Chris Carrabba Interview with Will

Thursday, May 17th


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Broadcast live on the Pompano Beach amphitheater for our park when strong benefit shall I am will and I am joined by. Chris rubble from Dashboard Confessional Howard Chris hungry little high you do to a great thanks for coming into town I saw you guys were in a national recently right yeah that's true my love national such a fun town. It's the best it's really it's really good and it's really lovely place to be you know there's so much music instruments the art the art seems incredible and that's a lot of bars. There's rooftop bars are a lot of you had a lot of fun so for those unaware Chris spent some time of his youth growing up here and off Florida do you miss it. I do especially being here is a live in pompano from home long time him so he stood even without my personal routier's deportable there is also. Some lemon recent you know I feel. You might that might. Familial ties are all here mostly here and my time my friends are. Are my like from France or from Spiegel which. Spent a little time. With the guys from new found glory little here a little bit so it we at about pavlik I think it's been like. For like fifteen years or something like whatever crazy number you're right there hasn't been a year where either our main events or side projects haven't toured together. That's Austria and here we are this park with strong benefit show we appreciate all you guys coming out for this. How did you get involved with us. Tom. Miller and I was already involved and we've. Some things. Some some other things involved you're in a regarding. Some Douglass compact. And then. Chatted yep that's it you know we should twosome didn't. It's kind of described this kind of show them and think yeah that's kind of what we knew who said let's go do that let's go do that. And it's one of those things where there's not. There are no hurdles. The right thing to do si do it. Right it's amazing how many people donated their time equipment. You know I know you guys came out here because you wanna be here this event. The sheriff's department. The stage the sound the lighting everybody here is donating their time because we all feel so strongly about this event and Dana. Let me point out that. I do a lot of infectious. That's really where rare that is exceedingly rare yes like mostly it's just that keep the ban will provide the Pope will volunteer from. But the staging hopeless stuff and you know that he's gonna go into east and this is shocking to me how I come from communities come together to to just volunteered their time there. There their efforts. There's sweat equity and their thinks for a sinner so that we can put this show together to benefit. He stands everybody obviously feel strongly about what we're doing out here today and the response in the community was amazing the show itself is sold out. How we've got the on line auction I know your label fueled by Romney's doing auctions well. And raising a lot of money. I think that was the idea. Mom they certainly don't need us to raise awareness him they are crushing it in terms of churning. Out. Turning people's. Mine's on. These students are going to be it's I don't think I've seen youth movement like this and I know I saw it but read about it you know about Vietnam. Right. These. I I it's amazing I think we're going to be in the presence of people that one they're going to be in congress. Are gonna be. In the senate. And maybe that might be president here and simply to. Judges these people are fantastically really these kids these kids are brilliant and has dedicated. And a tireless it's incredible it's amazing. The effort that they have put into this and the response that is gotten eight jumped into action so quickly come to try and raise awareness. And make sure that people knew. What was happening here in this community you know like I I grew up in Connecticut before they tear and so when Seneca hotel hook happened I was involved a lot of things there. And it was it was it. It was just. She soon in the Internet age. For the platform to be big enough for change to be made these kids are so savvy. It's their time they have the tools they can change they can. Make that they can effectively change that we need societal. It's amazing and you really us and out we wanna thank you again for coming out for our show tonight. The park when strong benefit show Chris rob we'll be performing an acoustics that we are looking forward to it. Here is the latest from Dashboard Confessional it's heartbeat here on shark thanks Chris thinks.