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Wednesday, August 1st


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She's number one albums and around for the I mean did you think ten years ago you've obviously had success throughout your career what life. It's a higher level now if you ever expects. Al netter and I mean. It's a weird like you're saying like looking at the bowels of the backstage it's kind of that way just behind the scenes. I did so and assuming all the time I never know what to expect. And so I'm just doing things that I love to do is like hail of friends work on music. And mentor and then whatever happens by product you get more famous you get more successful it. Whatever that means it's I don't know Tia and but no I never expected and there's a. Gerber to a safe for the bad man like we came out here I was here 2 o'clock to start the broadcast there were people already with radiated out. Science dress ready to go and he just I mean it's got a major any doubt go to of course it's. It's daunting it's like. I don't know it's kind of an affable like how to use. How can you give back in a way like I feel. Actually come cheap and all the time what I'm seeing these people out of something because I'm just having the time in my life in the fact that they are inspired by that. I mean that's that's the coolest thing ever they inspired me to want to do better to I'm spends a mobilized and the things so passionate about and blows my mind is next Republican plan to do so where can I mean. Especially in the environmentally live in the culture that we live and yet it seems like everybody's like looking to get behind some 100% yeah it's like is somebody always has to have a plot. Foreman that they do them and use that for whatever entrepreneurial thing they have going on. But now it's like. Or about that actually this morning like how cool is. That through social media and stuff you can just talk to your bibles you can gases and get like tweet Dave Grohl like a worse your view. And I made it into the habit of Luke chapter whatever like maybe he'll see it. The fact that even though possibilities coolest thing it's it goes beyond just getting in jail where it's tasteless it's reckless you're getting direct contact people you can actually fans. I just think it's really special the fact that you know I used to think it was over saturation we're gonna get too many people wanted to be musicians predicting this and that. I really find their place you know now your passion behind its so. And you talk about social Lehman so damn media is just amazing that yeah. You used to talk and not you me and nobody and you can blow up people like what you do what you're doing it and it's crazy how quick takes off I'm looking it's like the biggest already you know like. Are in grundy you have like Sean Mendez whose values I can find stuff. I think I'll elite earlier I might add I think exactly you have all these amazing artists who were just found because. People just like what they had to offer and that's. That's organic that's like the most natural wafers it's happened evidently a little thing that stuff and that people's throats you know. So yeah so different and it's so cool yes things is such a special thing over the past ten years. Yourself has definitely changed OK it's super stink to this point. You know what led to the evolution. The biggest Burmese boredom honestly I get I get pretty bored like the monotonous same thing writings on the same way. I mean structures one thing like using the same sounds over turnovers kinda. It's good or really honestly I think it's. It was kind of inevitable change over time. Just as I grew especially when the efforts started like seventeen years old. So you know to your first five like formative years for your like 23 years old and you think to yourself as a person even now I look back at me 23 moment. I thought that I was. All knowing and like at all the answers on the 123 upset I'm never gonna change this is this like did. Up 31 now and I realized like I know nothing at all and that is so exciting because this is more possibilities T I think it's inevitable. All music it's amazing that things that you don't realize you need to learn to yeah. That is that you're at the bigger gently but yeah. Like everything you reach goes into the grass Tyson quote he says I lose sleep over this is like I don't know what I don't know I. That is and I got there and I'll never you know we'll never know everything you can at least focus on what you love to do you just let that scare you into the world so cool. You talked earlier about inspiring fans and really getting behind things that you came out recently is hand yet and that's huge inspiration to a lot of people who. Don't know how to express themselves shirt why did you do it now. I've said it for years and years and years and finally this one publication decided to just buy ice said might as well just calling and sexual because. You're not getting hands that and throwing out like I will. Like you they don't understand that you know I can only see so many things everybody wants the labels so it's to me it really doesn't matter like the labels whatever I don't care you know we we dealt with they would like opinions of what Melissa yeah it's great care. I'm so little thing ever bump up. It was just easier to put it in terms where Romo OK okay and makes people feel more comfortable out something to labels yet. And if that's the case to hopefully I could care less you know. But it also inspires other kids and used to tip on who they are and then really excellent themselves even better if I can. Incher in somebody who when I was seventeen I was so that your muscles so not confident I didn't have any courage to pathetic he's crap. And so I can change that for anybody. Like coal that's just awesome what a cool idea. It's yet yet never I mean Jaycee was like four years sentencing elected. It doesn't matter but I try to tell people like. My sexuality is I'm married like heterosexuality. And here it's a very specific type of sexuality I. You know spending all that stuff it's like it doesn't it's its own label. Yeah it works it works whatever happened. I think it is comforting for people how that label and that helps anyway. Given understands who I am as a person lost. Do you feel. Our responsibility as somebody who can. Really make a change. In doing things like that sure like I do think that if you have certain platform in certain. Level of I guess celebrity you do you have a responsibility to let people know what you believe in what you're all about if it if you're not doing that. In a way your misleading people by withholding some truth so. In that right I feel like yet it. You do us a certain amount of responsibility but really I do Purcell for two reasons because when I do things shared week. It makes me feel really good and so let's see just goes like I'm doing this to get all quite. Because it makes me so happy I got it's like watching sort of queer horrendously in tears of public. Help joyous they're making people you know how positive of reaching out on people's lives. That's awesome yeah I think to a certain degree of responsibility. For me it's just it's amazing. Small beings can change my outlook on. Absolutely as tiny little things that not okay so. Personally your errors fantastic things you. Idea I interviewed Chris carollo recently caught the same conversation with him he's got the best here this area is unbelievable. Stick it they don't. Knowing that it's always picture perfect legs get messy in a statement after once August after an exceptional. That's brutal this. I mean that's that's a man that's fantastic and not what you have. An email Nightline three fans who are bringing to humanize. You know and de humanize. She's I think we have to forget Gordon now Kai that's it that's forward we'll staple play kind. Lebanese. That's. This is it good apocalypse demo right you know that was my throat like him with a first heard the term team that was a song called. The team is brought. It's yes that's. It's amazing how those grants the ball as well yeah the pop on to the more always you know boldly and you can still out there to Elena grasp shortly yeah. Yeah so exciting is it really it's reminiscent of of Y echo of that band but it's also assume that your dad. You.