You know we we just quit and shouldn't cannot and does so it. 150 people really cool you know I think very intimate you can keep people's reactions you need EO. I've played everyone in the music together but then that's something about being in front and you know there are a few thousand people. It's. It is that we get it got a lot more so they'll park their parents but certainly excited to play. At that on our walk you can pop those you know the grapefruit or why there's so we want to thank you the chance to do. The energy there is fantastic I am anytime I see until I should parents left to very dirty so each other and not participate you just leave the dirt smeared all over your body and it's you know that you had a successful concert going experience. Well oh yeah it could well. You will I have seen the well we've seen you may eat as many many times and you're here always. Phenomenal I want or is this is something it was natural for you being able to perform in front of people. It's silly but it is what I always you know he wanted to do that muted because. What are your argument with forming a plane I don't particularly at our chocolate aren't yet not an option and it did important. I think you probably didn't either. You are anxious to that it should know the other guys work well but their defense. Still Gilbert. You know I and I think there's an ED boot that. That feeling inflicted butterfly at the angle so you kind of miss McCord you know I think that's really important that you want it because but it won't be able to. We got into that certain energy drinks it might be sort of a better shut so that didn't. So it's kind of like a relationship he's still on how the butterflies and you wanna light up when that person walks into the room. Yes I thought about what you like if you can't if you if you practice that you were hurt if you know you didn't you got there is a lot easier. But I'm telling you what what but you block that it is a big selling at paralyzed. Yeah I think it's certainly on local news that sort of. You were talking about how OEU. Have videos from anywhere for five years old entertaining. The family and everything I woke up this morning that I was entertaining myself with not that entertained my fiance and coming I was coming silver tongue and obviously. Butchering it because I'm not you guys and get stuck in my it's it's such an ear worm for me because it's. Dispatches and it's one of those things where you know some songs. They come and they go very quickly to correct Rick ghastly song or something you'll come ago. The silver tongue sticks for the DA and I was wondering are or aren't. So are you immune to it is my question if you actually had a hand in creating the music are you immune. To that song. I think showed a little bit you know like by the time the song at least we courted so many aren't. And I affect future and see because I don't get that some of the or younger I would our our phones we've become targets are accepted my head and just like what part of it yet but the war partly not like. If you second debate into content and the way I would I would not try to combat that is salute have been solved. What should I do intricately that'll work week. Economists think we will do what you write it off by the argued. Written it you know recorded it he official of the production in the mixing you've heard it. Undated when you tie and so the war change. So maybe it will include a couple hundred I've been going to be that it should that's all I have to do contact didn't have to do what I call it there hey bill. When either is due if you hit. A block well you're working on and you piece speaking at the recording process. I think there are gonna get it. Sort of approach. What can mitigate that look just didn't do what you are now on the back burner and you try to between ten and fifteen ideas that we'll do percolating. It is good low completion. If something isn't working at Wal-Mart and I wanted to meet you all working not that I'd want something cracked earth you know another thought that we sort of put them back and so. And you got through that maybe we waited you have fresh years and you're able I can accept it I think just gone over and over and please I think. Are allowed to take this terrible it's above that mark. See you guys will jump around you use that kind of method real tough Bronx and that some bands they'll sit and no focus and then they'll kind of you know take a break from it and come back to it but they're like. The laser focused on that one specific song. And making sure it's perfect in getting it right. And that's mis seems you're method seems like it makes much more sense to just kind of double work on something else for a minute get let him breathe. Yeah I mean we would definitely we've done the other one you know we we've got at least good there's Federer just tried to work for our match. Whatever apparently goes you can bet on the Jordan the spontaneity that bet big results on the big strong bond right. And we have a religious Yahoo! it and backed ballot a we president and it is little been painted by the memory of slate. Oh my god we're very charming fellow liberal blogger writing this song it is what working union it does not that they that we. We have a block we just like but it decided to leave it won't work at it but the fact that you do that's on me. I think we saw himself as a result. Yeah and anything in life that's it feels the worst is not going to be something that you look back fondly on I think you record but well I think I'm so glad you have a two seconds to call me with all the big things going on in the tour you've got to get now set for the tour with Cold War kids. Enjoy it waved. And you're gonna swing and by different park amphitheater on September 23 thank you France slot yet work it out what we're seeing a bad man.