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Ashley Owen is a native South Florida girl who firmly believes that Coke tastes better from a glass bottle and flip flops are the glass slippers of the south.

Growing up, most of her time was spent on Fort Lauderdale beach where she fell in love with the smell of coconut oil, Pearl Jam, Gwen Stefani, Green Day, Alanis Morissette and soft top Jeep Wranglers.

Her first concert was No Doubt at Coral Sky Amphitheater (yes, many buildings have been re-named, but to a native some things stay the same. Like Joe Robbie stadium. That’s just what it is).

As for sports, her views can be summed up with: Go Flying L’s, Go Gators, Go Dolphins and J-E-T-S Suck, Suck, Suck.

Music is one of her passions. Her family is another. She has a husband (who is a work in progress) a 4 year old daughter and 6 month old son. Together they love watching movies, cooking, Walt Disney World, swim Saturdays and crafting. Well, Ashley and the kids like to craft… Ashley actually crafts too much and if you get a gift from her it was most likely made…

When there is a moment without kids you can find her asleep, on Las Olas getting her foodie on, shuffleboarding at The Hut or trying a new craft beer at Riverside Market.

One day Ashley hopes to finally get cable and Internet in her home. #BiteMe

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