The Big Mistake Interviews Alexa Bliss

Tuesday, July 31st

WWE Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss stopped by The Big Mistake and here's what went down. 

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South Florida Miami so excited please welcome. To the microphone in the airwaves of South Florida's 104 point through the shark PWW he Ross women's champion ms. Alexa blesses acts. Things are adamant anti CNN. They yell. He's been practicing in its channel everything that's been a little checked out and thinking because he's just been thinking about you birthday by the way how he assist or forty yet that comment I'm I don't Disney World yes you will not London Agha and there all the time island's two of us now I live like twenty vitamins a way to figure might as well that I'm on my birthday which is nice to Friday off. My family's nanny and cannot make it didn't say you're about to really be doing big things is it seems like women are gonna be taking a big place in your wrestling world's right now can you tell us about what you've been so excited for we have a. All means you've revealed caught evolution that'll be in October. And it is the first all women's pay review which will be exciting we have people coming from you know the past you know ledge end for an XT girls. And and I'm I'm really excited to see you know who's all included in this interview because they think it's just with the on the evolution need to and now. And I completely agree with her as far as competitive factors goes women's wrestling in the WBE is an all time high and for them to do this now. And this year is phenomenal Smart they've got a great set of roster talent and Blake Schlegel let's have a sand. The bring in the past into so it's gonna be a little bit of where I grew up watching a little bit what's going on right now it's gonna mesh together and come October evolution all women's paper view. You can edit based look at one important sharp we will live with her had a lot of fun they are more conversation but last time the women kinda got together you weren't able to participate conceit that. You got the pelt yeah I you know straddles man champion yeah. How many days now literally no. Are far Randy again and so it's an add. I'm really saying he has no the last time the women girls the other is the name women's draw rumble match for the main event a girl rumble which is awesome you know women made an inning favorite meal. And so I was really bomb that I can not be apart of that fat but I'm really excited to see you know. Who is all in this women's evolution peer review and that was like acting that was my biggest thing is I was sitting ringside. And just watching every invention since like when I heard latest music patent and the crowd went nuts Trish is music and the Kremlin Nancy Kelly Kelly. Just hating that likeness salad and having a moment just being able to witness it was really cool says and is also good and bad thing I wanted to be part of the match. By being able to sit back and watches in viewer and as a fan myself. Wish just. Even matter to get to see you as you know the incident when your wrapped up and it sometimes he'll appreciate it glacier until it's done you know after the spectacle that was cool but. Being able to sit and watch it in the moment and appreciate it while I was happening was awesome. So you're here because you're gonna be on all guests we've whenever off nights and speaks like I am I'm very excited. I know Miami's Owen and arrest crowds let me ask them well this is gonna be there we that you were co workers tonight I'll Frankel thank you so much a comment on and rob you wanna know more about it more about what your doing wears a great site at Polly your favorite social media site where where fans able to connect with you baton. Twitter and to Graham and we are very very. Very active on those on never going to be American Airlines Arena tonight and it's going to be a lot of fun thank you so much for the timeout just hanging out with us today thank you don't hash tag sci fi to fury had a and resting bliss faced and hash tag little miss bliss. Staggering thanks again for joining us he doesn't seem more or should you head on over to FaceBook at 1043 the shark. Check out over there that he was already.