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Wednesday, August 8th


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New found glory we are here broadcasting live from the last ever. Cross country vans warped tour the final one so three bands that you discovered on warped tour whether be going as a fan or playing in this band going around the country that you still wasn't used to this day pull one of them is here today Less Than Jake. I think it was the first time ever saw them live somewhere toward probably 98 or something like that 99 down on pompano. A band called lack wagon okay Arafat records ran for back in the day in another ring called Millie Colin. Skate punk man yeah legitimate and in what they say is that from Sweden but their awesome side if you want old school among those two bands of the last ones that Cyrus just named are really really good if you're into the punk scene. Come out today you still have an opportunity to grab a ticket it looks like it's so. Cross your fingers we're gonna be rain free for the most the day. But for the most part we get back in the music I still ruckus lives ours is joining me for awhile so hang out by say hi it is Bastille South Florida's alternative. 104.3. The shark many Spanish. Times Cyrus pollute usually found glory there you go out yes pretty did you preach you're gonna need jock before the break the eight day is over before you leave you'll be part of the shark family as far as a number 430 -- -- to take their main stage Mozilla tiger play maybe I wasn't gonna say anything -- sorry you that the cat exact motion so everybody who's coming out towards turn newfound glory explain land 430 on the journeys right foot stage sounds so nice we'll probably do a signing afterwards we're out here broadcasting live till 2 o'clock well we've got some other friends or play today to stop by nothing's guaranteed but if you get in here and you see is to teach yet. Come by say hi will hang out we'll talk. Warped tour it is the latest from the struts bawdy talk some 104.3. Shark. So Florida's alternative.